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What does in an effort mean?

Last Updated: 11th April, 2020

[countable/uncountable] an attempt to dosomething that is difficult or that involves hard work. aneffort to do something: The restructuring was part ofan effort to boost company profits. in an effort todo something: Detectives are talking to other witnesses inan effort to corroborate her confession.

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Also asked, what is an example of effort?

Effort is defined as the use of physical ormental energy, the act or result of trying to do something. Anexample of effort is someone using their brain to make aplan. An example of effort is writing a letter.

Secondly, what does no effort mean? to achieve something by working as hard as possible orspending as much money as is necessary: She spared noexpense in decorating her office. (Definition of spare noeffort from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary ©Cambridge University Press)

Also asked, what does good effort mean?

Good effortmeans that youtried your best on something but perhaps made one or a fewmistakes. The person telling you “good effort”can see that you tried to do well and are saying“good effort” to encourage you to dobetter.

How do you use the word effort?

effort Sentence Examples

  1. I admire the effort and sacrifice you put into it.
  2. Some people just put more effort into distinguishing right fromwrong than others.
  3. It took too much effort to look up at the sun to measuretime.
  4. She made no effort to catch them, letting them fall at herfeet.
  5. With a little effort she located a canteen.

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What type of word is effort?

noun. exertion of physical or mental power: It will takegreat effort to achieve victory.

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What is a success?

Success can also mean completing an objective orreaching a goal. Success can be expanded to encompass anentire project or be restricted to a single component of a projector task. Colloquial term used to describe a person that hasachieved his or her personal, financial or careergoals.

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What does it mean to have effort?

A great achievement can also be considered agreat effort. Effort has to do with how hardyou're trying. If something is easy, it doesn't takemuch effort. If it's hard, it takes a lot of effort.Effort is about trying to get something done, even ifit doesn't always work out.

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What best effort means?

best efforts. also best endeavours LAW thegreatest possible effort to achieve something or dosomething, especially when this is difficult: use your bestefforts to do sth The buyer shall use his best effortsto get an acceptable purchase contract for thisproperty.

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What is the adjective of effort?

great, little, much, conscious, more, considerable,last, concerted, worth, special, major, serious, greater,desperate, extra, joint, mental, cooperative, individual, less,determined, further, best, supreme, physical, final, successful,strong, collaborative, constant, intellectual, deliberate,collective, tremendous

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What does Effort mean in a relationship?

Effort is when you're working out your issuesinstead of just running away from them. Effort is when hetries to make you feel special. Because love isn't about the moneywe spend on each other—it is about the little attentions.Those little attentions are what make a relationshiplong-lasting.

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Is efforting a word?

Take the new verb “efforting,” forexample. “Effort,” defined by Macmillan Dictionary as“an attempt to do something that is difficult,” is awidely-recognized noun, but “efforting,” whichmeans “trying,” is only defined in one of the 1,061dictionaries in the database.

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What is the synonym of effort?

Synonyms and Antonyms of effort
  • Synonyms of effort. elbow grease, exertion, expenditure, labor,pains, sweat, trouble, while, work.
  • Words Related to effort. drudgery, grind, slog, strain, toil,travail. dint, energy.
  • Near Antonyms of effort. adroitness, ease, facility, fluency,smoothness.

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How do you use effort in a sentence?

Examples of effort in a Sentence
He put a lot of effort into finishing theproject on time. It wasn't easy, but it was worth theeffort. We need to expend more effort. The job willrequire a great deal of time and effort.

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What does make an effort mean?

phrase. If you make the effort todo something, you do it, even though you need extraenergy to do it or you do not really want to. I don'tget lonely now because I make the effort to seepeople. effort.

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What does good attempt mean?

Definition of nice try. : a good effort orattempt to do something Nice try. I'm sureyou'll do better next time. —usually used in an ironicway to say that an attempt at something was not verygood or was not a nice thing to do Nice try,but you're not going to trick me this time.

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What is best effort basis?

Best-Efforts Basis. An agreement betweenan underwriter and an issuer in which the underwriter agrees toplace as much of an offering with investors as possible, but is notresponsible for any portion of the offering it fails tosell.

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Will not spare any effort?

spare no effort. to achieve something by workingas hard as possible or spending as much money as is necessary: Shespared no expense in decorating her office.