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What are basketball camps?

Basketball camps are a fun and unique way forbasketball players to enhance their basketball skillset and learn new techniques and strategies. Camps can becatered towards every age and level. They'll gain the skills andknowledge they need to get the edge on their competition in thiscompetitive sport.

In this regard, what are basketball clinics?

Noun. 1. basketball clinic - a meeting at whichbasketball players receive special evaluation andinstruction. clinic - meeting for diagnosis of problems andinstruction or remedial work in a particular activity.

One may also ask, what should I bring to basketball camp? What to Bring
  1. Basketball Shoes.
  2. Plenty of t-shirts, shorts and socks.
  3. A light jacket or sweatshirt is advisable.
  4. Comfort Shoes (flip flops/sandals/etc)
  5. Bath Towels.
  6. Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.)
  7. Sheets for a single bed (XL Twin)
  8. A pillow.

Also Know, how much is LeBron James basketball camp?

What: LeBron James , the NBA's reigning MVP andone of the newest members of the Miami Heat , is hosting more than500 youngsters at his fifth annual summer basketball camp.Who: Campers ages 7-17. Each camper will receive a team photo withJames and an authenticated autograph. Cost: Day rate, $550;overnight, $685.

What is the difference between a camp and a clinic?

A camp is typically a multi-hour event thatruns on consecutive days. A clinic is usually shorter– typically an hour or hour-and-a-half and takes place overseveral days, usually non-consecutive.

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What is the purpose of a basketball clinic?

Our camp objectives are: to improve basic gameskills; shooting, dribbling, rebounding and passing, improveoffensive and defensive positional play, improve overall fitness,offer continual coaching during instructional and game situations,learn basic strategies and rules of basketball, emphasizeteamwork and fair