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What do you mean by corporate social reporting?

Last Updated: 14th June, 2020

Definition: Corporate social reportingcovers a range of practices whereby organisations provide areport of the social and environmental impactsarising from their operations and of their actions to manage theseimpacts.

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Thereof, what do you understand by corporate social reporting?

Corporate social reporting, defined as the'process of communicating the social andenvironmental effects of organizations' economic actions toparticular interest groups within society and to society at large'(Gray et al. 1987: 9) has become widespread.

Beside above, what do you mean by social reporting? Social reporting is defined as reportingof some meaningful, definable domain of a business enterprise'sactivities that have social impact.

Similarly one may ask, what do you mean by CSR reporting?

Official & Simple Definition Of A CSRReport According to the Global Reporting Initiative, aCSR report can be defined as: “A sustainabilityreport is a report published by a company ororganization about the economic, environmental and social impactscaused by its everyday activities.

What is corporate social and environmental reporting?

Corporate social and environmental reporting(CSER) generally refers to any financial or non-financialdisclosure made by firms on the social and environmentaleffects of their business, and remains mostly a voluntary activity(KPMG, 2013; Adams, 2002; Parker, 2005).

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What is the purpose of CSR?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) hasbecome one of the standard business practices of our time. Forcompanies, the overall aim is to achieve a positive impacton society as a whole while maximising the creation of shared valuefor the owners of the business, its employees, shareholders andstakeholders.

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What is the main purpose of CSR?

CSR is a thoughtful and practical way to giveback to society. When businesses are conscious of their social andenvironmental impact on the world, they can benefit society bygiving back and helping to find solutions to everydayissues.

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What is CSR in simple words?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) ishow companies manage their business processes to produce an overallpositive impact on society. It covers sustainability, social impactand ethics, and done correctly should be about core business– how companies make their money – not just add-onextras such as philanthropy.

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What is CSR example?

These are the most common examples ofcorporate social responsibility: Reduce carbon footprints tomitigate climate change. Improve labor policies and embrace fairtrade. Engage in charitable giving and volunteer efforts withinyour community. Change corporate policies to benefit theenvironment.

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What are the 4 types of corporate social responsibilities by business?

The four types of Corporate Social Responsibilityare environmental sustainability initiatives, direct philanthropicgiving, ethical business practices and economicresponsibility.

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What is CSR strategy?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is anew idea, one in which the corporate sector incorporates social andenvironmental concerns in its strategies and plays a moreresponsible role in the world. If properly understood and executed,CSR is a win-win strategy that benefits the company,as well as society.

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What is the criteria for CSR?

As per the said section, the companies having Net worthof INR 500 crore or more; or Turnover of INR 1000 crore or more; orNet Profit of INR 5 crore or more during any financial year shallbe required to constitute a Corporate Social ResponsibilityCommittee of the Board "hereinafter CSR Committee" witheffect from

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What is socially responsible?

Definition: Social responsibility refers the tobusiness ethics concept of being accountable for impacting societyand culture. This is largely to do with the accounting andfinance scandals of the early 2000s where companies and executivescommitted financial fraud because of loose entity-wide ethicalstandards.

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What are the principles of CSR?

CSR activities usually address many aspects of afirm's behavior and key elements like health and safety,environmental community development, human rights, human resourcemanagement, community development, consumer protection, laborprotection, supplier relations, business ethics, and stakeholderrights.

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Who started CSR?

The 1950s saw the start of the modern era ofCSR when it was more commonly known as SR or socialresponsibility. In 1953, Howard Bowen published his book, SocialResponsibilities of the Businessman, and is largely credited withcoining the phrase 'corporate social responsibility' and isperhaps the Father of CSR.

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What is CSR in business?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a broadbusiness concept. It usually describes a company'scommitment to carry out their business in an ethical way.This means managing their business processes while takingaccount of their social, economic and environmental impact,and considering human rights.

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What are the 4 levels of social responsibility?

There are four levels of social responsibility:economics, or the responsibility of the business to beprofitable; the responsibility to meet the legalobligations—businesses must comply with the law andregulations; companies have a responsibility to actethically and morally and to choose the action that causesthe

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What are the objectives of social accounting?

Main objectives of making socialaccounting is to determine whether company is properly utilizetheir natural resources or not . Company can help employees byproviding the facility of education to children of employees,providing transport free of cost and also providing good workingenvironment conditions .

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What is the social responsibility of accounting?

According to BITC the "process of reporting onresponsible businesses performance to stakeholders" (i.e. socialaccounting) helps integrate such practices into businesspractices, as well as identifying future risks and opportunities.The management control view thus focuses on the individualorganization.

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What is meant by social responsibility accounting?

Definition of Social ResponsibilityAccounting
More and more, individuals and institutions areconcerned with how business operations affects employees,customers, the community and the natural environment. Socialresponsibility accounting seeks to quantify and report on thisinformation.

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What are the components of social accounting?

Components of Social Accounting:
The principal forms of economic activity areproduction, consumption, capital accumulation, governmenttransactions and transactions with the rest of the world. These arethe components of social accounting.

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What is social income statement?

They have to prepare social income statement,which contains social benefits and costs to members,employees, community and the government. Social StatementApproach was adopted and social accounting statementslike social income statement and social balance sheetwere used to show the social performance of theunion.

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What are environmental liabilities?

Environmental liability refers to the potentialenvironmental costs that a buyer incurs when purchasing orleasing an asset. The liabilities arise when a buyer isconducting due diligence. on the property and will be required totake ownership of the asset and all liabilities associatedwith the asset post-acquisition.

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What do you mean by social audit?

A social audit is a way of measuring,understanding, reporting and ultimately improving an organization'ssocial and ethical performance. A social audit helpsto narrow gaps between vision/goal and reality, between efficiencyand effectiveness. Social auditing creates an impact upongovernance.