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What causes the blob?

Last Updated: 9th February, 2020

What causes the blob? The ocean temperatures warm along the water's surface when persistent and large areas of high pressure in the area keeps winds calm. That allows the sun to warm the surface and, more importantly, the lack of winds keeps from churning the ocean and mixing in cooler water from the depths below.

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Herein, what caused the blob?

The immediate cause of the phenomenon was the lower than normal rates of heat loss from the sea to the atmosphere, compounded with lower than usual water circulation resulting in a static upper layer of water.

Also, what are some of the consequences of the Pacific blob? Salmon, sea lions, krill, and other marine animals also vanished in astonishing numbers, as toxic algae bloomed. The Blob caused ecosystems and industries alike immense losses - so much so that researchers from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are now closely tracking these events.

In this regard, what is the blob in weather?

The Blob is the moniker given to an anomalous patch of warm water in the northern Pacific Ocean. Back then, the water was some 5 degrees warmer than normal, which stresses the marine ecosystem and messes with our local weather patterns, especially the notion of having a cool, humid-free night.

Is the Pacific blob back?

“The Blob” is back in the Pacific Ocean. The original Blob was a vast expanse of unusually warm water in the northeast Pacific that persisted from 2014 to mid-2016. “Ocean temperatures are extremely warm right now across the main Hawaiian Islands,” NOAA scientist Jamison Gove said in a statement.

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Where was the blob discovered?

It lives and feeds on leaves and tree logs. "The Blob" first became a media sensation in 1973 when a Texas woman found a yellow organism growing in her backyard. The New York Times on May 31, 1973, said botanists determined the "so-called 'blob' was a common slime mold."

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Is El Nino important?

After all, El Niño is just the warming of ocean waters in the tropical Pacific. We care because this seemingly isolated event is just one part of the global climate system and can actually have major influences on the weather and climate around the world, from the U.S. to Australia to eastern Africa.

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What is the blob organism?

The Paris Zoological Park is home to Physarum polycephalum, better known as "the blob," a unicellular organism capable of learning despite its lack of neurons. Despite having no mouth or stomach, the blob can detect and digest food. Oats, in particular, are a blob delicacy.

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What is blob database?

A Binary Large OBject (BLOB) is a collection of binary data stored as a single entity in a database management system. Blobs are typically images, audio or other multimedia objects, though sometimes binary executable code is stored as a blob. The data type became practical when disk space became cheap.

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Do the oceans mix?

Is it true that the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans don't mix? While we've given our planet's oceans separate names, in reality there's no border between them, and currents continually flow between them and mix their waters. The Atlantic and Pacific oceans 'meet' at the southernmost tip of South America.

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Where is the ocean water warm?

Answer: The hottest ocean area is in the Persian Gulf, where water temperatures at the surface exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Another hot area exists in the Red Sea, where a temperature of 132.8 degrees Fahrenheit has been recorded at a depth of about 6,500 feet.

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What is El Nino effect?

El Niño is an abnormal weather pattern caused by the warming of the Pacific Ocean near the equator, off the coast of South America. The sun warms the water near the equator, which can make more clouds and, therefore, more rain. However, normally there are trade winds, which blow that warm water west.

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What is El Niño phenomenon?

El Niño is a climate pattern that describes the unusual warming of surface waters in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean. El Nino is the “warm phase” of a larger phenomenon called the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO). El Niño was recognized by fishers off the coast of Peru as the appearance of unusually warm water.

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Is the Atlantic Ocean cold?

Major warm and cold currents of the North Atlantic Ocean. Cold, low-salinity water flows south from the Arctic Ocean along the east coast of Greenland as the East Greenland Current, where it is gradually mixed with warmer Atlantic water.

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Is the Pacific Ocean cold?

Pacific ocean conditions are split: cold in east, hot in west. The North Pacific Ocean continues to run hot and cold, with abnormally low sea levels and cool waters in the northeastern Pacific contrasting with unusually high sea levels and warm waters in the northwestern Pacific.

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Why is the Pacific Ocean warm?

At cold temperatures and high ocean pressure, it combines with water into a crystal called methane hydrate. The Pacific Northwest has unusually large deposits of methane hydrates because of its biologically productive waters and strong geologic activity.

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Is the Pacific Ocean ever warm?

The Pacific Ocean continues to warm throughout June and July along the entire Californian coast. Water along the southern coast reaches around 68 degrees F (20 degrees Celsius) during summer, while off northern beaches the ocean temperature hovers at just 52 degrees F (11 °C).

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Is the Atlantic Ocean warm?

Answer: Although it might seem illogical, the Atlantic Ocean is warmer. For any given latitude, the Atlantic Ocean has proved to be about 16 degrees F (9 degrees C) warmer than the Pacific Ocean off the U.S. coast – quite a difference.

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What is PDO climate?

The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) is a robust, recurring pattern of ocean-atmosphere climate variability centered over the mid-latitude Pacific basin. This climate pattern also affects coastal sea and continental surface air temperatures from Alaska to California.

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What is the temperature in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

The table below shows the near real-time and average water temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit (°F).

Location Oceanside Offshore CA
Recent Temperatures 60.1 (02/21/2020 17:30 UTC)
FEB 58
MAR 58
APR 1-15 59

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What causes the North Pacific High?

North Pacific High. During the 2011–2017 California drought, the North Pacific High persisted longer than usual, due to a mass of warm water in the Pacific Ocean, resulting in the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge.

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What is the average temperature in the Pacific Ocean?

Surface water temperatures in the Pacific can vary from −1.4 °C (29.5 °F), the freezing point of sea water, in the poleward areas to about 30 °C (86 °F) near the equator.

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Why is Alaska so warm right now?

From a broader perspective, above-average temperatures in Alaska are partly due to a loss of sea ice in the Arctic and the concurrent ocean warming there, Rick Thoman, a climate specialist with the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy, told France's AFP in March.

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What's in a blob drink?

A 'Blob' is made from 100ml Aussie Whites, with sugar, lemon and hot water. Similar to a Hot Toddy. Michelle says the drink is popular year-round, though more so in the colder months, as can be expected.