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What are the chief qualities of the author's grandmother as depicted in the portrait of a lady?

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The author's grandmother had manyadmirablequalities in her. She was strong, spiritual, kind,generous,and courageous. She was a very strong woman whocould adaptherself to any new challenging situation. May be shederived thatstrength from her devotion to God.

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Regarding this, how does Khushwant Singh describe his grandmother in The Portrait of a Lady?

Khushwant Singh describes his grandmother asShort,fat and a little Stooped. He also describes her asbeing notpretty in the traditional sense but her serenity made herbeautifulas she always used to chant silent prayers from beads ofrosary.Shewas always in spotless white.

what is the theme of The Portrait of a Lady by Khushwant Singh? The Portrait of a Lady by Khushwant Singh. InThePortrait of a Lady by Khushwant Singh we havethetheme of innocence, friendship, love, connection,kindness,selflessness, respect and acceptance.

In respect to this, which character do you like most in the portrait of Lady and why explain it?

Answer: The character most liked in'Theportrait of Lady' was the author'sgrandmother.

What is the meaning of dilapidated drum?

"the sagging skins of the dilapidated drum"refersto the old or withered surface or skin of theolddrum.

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Would you agree that the authors grandmother was a person strong in character?

Answer: The author's grandmother, indeed, wasastrong person in character. The followinginstancescan reinstate the above statement (i)Theauthor compares his grandmother to the'winterlandscape in the mountains', which breathes peace andcontentment.Only a strong person exudes peace andcomfort.

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What is the significance of sparrows in grandmother's life?

Grandmother was very happy while feedingthesparrows with the bread crumbs.It was the happiest halfandhour of her life with the sparrow.Since hergrandsonwas not with her, she felt lonely.The sparrows wouldsit onher head, shoulder and hands.She did not shook them awaybecauseshe liked them.When the grandmother

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What is the movie portrait of a lady about?

Ms. Isabel Archer (Nicole Kidman) isn't afraid tochallengesocietal norms. Impressed by her free spirit, herkindheartedcousin writes her into his fatally ill father's will.Suddenly richand independent, Isabelle ventures into the world,along the waybefriending a cynical intellectual (Barbara Hershey)and romancingan art enthusiast (John Malkovich). However, theadvantage of heraffluence is called into question when she realizesthe extent towhich her money colors her relationships.

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What used to be the happiest moment of the day for the grandmother?

Answer:The happiest moment of the day forthegrandmother in the city was to feed the sparrows.Whilefeeding, the sparrows used to sit on her legs and onhershoulder. Some sat even on her head.

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Why did grandmother accepted her seclusion with resignation?

The following statement means that thegrandmotheraccepted her separation from the life of thegrandsons withoutany objection. The phrase means that theseparation was dulyaccepted without any ill will orunfulfilled demand. Sheeven did not laid her opinionupon them rather cameout without any ill will.

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How did the narrator and his grandmother become good friends?

The narrator and his grandmother weregoodfriends. Grandmother also went to school withthenarrator because the school was attached to the temple.After the school was over she would walk back to home with him,throwing stale chappatis to the dogs . The narratorandgrandmother were always together .

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What picture of the grandmother do you get from the poem the house of my childhood?

The poem, My Grandmother's House,whichcan be read in full here, shows Kamala Das's intenseloveand attachment to it. She suffers from an acute sense ofalienationafter having left this place after her marriage. Thepoetnow lives in a big city after her marriage, a remoteplace from hergrandmother's house.

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What was the turning point in the life of grandmother?

In hornbill of class 11 " what was theturningpoint of authors friendship with his grandmotherwhen heshifted to the city ".

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What was the turning point in the friendship of the author and the grandmother?

They shared a strong bond build with love , mutualtrustand friendship. She would help the author withhishomework , care for him and feed him lovingly .✨TheTURNING POINT in their friendship was whenthey werecalled to the city by the authors parents.