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What degree should I get for administrative assistant?

Last Updated: 17th April, 2020

Essential Information
Required Education High school diploma, GED or associate's typically required
Other Requirements Computer and communication skills, on-the-job training oftenrequired
Projected Job Growth (2018-2028)* -7% decline for administrative assistants andsecretaries

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Similarly, you may ask, how much does an administrative assistant with a bachelor's degree make?

According to our 100% employer reported salary sourcesthe median salary for an Administrative Assistant I with aBachelor's Degree is $39,948 - $42,592.

what degree do you need to be a personal assistant? Personal assistants in a medical, legal orexecutive business setting may need a certificate or anassociate's degree in legal studies, business, or healthcareadministration. Depending on the field, these programs includecourses in accounting, marketing, and law.

Also know, what kind of degree does a secretary need?

Career Requirements To become a secretary, you need a highschool diploma. A college degree is usually notrequired for general office positions, but may be advisablefor certain fields, like legal and medical secretaries. In anyposition, you will receive on-the-job training to help you get usedto office procedures.

What is the highest paying administrative job?

  • Real Estate Administrator. Administration in the real estatefield may include recruiting, training and hiring ofpersonnel.
  • Legal Administrative Assistant.
  • Business Administrator.
  • Academic Administrator.
  • Database Administrator.
  • Financial Administrator.

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What does an administrative assistant get paid?

The average hourly pay for all administrativeassistant roles is around $20 per hour, but will vary byexperience and location. Skill level is the biggestdifferentiator in pay. Those in secretarial and officesupport roles usually make around $13 per hour, whereasexecutive assistants can make upwards of $30 perhour.

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What is a good starting salary for an administrative assistant?

Administrative Assistants made a mediansalary of $35,590 in 2017. The best-paid 25 percentmade $44,950 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made$27,990.

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What is the salary of an administrative specialist?

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Most Administrative Specialists in the UnitedStates are women. The median pay for people in this role isapproximately $16.92 per hour.

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What kind of degree do you need to be an administrative assistant?

Although there are no educational requirements to becomean administrative assistant other than a high schooldiploma or GED, formal education programs are available.Some employers may require an associate'sdegree.

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What does an admin assistant do?

Secretaries and administrative assistants createand maintain filing systems. Secretaries and administrativeassistants perform routine clerical and administrativeduties. They organize files, prepare documents, scheduleappointments, and support other staff.

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How much does an administrative assistant make with an associate's degree?

According to our 100% employer reported salary sourcesthe median salary for an Administrative Assistant II with anAssociate's Degree is $45,147 - $48,192. Please try oursalary wizard to explore how other factors like location, Years ofexperience and number of direct reports can impact your base payand bonus.

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How much do administrative managers make?

An early career Administrative Manager with 1-4years of experience earns an average total compensation of $51,338based on 658 salaries. A mid-career Administrative Managerwith 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of$57,881 based on 611 salaries.

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What's the difference between a secretary and a receptionist?

Differences in Job Responsibility
Part of a receptionist's responsibilities is togreet company visitors; a secretary is not usuallyresponsible for greeting visitors. The secretary worksspecifically for one or more managers. The receptionistrepresents the entire company and does not work specifically underanyone.

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What are the duties of a secretary?

Secretary: job description
  • answering calls, taking messages and handlingcorrespondence.
  • maintaining diaries and arranging appointments.
  • typing, preparing and collating reports.
  • filing.
  • organising and servicing meetings (producing agendas and takingminutes)
  • managing databases.
  • prioritising workloads.

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How much does a secretary earn?

A mid-career Secretary with 5-9 years ofexperience earns an average total compensation of S$42,000based on 29 salaries. An experienced Secretary with 10-19years of experience earns an average total compensation ofS$53,723 based on 29 salaries.

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Can you be an administrative assistant without a degree?

As with any job, applying for administrativeassistant jobs with no experience can befrustrating. Typically, most positions require a high schooldiploma or a GED certificate, and occasionally, employers preferthat applicants have an associate degree.

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Do you need a college degree to be an executive assistant?

Executive assistants typically have at least anassociate degree, though many employers prefer candidateswith a bachelor's degree. Previous administrative orsecretarial experience is required.

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How many years does it take to become a secretary?

To become A Secretary, you will usually need 1 to2 years of training which includes both on-the-jobexperience and training with experienced workers.

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Do I need a degree to be a receptionist?

A high school diploma and on-the-job training is usuallyenough to become a medical receptionist, althoughcertificate and associate's degree programs in the fieldexist. Aspiring medical receptionists also need tohave strong computer skills to handle clerical tasks, includingworking with office systems.

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What are the duties of a secretary in a school?

Job Description
The school secretary serves as the face of theschool, greeting students and parents and providing themwith information. Secretaries schedule appointments, answer phonesand give administrative support to teachers and schoolofficials. They help maintain records onstudents.

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Why are secretaries important?

The role of the Secretary is to support the Chairin ensuring the smooth functioning of the Management Committee. Insummary, the Secretary is responsible for: Maintainingeffective records and administration. Upholding the legalrequirements of governing documents, charity law, company law etc(where relevant).

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How much do celebrity assistants get paid?

According to the Association of CelebrityAssistants, the average annual income for a celebritypersonal assistant is approximately $62,000. However, those whowork for A-list celebrities can earn anywhere between$120,000 to $150,000 per year.

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What are top 3 skills for PA position?

This list is not exhaustive but includes some of the mostimportant, sought-after skills for personal assistants.
  • Organization and Time Management.
  • Written and Verbal Communication.
  • Accuracy and Attention to Detail.
  • Knowledge of Relevant Software.
  • Tact and Discretion.
  • Administrative Skills.
  • Communications Skills.

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What do personal assistants major in?

A degree that might appeal to aspiringpersonal assistants is a Bachelor of Science in BusinessAdministration. Many programs also require that students select aparticular concentration, such as small business management,managerial accounting, computer technology or publicadministration.