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What does active status mean on match?

Last Updated: 23rd June, 2021

Green Dot or Green Circle – ActivityStatus. The Activity Status is intended to showmembers how actively a potential match is using theMatch service. A member's status can be updated whenthey log in to the Match site, or when they open emailnotifications from Match in their personal emailaccount.

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Similarly one may ask, what does the green dot mean on match?

The green dot on their main photo if it is a fulldot with no hole in it means they are online now. Ifit has a tiny whole they were active within the hr or within 24hrs,the bigger the hole in the dot the longer it has been sincethey have been active on the site.

Beside above, can you hide your active status on match? Click your photo thumbnail in the headerand then select Settings from the drop-down menu. Onthe main Profile screen, click the "Anyone cansee you" (to unhide) or "no one can see you"(to hide) radio buttons. Your profile visibilityadjusts immediately, so make sure you are ready forthe change!

In respect to this, can you tell if someone is online on match?

Click “Go” to view the profile.You will be able to view the person's onlinestatus, personal information and what she is looking for in a mate.You won't be able to see all of his photos, onlyone. You will not be able to send winks,emails or chat while browsing anonymously.

What does it mean when it says profile unavailable on match com?

If you click on another member's profile and seea message that the profile is unavailable, it isusually because that member has chosen to take a break to pursue arelationship, or for other reasons has chosen to hide theirprofile.

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Can someone tell if you look at their match profile?

The "Who's Viewed Me" feature is a handy toolthat lets you know who has viewed your profile. Sincethey've taken a step to check out your profile,it opens the door to make that first connection. Thisfeature is available to all paid subscribers, so others willbe able to see when you've viewed them too.

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What does the blue heart mean on match?

If you tap the blue heart, that means youhave swiped right on the user, meaning you "like" them. ASwipe Note allows you to send a message before matching with auser.

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What does the yellow dot on match com mean?

A Yellow dot indicates a match is recentlyonline - within the last 24 hours. The Android app willinclude the phrasing "Online" and "Who's Online" next to thedot indicator. eHarmony always recommends trying tocommunicate with all your matches for bestresults.

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What does the orange dot mean on match?

Once in a while, however, this dot will beorange. What this means is that the data for thismatch has been downloaded *more than once* from the SongPopserver onto that user's device - that's all it means,really.

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How do I undo a like on match com?

When you're viewing lists (such as Likes, etc.), you canremove a member from view by clicking on the "X" in thecorner of their profile. Or, you can go to the member's profilepage and click on “Remove fromsearch.”

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Does the green dot on Facebook mean they are chatting?

Similar to the Facebook Chat panel, a greendot means the user is actively online, a grey crescent moonmeans they're online but idle, and an empty grey circlemeans they're offline or have turned offChat.

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What does the heart mean on match?

Wed 04/13/16 05:02 AM. The red hearts is to show you whohas matched with you. Does not mean you have said yesjust basically a guideline.

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Can you hide the green dot on match?

You can remove a profile from your search resultsby clicking on the “Hide from search” option ontheir profile. Simply click on the 3-dot icon at the top ofthe page and select “Hide from search.” Youcan also take this action from your search results list withoutopening the member's profile.

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Can you tell if someone blocked you on match?

When you block someone from contactingyou, they won't be notified that anything has happened. Theywill still be able to view your profile and try to sendyou Messages, but you can continue your search forsomeone special without receiving any communication theysend.

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What does the pink dot on match mean?

Apparently, it means that they're "nearby" aspart of the Friends Nearby platform Facebook launched. I'm not surehow it works, though, because my dot appears pink tosome of my friends, but their dots are still green tome.

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What is private mode on match?

What is Private Mode? Private Mode is aMatch feature that allows you to display your profile onlyto individuals you have previously communicated with. When you'reusing Private Mode, you will see the message “He/SheCan See You” or “He/She Can't See You” on othermembers' profiles.

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Can non paying match members reply?

Non-paying members cannot respondto any messages or anything else. Call 1-800-MATCH and leaveout the H for Hell no you can't find thatout!!!!

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What does the green dot mean on messenger?

Green dot on Messenger next to any usermeans that user is currently active on Messenger, Inother words he is online right now. The green dot means thatthe person is online and active on Facebook at that moment. Itdoes not necessarily mean that the person ischatting. He may be chatting or not.

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How do I contact match?

While 800-926-2824 is's best toll-freenumber, there are 4 total ways to get in touch with them.The next best way to talk to their customer support team, accordingto other customers, is by calling their800-326-5161 phone number for their Cancellationsdepartment.

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How do I unhide my profile on POF?

Unhide your profile.
Whenever you are ready to unhide your POFprofile, simply follow these same steps. After you login toyour account, click "Edit profile." This time youwill see a line of text that reads, "In order to unhide yourprofile from others, click here." Click this link and yourprofile will be unhidden.

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What does no green dot mean on match?

The green dot on their main photo if it is a fulldot with no hole in it means they areonline now. If it has a tiny whole they were active withinthe hr or within 24hrs, the bigger the hole in the dot thelonger it has been since they have been active on thesite.

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What does the empty green circle on match mean?

Green circle mean he's not online at the moment,but was some time ago. Empty Green Circle on Match.commeans: the member's last activity was between 24 hours and 1week ago.

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Can I hide my profile from someone on match com?

At least posts in their Help sectionthat in fact you cannot block a member from viewing yourprofile: Although you're free to adjust your profilevisibility whenever you'd like, we don't currently have a featurethat allows you to selectively hide or make yourprofile visible to specific members.