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What did George sink do in Vietnam?

Last Updated: 30th March, 2020

Former Inner City Teacher and Vietnam Vet George Sink Finds His Niche in the South as One of South Carolina's Top Injury Lawyers for over 30 Years. Settling in Charleston, Sink began working for a general practitioner, doing everything from wills to corporate law, criminal law and personal injury.

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Simply so, what did George sink do in the Marine Corps?

was a Captain for the United States Marine Corps and served two tours in Vietnam. As a veteran, George Sink, Sr. knows how to battle the big insurance companies and defend your rights. His experience has molded this firm to fight for personal injury victims for more than 40 years.

Furthermore, is George sink married? George is married to Jeannette and the couple have two children. His elder son, George. T. Sink Jr; who is called GT, is a graduate from Yale and works for his law firm while his younger son Alex is a Computer Game Designer.

Beside this, who is George sink?

The elder George Sink — whose catchy commercials encourage prospective clients to dial “all nines” to reach his firm at 999-9999 — owns George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers. Based in North Charleston, the firm has 13 offices in South Carolina and Georgia and advertises heavily on TV and radio.

Where did George sink attend law school?

His father, who worked in a Chrysler Corporation factory, thought Sink's dream of becoming a lawyer was too risky, but Sink was determined to go to law school. Funded by the GI Bill, he went back to Western Michigan to get an MBA and then was accepted into Emory Law School in Atlanta.

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