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Is Wizkid and Tiwa dating?

Last Updated: 24th February, 2020

Tiwa Savage and Wizkid.
Nigerian singer and songwriter Tiwatope Savage popularly known by her stage name Tiwa Savage and Wizkid have often been rumoured to be dating given their chemistry. There are few benefits; we do shows together, we do music together, we make money together,” said Tiwa.

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Furthermore, is wizkid in love with Tiwa?

After the release of the video, Tiwa Savage stated on social media that she and Wizkid are just the best of friends, and this was the reason why they decided to appear in “Fever” together, playing a couple in love. Wizkid also emphasized their close friendship and said that the video for “Fever” is very special to him.

Furthermore, is Tiwa Savage in a relationship with Wizkid? Tiwa Savage, Nigerian Afropop star, says her relationship with Ayodeji Balogun, award-winning singer better known as Wizkid, should not bug anyone. Before Wizkid's appearance on stage, Tiwa had briefly commented on the relationship between the two.

Herein, what is the relationship between Wizkid and Tiwa?

Wizkid and Tiwa savage as a couple represents a real power merge of two bright, musical minds. They are both symbolic of how greatly Nigeria's music industry has grown, and being together sounds like good news for their respective music careers and for the fans who love their music.

Who is wizkid dating right now?

Wizkid Now Dating Superstar Rihanna - Celebrities - Nigeria.

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Who is Tiwasavage husband?

Tunji Balogun
m. 2013

Sorina Demin


Who is the husband of Tiwa Savage now?

Tiwa Savage
Alma mater University of Kent, Berklee College of Music
Occupation Singer songwriter actress
Spouse(s) Tunji Balogun ( m. 2013)
Children 1

Hosam Retzlaff


Who is Tiwa Savage father?

Tiwa Savage Early Life. She lived in Nigeria till she was 11 years old when her father and mother, Cecilia Savage, relocated to London.

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How old is Tiwa?

40 years (February 5, 1980)

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Who is wizkid's wife?

Tiwa Savage

Odilia Leikisman


Where did Tiwa Savage come from?

Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria