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Should I paint my brick fireplace?

Yes, it is. The fireplace in your great room/adjoining family room should definitly relate to what's happening in your kitchen if you want to avoid the look of yesterday and today. Painted brick looks very much like white subway tile and brick doesn't have the texture and the same uneven look that stone fireplaces do.

Keeping this in consideration, is it OK to paint a brick fireplace?

Paint the Brick Once the primer is dry, it's time to paint. Choose indoor, latex, heat resistant paint—either flat, semigloss, or gloss—rated to withstand temperatures generated by the fireplace (generally about 200°F) and a roller designed for textured surfaces.

Also, is painted brick a good idea? Painting exterior brick can certainly be beneficial, but it's also a task that comes with some important considerations. Painted brick is permanent. The good news is that you can change the paint color as often as you'd like, so you don't have to be married to one hue forever. Moisture can cause paint to chip.

Similarly, you may ask, what color should I paint my brick fireplace?

Tan, beige, cream and light gray blend in for a natural look. Soft shades of black and gray work well with contemporary style rooms. Whitewashing, painting a solid light neutral color, or using a product such as Brick-Anew to create a “real brick” look will blend in with any decor.

Which is better stain or paint on brick fireplace?

Staining Brick Quicker and easier than painting, brick staining accentuates the natural texture of the brick rather than masking it. It absorbs into the brick rather than covering the surface like paint, so ultimately a stain acts like a dye.

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Should you paint your brick fireplace white?

If you want a solid, painted look, choose a paint suitable for brick and then decide on a color choice. Many people choose white simply because it's a neutral color. But a warmer color could complement your decor better than a stark white. Consider tan, cream, or a color to match the walls around your fireplace.

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Is painting brick a bad idea?

(As an aside, it may actually be good to paint brick that is very soft and porous or brick that is of poor quality. When done incorrectly, paint removal can cause more damage to a brick wall than leaving the paint intact. If you really want to paint your brick building, look for a vapor-permeable paint.

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Do you need heat resistant paint for a fireplace?

A common misconception about painting fireplaces is that you need to get 'heat-resistant' paint. If you are only painting the outside of your fireplace, your paint just needs to be approved to withstand temperatures of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and most general interior paint is!

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How do you paint a red brick fireplace?

Paint a red brick fireplace a deep shade of matte blue. When the first coat of paint dries, apply a color wash and then quickly wipe it off with a clean, dry towel. To make the wash mixture, mix one part blue paint and one part white paint with four parts of water.

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Should I paint my brick fireplace black?

This Behr paint is great quality but painting black over white, you will pretty much always need a 2nd coat. You can also use the same brick paint on the wood surface of the mantle. Let this dry for a few days before sitting anything on it. Take the plunge now that you know how to paint your brick fireplace black.

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How do you decorate a red brick fireplace?

Grass cloth wallpaper and burlap shades add texture and warmth, helping a redbrick fireplace settle into the space. Wood furniture close to the darkest tones in the brick also helps. Larger amounts of blue in a rug and pillows, and just a dash of red, make for a classic nautical look.

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What kind of paint do you use on brick?

There are a variety of paints available for brick: Behr offers its Masonry, Stucco & Brick Paint. The high-quality satin-finish, acrylic-latex paint self-primes, repels water, and resists mildew when applied on properly prepped brick. Benjamin Moore recommends its Aura Waterborne Exterior Paint for brick surfaces.

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What is the best color to paint a fireplace?

For a modern color scheme, use a sleek black paint for your fireplace. Brown, tan, sand and gray are other neutral shade options for your hearth that will coordinate with any room design.

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Are brick fireplaces still popular?

Brick fireplaces are the most popular to replace. Henry says a quick and easy solution is to simply wrap the brick in either tile or wood, leaving the exposed brick for the firebox. “It's a more updated look that's one of the least expensive,” she says. AFTER: The stone tile runs wall to wall, creating a dramatic look.

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What Colour paint goes with red brick?

Cream and Sage: Sage green is the complement of brick red, while the neutral color cream helps to balance the drama of a red and green combo. This blog shows a combination of sage, brick and cream that works together very nicely. Black And/Or White: You really can't go wrong with these two colors.

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How do you update a fireplace on a budget?

Learning to DIY: How to Update a Fireplace on a Budget
  1. Add a touch of paint. Gone are the days of design elements such as bold and bright red fireplaces and natural, oak-colored wall paneling and trim.
  2. Turn your brick to stone.
  3. Add a mantel.
  4. Think — and build — outside the box.
  5. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

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What colors go well with exposed brick?

The Perfect Paint Colors to Compliment Exposed Brick
  • Red with Red. Pair those dusty red bricks with a vibrant touch of red paint.
  • Soft Greens and Mint. The cooling color of pastel mint will brighten up the earthy tones of the exposed brick.
  • Neutral Tan. You can never go wrong with neutral colors.
  • Trendy Orange.
  • Classic White.

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How do you clean red brick fireplace?

Cleaning Process:
  1. Put 4 cups of hot water in a spray bottle.
  2. Add 1/2 cup of Ammonia and 1/4 cup dishwashing liquid and swirl to mix.
  3. Spray a section of bricks with the cleaning solution.
  4. Scrub each brick with the nylon bristle brush.
  5. If the bricks are especially dirty, you may need to apply more pressure.

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How do you restore a brick fireplace?

Vinegar and Water
Vinegar is a slightly acidic mixture that is commonly used for cleaning bricks, stones and grouts. Use a spray bottle or sponge to apply a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water to the fireplace. After it sits for a few minutes giving the acid a chance to work, scrub and sponge the fireplace clean.

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How do you clean red bricks?

Scrub the brick with an ammonia mixture.
Pour some warm water into a bucket and add 12 c (120 mL) of ammonia. Dip a scrubbing brush into the mixture and scrub the red brick until the tough stains are removed. Be sure to rinse off the rest of the ammonia mixture with warm water.

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How do you make a fireplace over?

Fireplace Makeover Steps
  1. Paint your brick or stone fireplace surround with Kilz Original Primer and Brick/Masonry Paint.
  2. Build a wood-beam mantel for only $30 using common board (full tutorial here)
  3. replace your screen.
  4. if desired, mount your flatscreen tv to brick fireplace using my tutorial here.

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How long will painted brick last?

three to five years

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Does painted brick look good?

PROS: Your home will have a fresh new look, if you put in the effort to prepare, paint, and seal properly. A high quality paint job will help to protect exterior brick from the elements. CONS: Painting exterior brick is a challenging project, which requires a tremendous amount of preparation and physical labor.

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Is painted brick hard to maintain?

Ease of maintenance: A painted surface is easier to clean and maintain than an unpainted one. This is also valid for brick walls. Properly painted and sealed brick walls are easier to clean than raw brick, which is very porous and holds in dirt and debris.