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What does it mean to be the epitome of something?

Last Updated: 29th January, 2020

epitome. If you're talking about a typicalexampleof something, call it the epitome. Thecartooncharacter Garfield is the epitome of the fat,lazy,food-obsessed cat. Coming to us from Greek throughLatin,epitome refers to something that istheultimate representative of its class.

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Likewise, what does epitome mean?

a person or thing that is typical of or possesses toahigh degree the features of a whole class: He is theepitomeof goodness. a condensed account, especially of aliterary work;abstract.

Also Know, what is the best definition of Epitome? Epitome is defined as a person orobjectthat is defined as a perfect exampleofsomething.

Also know, how do you use the word epitome?

epitome Sentence Examples

  1. The fashions presented were the epitome of the style ofthe1930s.
  2. The hotel was the epitome of British colonial eleganceinJamaica.
  3. The epitome of feminine beauty might become the rotund figureonwhich the momma appears to pride herself.
  4. His lifestyle was the epitome of unsustainable living.

What is the synonym of Epitome?

Synonyms of epitome abstract, avatar, embodier, embodiment,externalization,genius, icon (also ikon), image, incarnation,incorporation,instantiation, manifestation, objectification,personification,personifier.

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What is the opposite of Epitome?

Explanation: An "epitome" is an ideal exampleofsomething. An "antithesis" is an ideal example oftheopposite of something. Pammy. Dec 6, 2016.

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Is epitomy a word?

epitomy. Nothing makes you look quite sofoolishas spelling a sophisticated word incorrectly. Takendirectlyfrom Greek, where it means“abridgement,”“epitome” is now mostoften used to designate anextremely representative example of thegeneral class: “SnowWhite is the epitome of a Disneycartoonfeature.”

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What is the plural of Epitome?

The plural form of epitome is epitomesorepitomai.

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Can you pronounce epitome two ways?

This is why you pronounce it with an 'i'.Forinstance: Beauté => Beauty. As reported by the NOADandthe OED, Epitome is pronounced /?ˈp?d?mi/inAmerican English and /?ˈp?t?mi/ (or /?ˈp?t?mi/)inBritish English.

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What part of speech is epitome?

part of speech: noun
definition 1: a person, thing, or action that represents the essence,orserves as the purest example, of some quality or type. He istheepitome of rudeness. similar words: apotheosis, crown,ideal,personification

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How do you hyphenate a word?

Generally, hyphenate two or more wordswhenthey come before a noun they modify and act as a single idea.Thisis called a compound adjective. When a compound adjectivefollows anoun, a hyphen is usually not necessary. However,someestablished compound adjectives arealwayshyphenated.

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How do you say epitome in British English?

Below is the UK transcription for 'epitome':
  1. Modern IPA: ?p?´t?m?j.
  2. Traditional IPA: ?ˈp?t?miː
  3. 4 syllables: "i" + "PIT" + "uh" + "mee"

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Does Inline have a hyphen?

In the adjective sense, those are the same wordsasalternative spellings. The one without a hyphen ismorecommon in computer-related cases, such as "aninlinefunction", while the one with a hyphen is, inmy experience,more common in mechanical or manufacturing situations- "in-lineengine", "in-line manufacturing".

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What does Epidemy mean?

epidemy. n. "an epidemic disease," especiallytheplague, late 15c., ipedemye, impedyme, from Old Frenchypidime(12c., Modern French épidémie), from LateLatinepidemia (see epidemic (adj.)).

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How do you use dichotomy in a sentence?

Sentence Examples
  1. The conference focused on the dichotomy of public andprivateeducation.
  2. They reject the old dichotomy of left vs. right politics.
  3. The division within this case study mirrors theperceiveddichotomy between the left and right brains.
  4. It was as if she wanted to create a dichotomy betweenthem.

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How do you use malign in a sentence?

Examples of malign in a Sentence
Her supporters say she is being unfairly maligned inthepress.

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How do you use the word epiphany in a sentence?

Sentence Examples
  1. In the first grade, I experienced an epiphany that girlswerealways treated differently than boys.
  2. His everyday reports seems to consist of one epiphanyafteranother, followed by periods of self-doubt and isolation.
  3. Then, at 18, she had her own very real epiphany to deal with:afirst child.

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How do you use inveigh in a sentence?

Sentence Examples
Finding one day a challenge-glove stuck up on thedoorof a church where he was to preach, he took it down with hisownhand, and proceeded to the pulpit to inveigh againsttheunchristian custom.

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How do you use millennium in a sentence?

Examples of millennium in a Sentence
The book describes the changes that have occurred inthelandscape over many millennia. The year 2000 was celebrated asthebeginning of the third millennium.

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How do you use equanimity in a sentence?

Sentence Examples
  1. Gentleness, equanimity and benevolence were native to him.
  2. It is not too much to say that his imperturbable equanimity,hisserene bonhomie kept the host together.

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What is an unorthodox person?

The adjective unorthodox originally referredtoreligion, specifically to a person or practice thatwentagainst the traditions of a particular belief. So someonewhosebeliefs are orthodox has "the right opinion," whileanunorthodox person does not.

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What part of speech is doldrums?

noun (used with a plural verb)
a state of inactivity or stagnation, as in businessorart: August is a time of doldrums for many enterprises.thedoldrums, a belt of calms and light baffling winds northofthe equator between the northern and southern trade winds intheAtlantic and Pacific oceans.

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What is the synonym of exhort?

egg (on), encourage, goad, nudge, press, prod,prompt,urge. Words Related to exhort. drive, propel,spur,stimulate. hurry, hustle, push, rush.

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Where do hyphens go in a sentence?

Before a Noun
A hyphen should be used in order to createanadjective if the phrase comes before the noun in asentence.However, the hyphen should not be used ifthe phrase followsthe noun in thesentence.