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What does blue dot on Gmail mean?

Last Updated: 11th April, 2021

The blue dot represents unreademailmessages.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what does the blue dot mean on Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo mail shows a blue dot next totheemail on the mobile App when the message is unread. Whenyouread a message the blue dot is automatically removedmarkingit has having been read.

what does an orange dot mean in Gmail? In the iPhone email application, the orangedotmeans that you have "flagged" the conversation forbetterdistinction from all of the other email. It is possible thatyourdesktop Gmail application has set certain messages withaflag on.

Herein, what does blue dot on iPhone mean?

The iPhone automatically updates apps when anewversion is released. If a blue dot appears next to oneofyour apps, it means that app has recently beenupdated.Running the app for the first time after the update willremove theblue dot.

Why is there a blue dot next to my text message telegram?

When the other party has opened yourconversationand seen the message, you'll see two bluecheck marksbelow it. For Telegram, you'll see a clockicon whenthe app is sending your message. Two checkmarksmeans that the other person opened your conversationand sawthe new message.

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What does blue dot next to email mean?

A blue dot means it is markedasunread.

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What does Blue Dot mean on messages?

A blue circle means that your messageissending. A blue circle with a check means thatyourmessage has been sent. A filled-in blue circlewith acheck means that your message hasbeendelivered.

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What does the blue dot mean in Kik?

In this case, you'll need to send your message again.Afaded D appears next to messages sent to iPhones andWindowsPhones. It means that we've sent the pushnotification ofyour message to your friend but they haven't openedthe app toreceive the message on their phone.

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What does Blue Dot mean?

Blue Dot Meaning
Once you have the full message inbox open, ablueicon will appear when you hover your mouse over amessage. You cansee it on the right side of the message listingbeneath the time ordate. A blue circle indicates that youhave already read themessage, while a solid blue dot showsit remainsunread.

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What does an orange dot next to an app mean?

An Orange dot next to an app normallymeansit's a beta version, as installed throughTestflight.

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What does a red dot next to an app mean?

The red dot just means it'sfromTestFlight; it doesn't mean that it needs any updates.level1.

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What is the orange dot next to my email?

Flag adds an orange dot next to the messagetoindicate that it's important. Mark as Read removes the bluedotnext to the message that indicates that it's unread andreducesthe number of messages shown on the Mail app icon ontheHome screen.

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What does flagged mean in mailbox?

The flag on the side of your mailboxismeant to be used by you and your postal delivery person:Itis meant to signal that something is insidethatneeds picking up by either you or your carrier. Notallmailboxes have flags and not all postal carrierspayattention to a raised mailbox flag.

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What does it mean to be idle on Gmail?

Gmail Chat includes a set of colored dotsthatinform you of the status of contacts on your chat list. Ayellowdot indicates that the contact is idle and may not beableto chat with you if you send him an instant message. He mayhavestepped away from his computer or he may be busy.

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What does a red dot mean on email?

A red flag means TeamSideline isnotsending emails to that email address. Anemailfilter can be placed on an email addressfor manyreasons. Mailbox Full - when emails are returned dueto amailbook being full.

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What does orange circle mean on Find My Friends?

Sometimes that location is in the middle of abigorange circle (see image below) indicating that theexactlocation is in question and that the dot is at the mostlikelylocation, while other times it's just a dot — youknowexactly where that person is.

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How do you Unflag email on iPhone?

Select all of the emails in there, rightclick,and in the flags section click the "X"/Clear flags. Don'tpanic.It's very easy. Just go to Starred > Edit > Mark all>Unflag.

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What does one tick on Telegram mean?

Only one tick means that the sent message intheTelegram cloud and your friend has been notified ofthesending of the message or of the messages from you. Twoticksmeans that the message has been read. This meansthatyour friend has opened Telegram, and also, he has openedthechat with you.

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Why does WhatsApp only have one check mark?

WhatsApp uses a system of ticks toindicatedifferent statuses of messages you send. Onegreytick means that the message has beensentsuccessfully. Two grey ticks means that the message hasbeendelivered successfully to the recipient's phone. If the twoticksturn blue, that means that the message hasbeenread.

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What is read recipient in WhatsApp?

Much to the chagrin of its users, WhatsAppquietlyintroduced read receipts (letting people see exactlywhen amessage is read, not just delivered) earlier thismonth. Theapp always showed one tick mark when you sent a message,whichchanged to two grey ticks when it was delivered.