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What are the 26 malignant Gates?

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The parable that precedes the second section of the novel deals with an American-raised daughter's conflict with her mother. The mother explains that a book, titled The Twenty-six Malignant Gates, details the dangers that can befall her child when she is away from the protection of the home.

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In this way, what are contained in the twenty six malignant Gates?

It is all written in a book called The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates, the mother explains. The daughter then demands to know the twenty-six bad things that can happen, but the mother refuses to answer. In a fury, the girl rushes outside, jumps on her bicycle, and falls — even before she reaches the corner.

Secondly, who is Lena in The Joy Luck Club? Lena St. Clair Character Analysis. Lena is also a Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac, like her mother Ying-ying. She grew up in a biracial household with two languages, and subsequently acted like an interpreter between her white father and Chinese mother.

Also to know is, what does an MEI remember about her mother from when an MEI was four?

She remembers that her mother returned to the family and was chased away the same night after the hot soup burned An-mei. Her grandmother told her that her mother had left and would forget An-mei if she didn't get better fast.

What is peach blossom luck Joy Luck Club?

Peach Blosson Luck is a love potion, or something that means attracting love and romance. In the story, the mother believes that the mirror which was placed under the bed of the daughter would deflect the love of her marriage (and the romance in the bed) away, and it is considered bad luck.

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Why does Waverly get angry with her mother?

Waverly's mother becomes upset because she feels Waverly is ashamed of her. It is the other way around, in fact. Waverly feels she can never please her mother and that she is being pushed too hard. These are the reasons Waverly runs away from her mother at the market.

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Why was The Joy Luck Club created?

Suyuan Woo had invented the original Joy Luck Club in China, before the Japanese invaded the city of Kweilin. They had used the group to help shield themselves from the harshness of war. As they feasted on whatever they could find, they transformed their stories of hardship into ones of good fortune.

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In what ways could Lena's mother predict the future?

Lena believes that her mother has an uncanny ability for predicting bad things that will befall the family. For example, she predicted the failure of a bank and her own husband's death. Lena worries what she will say about the house that Lena and her husband, Harold, have bought in Woodside.

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What was the art of invisible strength that Waverly Jong's mother taught her?

Lindo's daughter Waverly Jong says that when she was six, her mother taught her “the art of invisible strength,” a lesson that helped her to become a child chess prodigy.

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What is rules of the game by Amy Tan about?

In "Rules of the Game," chess prodigy Waverly Place Jong engages in a psychological battle of wills with her mother, Lindo. When Waverly becomes a national chess champion at a young age, she's embarrassed by her mother's preening. She quickly masters the game and becomes a national chess champion.

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Why did an Mei's mother kill herself?

Eventually, An-mei's mother commits suicide so that An-mei will not live a life of shame and unhappiness. When An-mei's mother commits suicide, he fears the vengeance of her ghost and thus promises to raise An-mei in wealth and status. Second Wife - Second Wife was Wu Tsing's first concubine.

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Why did the girl from next door leave her own apartment?

Why did the girl from next door leave her own apartment? She left because her mother kicked her out of her apartment. She climbed out onto the fire escape and back into her own apartment.

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How did an MEI get her scar?

An-mei cried out for her mother, and a bowl of boiling soup spilled over her neck like a flood of boiling anger. Popo and the rest of the family chased An-mei's mother away, and after a while, the burn wound turned into a scar.

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What does Jing Mei promise the aunties at the end of the story?

The aunties gave Jing-Mei $1200 so she could go to meet her sisters in China and inform them of their mother's death. Jing-mei promises "the aunties" that she will tell her half-sisters in China everything about their mother.

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Why did Ying Ying's husband leave her?

Why did Ying-ying's husband leave her? He left her to live with an opera singer. She aborts the child because she hates her husband, the child's father.

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Why did Lena start telling lies?

Why did Lena start telling lies? She started telling lies to prevent bad things from happening in the future. What was Lena's great hope when the family moved out of Oakland? She lost her mother and father, her family home, her first husband, and her twin baby daughters.

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What does Yin Yin say her earliest recollection is?

What does Ying-yin say her earliest recollection is? Her earliest recollection is telling the Moon Lady her secret wish. Because if she tells her secret wishes, it will no longer be a wish but will become a selfish desire.