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What does fodder mean in games?

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Cannon fodder is a derogatory term used to referto expendable soldiers. Cannon Fodder may also refer to:Cannon Fodder (series), a series of videogames.

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Also, what is the literal meaning of fodder?

Definition of fodder. 1 : something fed todomestic animals especially : coarse food for cattle, horses, orsheep. 2 : inferior or readily available material used to supply aheavy demand fodder for tabloids This sort of breezy plotline has become cheap fodder for novelists and screenwriters…—

what is fodder industry? "Fodder" refers particularly to food given to theanimals (including plants cut and carried to them), rather thanthat which they forage for themselves. It includes hay,straw, silage, compressed and pelleted feeds, oils and mixedrations, and sprouted grains and legumes.

Also question is, what does fodder mean in anime?

It still means something to use as feed, but in afigurative sense. has these alternate meanings:people considered as readily available and of little value: cannonfodder. raw material: fodder for a comedian'sroutine. Raw material, as for artistic creation.

What is the meaning of fodder for cattle?

Fodder is cheap food, usually given tolivestock animals like cows. Fodder is notjust used to describe cattle feed. We use the word to talkabout other kinds of feeding that don't involve actualfood.

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What is a synonym for fodder?

Synonyms: fresh fish, cannon fodder.fodder(verb) coarse food (especially for livestock) composedof entire plants or the leaves and stalks of a cerealcrop.

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What is the meaning of fodder crops?

FODDER CROPS are crops that are cultivatedprimarily for animal feed. By extension, natural grasslands andpastures are included whether they are cultivated or not. Foddercrops may be classified as either temporary or permanentcrops. The former are cultivated and harvested like anyother crop.

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What does Fodor mean?

Fodor Name Meaning. Hungarian: nicknamefor a person with curly hair, from fodor'curl'.

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What is fodder in gaming?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cannonfodder is a derogatory term used to refer to expendablesoldiers. Cannon Fodder may also refer to: CannonFodder (series), a series of videogames.

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What does Stover mean?

Stover is the leaves and stalks of field crops,such as corn (maize), sorghum or soybean that are commonly left ina field after harvesting the grain. The word 'stover'derives from the English legal term 'estovers', referring to theright of tenants to cut timber.

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What are fodder crops examples?

It is used as food for horses, chickens as well as manydomestic animals. The fodder crops are also known asProvender. Agricultural farming produces them. Maize, Corn, Hay,strange are some best examples of Foddercrops.

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What is difference between forage and fodder?

The Subtle Differences between Fodder andForage. Forage crops are crops on which animals grazeindependently, or crops that have purposes other than animal feed.Grasses and legumes make up the two broad sources of foragelivestock feed. Grazing livestock like cows and horses do well withforage crops.

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What is chicken fodder?

Quite simply, it is food for livestock. Usually driedgrasses or hay. For my hens, fodder is sprouted grainallowed to grow beautiful green shoots. Lots of chickenowners grow fodder for chickens during the wintermonths.

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How is fodder made?

Production of sprouted grains asfodder
Fodder in the form of sprouted cereal grainssuch as barley, and legumes can be grown in small and largequantities. Although products such are barley are grain, whensprouted they are approved by the American Grassfed Association tobe used as livestock feed.

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What is fodder shock?

The best corn shocks, or fodder shocks, ifyou are using them for animal feed, consist of healthy corn stalksharvested right after the last ears are picked.

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What does tabloid fodder mean?

tab"§loid also tabloid newspaper [countable]a newspaper that has small pages, a lot of photographs, and storiesmainly about sex, famous people, etc. rather than serious news.Fodder, in this context, means the kind ofinformation that tabloids love to deal with.

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Where did the term cannon fodder come from?

The term derives from fodder, as food forlivestock. Soldiers are the metaphorical food for enemycannon fire.

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Is Rice a fodder crop?

Rice is often grown as first crop inrotation or intercropped with cassava, maize, sorghum or cowpea.Rice straw is used to feed animals. Chaff is used asfuel, bedding, absorbent or packing material.

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Is oats a fodder crop?

Oats are a crop of Mediterranean origin;not as old as wheat and barley, but their domestication dates backto ancient times. They have many uses: a cereal, a feedgrain, green or conserved fodder and, more recently, as awinter cover crop in no-till rotations.

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What animals can eat fodder?

Fodder FAQ's. Anything that can eat hay orgrain will do well on fodder. This includes: rabbits,poultry, pigs, goats, sheep, cows, llamas, alpacas, andequines.

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What is the best fodder for cows?

Sorghum Fodder: Sorghum is also considered as oneof the best fodder crops for dairy cattle. Thesorghum fodder is cultivated both for grains and greenfodder, and it is highly drought tolerant. You can plantsorghum throughout the year, and many varieties areavailable.

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Which crop is important as food or fodder of animals?

Some feeds, such as pasture grasses, hay andsilage crops, and certain cereal grains, are grownspecifically for animals. Other feeds, such as sugarbeet pulp, brewers' grains, and pineapple bran, are by-productsthat remain after a food crop has been processed for humanuse.

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Is barley a fodder crop?

Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) is a major cerealcrop primarily grown for its grain, but it also yieldsvaluable forage that can be grazed, cut for hay or silagewhile still green, or cut after grain harvest as straw (Duke, 1983;Göhl, 1982).

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What is dry fodder?

Dry fodder. 1. Hay. Hay means grasses for legumesthat are harvested, dried and stored at 85-90% drymatter. It means that the moisture content of the green crop isreduced to 10-15% to inhibit the action of plant and microbialenzymes, so that it can be stored safely without undergoingfermentation or becoming moldy.