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What do the measurements on glasses mean?

Last Updated: 9th May, 2021

The numbers beneath the frames reflect the SIZEMEASUREMENTS in millimeters (mm). THE FIRST NUMBER (ex.54) =the width of the lenses. THE SECOND NUMBER (ex.15) = the distancebetween the lenses. THE THIRD NUMBER (ex.140) = the lengthof the temple arm including the portion going behind theear.

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Besides, how do I know my glasses Size?

Glasses Frame Measurements – Finding The RightFit

  1. The lens diameter is the width of the lens (in mm), measuredfrom the bridge. It can be a matter of personal choice, but it'salso determined by your frame style.
  2. The bridge width is the gap above your nose between thelenses.
  3. The length of the side is usually one of three standards– 135, 140 or 145mm.

Additionally, how do you measure a bridge for glasses? To measure your eyeglasses, you'll need a ruler withmillimeter markings.

  1. The frame width is the horizontal front of the glasses from oneoutside corner of the frame to the other.
  2. The lens height is the vertical height of the lens in theglasses.
  3. The bridge is the small area that rests on the bridge of yournose.

Thereof, how do you measure your face for glasses?

Hold the ruler horizontally across your face andbelow your eyes. Measure the distance between leftand right temples. Record the measurement in millimeters.Use your temple-to-temple width to find the total width ofyour glasses.

How do you determine your frame size?

Wrap your thumb and middle finger around thesmallest part of your wrist. If they overlap, you are smallframed. If they touch, you are medium framed. If you can barely getthem to touch or they are not touching, you have a largeframe.

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Should glasses cover your eyebrows?

The top of your glasses frame shouldfollow the line of your eyebrows. Sunglasses shouldalways cover your eyebrows, or risk looking cartoonish.)Eyes should sit at the centre of each frame. Don't followguidelines solely based on the shape of yourface.

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What is my glasses Size?

The first number — the eye size —represents the horizontal width of the lenses. In this case, theopenings in the frame for the lenses are 48 mm wide. Generally, theeye size of most eyeglass frames ranges from 40 mm to 62 mm.The second number — the bridge size — is thedistance between the lenses.

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How wide should glasses be on your face?

The bridge of the glasses should sit flushwith the bridge of your nose. This measurement isoften in the range of 14 to 24 millimeters. Templesize is the measurement of the arms of theeyeglasses, from the lens to the part that wrapsaround the ear. The temple should sithorizontally and hug the ear.

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What are standard frame sizes?

Our most popular sizes are:
  • 5×7.
  • 8×10.
  • 8.5×11 Frame.
  • 11×14.
  • 16×20.
  • 24×36. Our largest popular size picture frame is our 24 x36 size. 24 by 36 is the main size that most posters that are soldcome in.

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How do I know my Ray Ban size?

Where do I find the size ? Most of theRay-Ban sunglasses have the size printed onthe inside of the left temple . These three numbers (52-18 140 forexample) are written in millimeters and match : the lens diameter,the brige width and the length of the temple.

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Does Bridge size matter in glasses?

Yes! If you currently wear acetate frames, yourbridge measurement should be printed right on theglasses. You can usually find this number either along thearm or the nose bridge itself. Traditionally, the middlenumber corresponds to the bridge measurement and is betweenabout 16-21 mm on most glasses.

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What does PD mean for glasses?

Pupillary Distance

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How do I choose a frame for my face?

Your face is longer than it is wide, withstraight cheek lines. Use frames that are taller than theyare wide. Wide forehead that descends to a narrow chin. Tryframes with wider bottoms than tops or rimless framesin light colors.

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How do you know what size sunglasses to get?

You may also use a pair of sunglasses youcurrently own to determine your best size. Frame sizing istypically noted on the inside of either temple (see illustrationbelow). The eye/lens size is usually first, then the bridgesize, then temple size. Use the eye/lens sizeto determine the best frame size.

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How do I adjust my glasses?

Adjust the earpieces.
If the eyeglasses are pinching or digging intoyour ears or the side of your head, bend the earpiece section ofthe arms outward. If the glasses are too loose and theglasses are slipping down off your nose, twist the earpiecesinwards towards the head.

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How do you measure your cheekbones?

Make sure the tape measure runs at a straightline and rests just above your cheekbones. Write down yournumber. Starting at the base of your jaw (near your ear), run yourtape measurer along the edge of your jaw until you reach the middleof your chin. Multilply that number by two.

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How do you measure pupillary distance with old glasses?

Look straight ahead into the mirror and position theruler over the bridge of your nose. Starting with the right eye,line up the zero end of the ruler at your pupil; measure thedistance from your right to your left pupil. The millimeternumber that lines up with your left pupil is the measurementyou want.

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How do you measure arm length for glasses?

Measure from the hinge—where thearm connects in the front— to the spot where thearm begins to bend down around the ear. Then measurefrom the top of the bend to the bottom tip. Add the two sectionstogether for the total temple armlength.

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What is a high nose bridge?

A low nose bridge is like a flat nosewhich is why glasses don't fit as good. Most glasses are made foraverage or higher nose bridges. It has little or nothing todo with your nose length. Although, those with shorternoses may have flatter or lower nose bridges morecommonly.