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Is you've got mail grammatically correct?

If I am not mistaken, the "You've got" in"You've got mail!" is correct."You've" is a contraction of "YouHAVE".

Likewise, people ask, is you got this grammatically correct?

Strictly speaking, “I got this” is apast-tense construction (as in “I got a new car lastspring”). The technically correct form in reference tothe present would be either “I've got this” or“I have this.”

Beside above, when to use have or have got? When have is being used as a modal verb (orhelper verb), then you cannot use "have got". Whenhave is being used as a main verb, you can replace it with"have got", but only in the present tense.

Also to know is, what is the difference between I have and I got?

While both "I've got and I have got" meanthe same thing there is a distinction between the two."I've got" is more informal. "I have got" is more"proper" . In other words, if you were speaking with aprofessor (or the Queen) you would use "I havegot".

What does I've got you mean?

The meaning depends on the context. In (at leastAmerican) slang, saying "I got you" means either "Iget what you're saying" or "I've got your back". Inchild games of tag, saying "I got you!" means thatyou caught someone.

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How do you use got and got in a sentence?

Get is the present tense form of the verb toget. Got is the past tense form, as well the pastparticiple in a sentence such as “We have gottwo tickets”.

Common use of the word “get” or “got”when talking, is illustrated below.
  1. Hurry up, I've got to run.
  2. Let's get together tomorrow to discuss our vacation plans.

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Which sentence is correct?

In order for a sentence to be grammaticallycorrect, the subject and verb must both be singular orplural. In other words, the subject and verb must agree with oneanother in their tense. If the subject is in plural form, the verbshould also be in plur al form (and vice versa).

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Is the word gotten proper English?

One noteworthy word is gotten: standard inthe US but not in the UK. In both countries, the past tense of getis got. In British English, the past participle is also got.But in American English, it's more complex.

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What does I've got this mean?

mainly US informal. used to tell someone that youcan or will deal with something: It's OK, Igot this. Go back to what you were doing. Dealing withthings or people.

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What is have got in grammar?

'have' / 'have got'
When we are talking about possession, relationships,illnesses and characteristics of people or things we can use eitherhave or have got. The have got forms are morecommon in an informal style. Have got has the same meaningas have and both are used as presenttenses.

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What type of word is got?

get/got/gotten. Get is the present tenseform of the verb. Got is the past tense formas well as one of the two alternatives for the past participle. Theother alternative for the past participle is gotten, which isgenerally preferred in the United States.

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What is the difference between right and correct?

My impression is that "correct" denotes accuracy,while "right" denotes more of judgment or (but not limitedto, a moral call). For example, the statement, "Two plus two equalsfour," is correct - it is not right, nor is it theright answer; it is the correct answer.

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Do you got or have you got?

5 Answers. Contrary to the above, "Have you got"is more common in British English than "Do you have" (about2:1); but "Do you have" is much more common in AmericanEnglish than "Have you got" (more than 10:1). Note that theresponse includes only the relevant auxiliary: - "Do youhave a pen"; "Yes, I do".

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Has got or has gotten?

In general, "have got" is the present perfectform of "to get" in UK English, while "have gotten" is theUS English version. However, even in US English, "have got"is used in certain instances, namely to mean present tensehave (in the sense of possession, or to mean must): Ihave got a lot of friends.

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What is meaning of got it?

I have a feeling that "I got it" means "I alreadyknew the thing before you told me," and "I get it" means "Now Iknow the thing, because you just told me." Is that right?meaning differences verbs past-tensepresent-tense.

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What is the meaning of have got?

Definition of 'have got to dosth'
You use have got to when you are saying thatsomething is necessary or must happen in the way stated. Ininformal American English, the 'have' is sometimes omitted.[spoken] I'm not happy with the situation, but I've justgot to accept it.

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When to use have and get?

We usually use 'have something done' whenwe are talking about paying someone to do something for us. It'soften used for services. The form is 'subject + have +object + past participle'. We can also use 'subject +get + object + past participle'.

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What is a meaning of had?

Licensed from ThinkStockPhoto. verb. Had isdefined as to have contained, held or owned something in thepast.

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What is the meaning of have and have got?

have-got. Verb. (third-person singularsimple present has got, present participle havinggot, simple past and past participle had got) (modal,idiomatic, with infinitive) To be obliged or obligated. I'vegot to do my homework.

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Has and have difference example?

The easiest way to remember the correct use ofhas is that it is paired with the pronouns he, she, and it.It can also be used when you are referring to someone by name. Itis important to note that has is only used with the thirdperson singular pronouns. The third person plural they is used withhave.

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How do you present perfect tense?

To create the present perfect tense of any verb,you will combine the present tense of the verb "to have"plus the past participle of the main verb of the sentence. The pastparticiple of a regular verb is the base word plus -ed. You canfind a list of the past participle of irregular verbshere.

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What the difference between have and have to got?

They can be used interchangeably in the present tense,except that must suggests that it is the speaker who hasdecided that something is necessary, whereas have to and havegot to suggest that somebody else has imposed thedecision. Have got to is characteristic of very informalspeech.

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When we use got and get?

get/got/gotten. Get is the presenttense form of the verb. Got is the past tense form as wellas one of the two alternatives for the past participle. The otheralternative for the past participle is gotten, which is generallypreferred in the United States.

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Is have got Present Perfect?

When have got or has got is used as thepresent perfect of get, then got should beretained. Example: "She has got under my skin". In AmericanEnglish, one normally says have gotten or has gottenwhen forming the present perfect of get, butnevertheless one uses have got or has got when themeaning is "to have".