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What are the top 10 countries for life expectancy?

Last Updated: 18th January, 2020

The top 10 countries with the highest average lifeexpectancies forecasted for 2040 are:
  • Singapore - 85.4 years.
  • Switzerland - 85.2 years.
  • Portugal - 84.5 years.
  • Italy - 84.5 years.
  • Israel - 84.4 years.
  • France - 84.3 years.
  • Luxembourg - 84.1 years.
  • Australia - 84.1 years.

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Consequently, what country has the highest life expectancy?


which country has the worst life expectancy? As of 2011, the country with the highest lifeexpectancy is Monaco at 89.73 years; the country with thelowest life expectancy is Angola at just 38.76 years.

Life Expectancy for Countries, 2011.

Rank Country Life expectancy
1 Monaco 89.73
2 Macau 84.41
3 San Marino 83.01
4 Andorra 82.43

Keeping this in consideration, what country has the highest life expectancy 2019?

The World: Life Expectancy (2019) - Top 100+

Rank Country Years
1. Monaco 89.32
2. Japan 85.77
3. Singapore 85.73
4. Macau 84.6

Why do Japanese live longer?

Japanese people don't live long becausethey have better genes – it's all lifestyle, and it's all achoice (or, for them, a culture, which I guess makes it easier).You can make shifts as well, and increase your lifeexpectancy by 5-10 (good) years.

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Do Canadians live longer?

Canadians are outliving Americans, in some cases,by as much as a decade. Canadians living with cysticfibrosis lived on average 10 years longer thanAmericans with the same disease, in part because of the verydifferent healthcare systems in the two countries, the studyfound.

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What is the maximum life expectancy for humans?

Maximum life span (or, for humans,maximum reported age at death) is a measure of themaximum amount of time one or more members of a populationhave been observed to survive between birth and death.

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What is the lowest life expectancy in the world?

The lowest life expectancy of all is found inSierra Leone, where it is a staggering 50.1, followed by Angola,Central African Republic, Chad, Ivory Coast and Lesotho. There area few notable exceptions, such as Morocco (where lifeexpectancy is 74.3), Egypt (70.9), Algeria (75.6), Libya (72.7)and Tunisia (75.3).

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Do the French live longer?

Women born in France in the year 2030 will liveto an average age of 88.6 years — and men will live to81.7. Here are just five tips the French can give us aboutliving longer and healthier lives. AARP Membership: Join orRenew for Just $16 a Year. 1.

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What is the average age to die at?

The average life expectancy for a person who was65 years old in 2012 is 19.3 years – 20.5 years for women and17.9 years for men. The difference in life expectancy at 65years between males and females increased 0.1 year from 2.5 yearsin 2011 to 2.6 years in 2012.

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What country lives longest?

Five countries where people live the longest
  • Japan. Living to 83 on average, the Japanese have long had oneof the highest life expectancies.
  • Spain. The Mediterranean diet, rich in heart-healthy olive oil,vegetables and wine, has long contributed to Spain's long-livedpopulation (averaging 82.8).
  • Singapore.
  • Switzerland.
  • South Korea.

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What is the average life expectancy of a female?

On average, Americans can now expect to live 78.6years, a statistically significant drop of 0.1 year, according to areport on 2016 data published Thursday by the National Center forHealth Statistics. Women can now expect to live a full fiveyears longer than men: 81.1 years vs. 76.1 years.

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Which ethnic group has the highest life expectancy?

Life expectancy was highest for Hispanicsfor both males and females. In each racial/ethnic group,females had higher life expectancies than males.Life expectancy ranged from 71.7 years for non-Hispanicblack males to 83.7 years for Hispanic females. Source: NationalCenter for Health Statistics.

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What is the average age for a man to die?

According to data we compiled: A man reachingage 65 today can expect to live, on average, untilage 84.0. A woman turning age 65 today can expect tolive, on average, until age 86.5.