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What does Kotetsu mean?

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Meaning & History
This name combines ? (shou, chii. sai, ko-, o-,sa-)meaning "little, small" or ? (ko, tora)meaning"tiger" with ? (tetsu, kurogane) meaning"iron," ? (tetsu)meaning "penetrate, clear, pierce" or ?(tetsu, satoi, aki.raka) meaning "philosophy,sagacity."

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Also, what does yoruichi mean?

A submission from Colorado, United States says thenameYoruichi means "Best or greatest authorityIchimeaning number one (1) and your meaningaccording."and is of Unknown origin. According to a user from NewZealand, thename Yoruichi is of Unknown origin andmeans "Nightone".

Also Know, what does Renji mean? User Submitted Meanings According to a user from New York, United States,thename Renji is of Japanese origin and means ""secondlove""yearning love"".

Secondly, what does Shihoin mean?

Origin of Shihoin. Shihoin Means. Thanks!Sis for superb, a great attitude about life. H is for heavenly,yourspirit is strong.

What does Rukia mean in Japanese?

The meaning of this name is unknown. It may betheJapanese pronounciation of the name Lucia, but also mayreferto the Japanese name of the flower of regret which is"rue".This flower is also known as wijnruit. Rukia Kuchikiis amain character from the anime/manga Bleach.

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Is yoruichi urahara Zanpakuto?

Yoruichi doesn't have her Zanpakutobecauseit is inherent to the current leader of the Stealth Force,which sheis not. In her fight with soi fon she throws a kunai. Sheis reallythe physical manifestation of urahara's zanpaktowhich is whyhe doesnt use it past shikai.

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Is grimmjow alive?

Grimmjow is still alive, as revealedinChapter 624 of the Manga. Both he and Nel show up to helpIchigoand friends take down the quincies. Yes, he isstillalive.

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How did bleach get its name?

The anime Bleach is called so because it'stheadaptation of the manga named Bleach. The titlewasn'tBleach when Tite Kubo decided to draw a storyaboutShinigami. This was before he drew the one-shot manga thatappearedin Akamaru Jump. The weapon wasn't a sword, butascythe.

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What does Orihime mean?

Orihime may refer to: Orihime, theJapanesename of the Weaver Girl (symbolizing the star Vega) fromthe Chinesefolk tale The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd (the weaveris celebratedin Tanabata, a Japanese festival) Orihime, aCommuter RapidExpress train operated on the Keihan MainLine.

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What does kenpachi mean in Japanese?

Kenpachi (??, Sword-Eight) is the title thatisonly given to the strongest Shinigami. It is an ironclad rulethatthere can be only one Kenpachi pergeneration,meaning that the predecessor must die for thekiller tosucceed the title.

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Why does Ichigo's Zanpakuto stay in Shikai?

The name “Zangetsu” was asemi-falsename, given to Ichigo by the manifestation of hisQuincypowers, “Old Man Zangetsu.”Ichigo'sZanpakutou is always in Shikai form,becauseIchigo's spiritual power is so intense that hecan'tkeep his sword sealed.

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Why was urahara banished?

Inside the gigai is the Orb of DestructionthatUrahara was exiled for making. WhenUraharafled the Soul Society he was accompanied by YoruichiShihouin, whohides her true appearance by turning into a cat.Kisuke even stopsRukia from interfering in the battle so that shecan see just howmuch power Ichigo has.

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What does the name Ulquiorra mean?

Ulquiorra Means. Thanks! U is for upstanding,yourinner-self. L is for little, the little things you do.Q isfor quality, quality of character.

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What does Ichigo's name mean?

Ichigo is the Japanese word for strawberry,butthe name can also mean "one/best guardian" as amalename from ichi "one" and go "guardian." Also theJapaneseword for "strawberry" which would be the feminineform.Ichigo iis a name in manga and anime in titleslikeBleach and Tokyo Mew Mew.

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What does Zabimaru mean?

It basically means "something with acertainattribute". So if a young boy had bright white hair, hemight becalled Shiromaru (shiro being white). Hence:Zabimaru:"snake tail" (it looks like a snaketail)

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What does yachiru mean?

Her "real" name, Yachiru means "ThousandStyles","Eight thousand/many flows" or "Eight thousand/many exiles", whileher Retsu name means "Fierce" or "Violence". Unohanais theonly shinigami character who her zanpakuto shikai and Bankaisharethe same name, but with different kanjiandmeaning.

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What does Nagato mean in Japanese?

Nagato / Pein: "Nagato" (??)means"long-lasting gate".

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How old is Renji?

100 years pass from 3rd Phantom to Part I, givingRukiathe age of 150 years old. Renji AbaraiandIzuru Kira - 150 Years Old - Renji is shown asbeingmore or less the same age as Rukia.

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What does the name Toshiro mean?

The name Toshiro is a Japanese BabyNamesbaby name. In Japanese Baby Names themeaningof the name Toshiro is: Talented;intelligent.

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What does hitsugaya mean?

Meaning & History
It can also be used as ??? (which can also beromanisedas Jūshirō) which means "14th son", from? (ji',juu, ju', to, too) meaning "ten", ? and ?. One bearerofthis name is Tōshirō Hitsugaya (??? ???),acharacter from manga and anime, Bleach, who is, at one point,votedthe most popular character.

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What does Ichigo Kurosaki mean?

I know that this is someone's name, but there has tobesome meaning behind it. There is an anime called "Bleach" thathasthe main character "Kurosaki Ichigo". I knowthat"Ichigo" means "strawberry" and it can also mean"1word"(when "ichi" and "go" are separate) I lookedup"Kurosaki".

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Is Rukia stronger than Renji?

Renji has always been stronger thanRukiain every arc as he possesses bankai and even in baseformRenji would still slightly ahead of Rukia. DuringtheBlood war arc start Byakuya's shikai was also strongerthanRenji's by a lot. Renji was not even able to injureasnodt while Byakuya could.

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What is Rukia's Zanpakuto?

Rukia's zanpakutō, Sode no Shirayuki(???,literally "Sleeved white snow"), is also revealed as acompletelywhite blade, earning it the recognition as the mostbeautifulzanpakutō in Soul Society. Sode no Shirayukiutilizesice to attack, each of its abilities being labeled as"dances" byRukia.

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Does Rukia become a captain?

Rukia Kuchiki. "In a battle, the ones who getinthe way are not the ones that lack power, but the ones thatlackresolve." Rukia Kuchiki (?? ???, Kuchiki Rukia)isthe current captain of the 13th Division. Sheformerlyserved as lieutenant of the 13th Division underCaptainJūshirō Ukitake.