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What did the Hohokam use canals for?

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The Hohokam were the only culture in North America to rely on irrigation canals to supply water to their crops. In the arid desert environment of the Salt and Gila River Valleys, the homeland of the Hohokam, there was not enough rainfall to grow crops.

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People also ask, what are two things for which the Hohokam used these canals?

The Hohokam used the waters of the Salt and Gila Rivers to constructed an assortment of simple canals, combined with weirs, in their various agricultural pursuits. From 800 to 1400 CE, they used extensive irrigation networks that rivaled the complexity of those used in the ancient Near East, Egypt, and China.

Subsequently, question is, where did the Hohokam people go? The Hohokam. The Hohokam peoples occupied a wide area of south-central Arizona from roughly Flagstaff south to the Mexican border. They are thought to have originally migrated north out of Mexico around 300 BC to become the most skillful irrigation farmers the Southwest ever knew.

People also ask, what did the Hohokam do?

The Hohokam Indians lived for hundreds of years in the Sonoran Desert along the rivers of southern Arizona. They were farmers who built irrigation canals and used water from the rivers to grow crops. In addition to the crops they grew, they used many desert plants for food, clothing, shelter, and other objects.

What did the Hohokam eat?

The Hohokam supplemented their primarily plant-food diet with meat. They had no domestic animals except the dog, so most meat was obtained by hunting. Deer and rabbit were the most important meat sources, but the Indians also killed and ate mountain sheep, antelope, and rodents, including mice and ground squirrels.

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What language did the Hohokam speak?

Hohokam means "all used up," or "gone," in the language of the Akimel O'odham, or Pima peoples, and sometimes is translated as "those who came before." Grandparents, so to speak.

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What does the word Hohokam mean?

Ho·ho·kam. noun. pl. Hohokam, or Ho·ho·kams. A member of a Native American culture flourishing from about the 3rd century BC to the mid-15th century AD in south-central Arizona, noted for the construction of an extensive system of irrigation canals.

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What was the Hohokam culture known for?

The Hohokam are probably most famous for their creation of extensive irrigation canals along the Salt and Gila rivers. In fact, the Hohokam had the largest and most complex irrigation systems of any culture in the New World north of Peru.

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How did the Hohokam get water?

The Hohokam were the only culture in North America to rely on irrigation canals to supply water to their crops. In the arid desert environment of the Salt and Gila River Valleys, the homeland of the Hohokam, there was not enough rainfall to grow crops.

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Where did the Anasazi live?

It lived in Nothern Arizona, Northwestern, New Mexico, southern Utah. During the first days, it lived in a regular village. Anasazi is a word used by Navajo Indians which meant "ancestors of our enemies" Anasazi began in developing pueblo structures which were known.

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What did the Hohokam trade?

Hohokam farmers grew four main crops, which were important for their community's survival. Corn, beans, and squash were the main foods eaten by the Hohokam. Cotton could be made into cloth or traded to other Native American groups in Arizona. The Hohokam used water from the Salt and Gila Rivers to water these crops.

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How did hohokams farm the desert?

For their time, the Hohokam were the only culture in North America that relied on irrigation canals to water their crops. The Hohokam lived in the dry desert, which means there was not enough rainfall alone to grow crops. Several of the canals were enormous in size.

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In what year did the Hohokam start building canals?

Sometime between A.D. 600 and 700, Hohokam irrigation engineers designed the first large canals, capable of transporting large quantities of water onto the upper, or second, terrace of the Salt River.

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What weapons did the Hohokam use?

Throughout the mountains, the Hohokam found good rocks for making stone tools. They made tools by striking stone against stone until sharp-edged flakes were released. Then, they fashioned the flakes into knives, scrapers, and arrowheads, leaving the unwanted fragments of rock behind.

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What did the Hohokam grow?

As well as their irrigated crops of maize, lima and tepary beans, squash, tobacco, cotton, barley and amaranth, the Hohokam gathered saguaro cactus fruit, prickly pear pads, cholla cactus buds, plantain, mesquite beans and agave from the wild desert.

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How did the Hohokam people help provide water for their fields?

To provide water to their crops, these early farmers began to construct well-engineered networks of irrigation canals across the Valley. Unprecedented in size, Hohokam canals often extended to 16 miles or more in length. The canals were engineered to keep water flowing through the canals at a constant rate.

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What type of shelters were found in the Hohokam village?

Answer: tepees that were made from buffalo hides and logs there are also apartments made out of mud brick.

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When did the ancient Puebloans live?

Ancestral Pueblo culture, also called Anasazi, prehistoric Native American civilization that existed from approximately ad 100 to 1600, centring generally on the area where the boundaries of what are now the U.S. states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah intersect.

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Where did Mogollon live?

Mogollon culture, prehistoric North American Indian peoples who, from approximately ad 200–1450, lived in the mostly mountainous region of what are now southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico. Their name derives from the Mogollon Mountains in New Mexico.

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What kind of houses did the Hohokam live in?

Most of the people there lived in pit houses. A family dug a pit in the ground. Then they built the frame out of large logs. They covered the frame with brush and mud.

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What artifacts are the Hohokam people known for?

What artifacts are the Hohokam people best known for? mounds made for burial and ceremonial purposes longhouses made from the forests around them distinctive, patterned pottery used for religious ceremonies canals for carrying water to their desert farms.

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How did the Hohokam adapt to living in a desert region?

The Hohokam were affected by their living environment because they lived in a desert, which meant very little rainfall.In order to grow crops in their environment, they had to irrigate or build canals to collect water and help it flow to their fields.

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What current Arizona Indians believe to be ancestors of the Hohokam?

About 425 BCE these Indians, the ancestors of today's O'odham nations who are often called Hohokam by archaeologists, began construction of the city of Skoaquik which means the “place of snakes.” Archaeologists call this place Snaketown. For more than 12 centuries the Hohokam prospered peacefully in the Arizona desert.