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What does being locked down mean?

Last Updated: 15th January, 2020

Definition of lockdown. 1 : theconfinement of prisoners to their cells for all or most of the dayas a temporary security measure. 2 : an emergency measure orcondition in which people are temporarily prevented from enteringor leaving a restricted area or building (such as a school) duringa threat of danger …

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Considering this, what does lock that down mean?

When people say "lock it down" itmeans that they have found a great person and should "takethem off the market" by dating or marrying thatperson.

One may also ask, what does locked out mean? lock out. 1. phrasal verb. If someone locks youout of a place, they prevent you entering it by locking thedoors. His wife locked him out of their bedroom afterthe argument.

One may also ask, what does locked on mean?

Medical Definition of locked-in : affected with, characterized by, or relating to thelocked-in syndrome Locked-in patients have lost theability to control the body voluntarily, but they retain someability to control the face. Often they can move only theireyes.

What is school lockdown?

A lockdown is a precautionary measure in responseto a threat directly to the school or in the surroundingcommunity. In a lockdown: All school activities aremoved indoors. Depending on the type of lockdown, interiorand exterior doors on campus are locked. No one is allowed to enteror exit the building.

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What does locked up mean?

[intransitive/transitive] to lock all the doorsand windows of a building so that no one can get in. Ilocked up and went to bed. The last person to leave locksup the shop. To close or lock something:closeoff, close up, lock out [transitive] same aslock away.

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What is the meaning of locked in?

Definition of locky. : having or characterized bylocks a loose locky fleece.

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Is lockdown one word or two?

Clearly "lockdown" is not a verb. It's simplynot. If it is any part of speech at all, it is a noun. If you takeonly one thing away from this page, take that onefact: "lockdown" is not a verb.

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What is the synonym of locked?

Synonyms. gate padlock fastener deadbolt latchfastening tumbler door latch door doorlock drawer sash fastenerholdfast lid bolt window lock keyhole cylinder locksash lock fixing lever lock combinationlock.

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What does lock and loaded mean?

"Lock and load" refers to “the procedureused for readying an empty M1 Garand for action, not because hesaid it backwards. In order to prepare the weapon for firing, thebolt must first be 'locked' back to the rear so that the enbloc clip can be 'loaded' into the fixedmagazine.

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What does the lock and key emoji mean in a relationship?

A closed lock and key. This emoji meansprotected, safe, and secure. To hold information in confidence (notshared with other people) or under lock and key. A lockeddocument or software program. Frequently used when communicatingabout a rock solid relationship, commitment, orloyalty.

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What does locking you in mean?

To physically lock or trap someone or somethinginside a particular place or thing. In this usage, a noun orpronoun can be used between "lock" and "in." The doorknobcame right off in my hand, so I'm stuck outside while the kids arelocked in the house! 2. To commit someone or something to acontract.

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How do you get locked in syndrome?

Locked-in syndrome facts
  1. Locked-in syndrome occurs when a person is quadriplegic andalso has no way to produce speech or facial movements.
  2. The main causes of locked-in syndrome are brainstem hemorrhageor infarct; rarely other causes such as trauma, tumors, orinfection, for example, may cause the syndrome.

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Where does the expression lock and load come from?

The term, "lock and load" was used in theUS Army as late as 1969 and was also used in Vietnam. The mostcommon theory connects this order to the operation of the M1 Garandrifle. Before loading the ammunition clip into the rifle, theoperating rod handle is pulled to the rear until the bolt issecurely locked open.

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What does Locked mean on iPhone?

Unlocking your iPhone means that you can use itwith different carriers. Your iPhone might be lockedto your carrier. If you don't want to switch carriers and yourdevice is locked because you forgot the passcode, then youdon't need to use the steps in this article.

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What does radar lock mean?

Lock-on is a feature of many radar systemsthat allow it to automatically follow a selected target.Lock-on was first designed for the AI Mk. Many modernanti-aircraft missiles use some form of semi-active radarhoming, where the missile seeker listens for reflections of thelaunch platform's main radar.

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What is a lock in party?

A lock-in is a party where nobody canenter or leave for a predetermined amount of time. Whatever it is,it is important that a lock-in starts too early to be anactual party and that it forces the sleepover. 2. The Pitch.A lock in is the best of both worlds.

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What locked out?

Definition of 'lock out'
If someone locks you out of a place, theyprevent you entering it by locking the doors. They had had arow, and she had locked him out of the apartment.[

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What is difference between strike and lockout?

In the realm of labor law, strikes andlockouts are types of work stoppages. Strikes areinitiated by the employees and is when the workers cease workduring a labor dispute. Lockouts are initiated by theemployer and is a denial of employment during a labordispute.

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How much does it cost to have a locksmith come to your house?

Typical costs: The cost of having alocksmith make a "house call" when you've lockedyourself out of your home or vehicle varies considerablydepending on location, type of lock and time of day,but starts with a minimum charge (also called a mobilefee) of $35-$150 for coming toyou.

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What is Loto system?

Answer -- LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) is the physicalrestraint of all hazardous energy sources that supply power to apiece of equipment, machinery or system. LOTO alsoincludes applying a Warning Tag on the physical restraint device.This documents the Authorized LOTO personnel and thedate.

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What is a Level 1 lockdown?

Level 1: Danger Inside School
The principal or someone in authority makes theannouncement of a lockdown over the P.A. system. Three setsof bells ring inside and outside the building. All students andteachers are required to remain on the floor unless they hearotherwise.

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How long does a school lockdown last?

Once law enforcement has determined that the threat haspassed, the school will resume normal procedures. Q. HOWLONG DOES A LOCKDOWN OR LOCKOUT USUALLY LAST? A.A majority of the lockdowns and lockouts are precautionaryin nature and many last less than 10 minutes.

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Why do schools go into lockdown?

A school lockdown confines all staff and studentsto the classroom due to a perceived or real threat; isolation ofstaff and students inside the school limits exposure to riskto outside contaminants: people, exposures orsituations.