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What does peripheral location mean?

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Medical DefinitionofPeripheral
Peripheral: Situated away from the center,asopposed to centrally located. For example,peripheralvision means the type of vision that allowsone to seeobjects that are not in the center of one'svisualfield.

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Herein, what does peripheral mean?

A computer peripheral is any external devicethatprovides input and output for the computer. For example, akeyboardand mouse are input peripherals, while a monitor andprinterare output peripherals. Some peripherals, suchasexternal hard drives, provide both input and output forthecomputer.

Furthermore, what does the medical term peripheral mean? Medical Definitionofperipheral 1 : of, relating to, involving, forming, or locatedneara periphery or surface part (as of the body) 2 : of, relatingto,affecting, or being part of the peripheral nervoussystemperipheral nerves. 3 : of, relating to, or being theouterpart of the visual field goodperipheralvision.

Moreover, what does it mean to be on the periphery?

periphery. When something is ontheperiphery of your vision, you can only see it whenyou'relooking sideways. Periphery means outside the boundaryofsomething. If you're on the periphery of a group,you'reclose to it but not part of it.

What is a peripheral in anatomy?

peripheral - Medical Definition Related to, located in, or constituting anouterboundary or periphery. Perceived or perceiving neartheouter edges of the retina: peripheralvision.Anatomy. Relating to the surface or outer part of abody ororgan; external.

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What are peripheral activities?

Also referred to as peripheral activities.Acompany's activities outside of its mainactivitiesof buying/producing and selling.

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Is modem a peripheral device?

peripheral device. Auxiliary equipmentusedfor computer input (keyboard, mouse, scanner, etc.),output(printer, plotter, speaker), storage (floppy drive,harddisk, CD drive), communication (microphone,modem,router), or other functions under the direct controlof acomputer.

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Which of the following is an example of a peripheral?

peripheral device
  • Examples of external peripherals include mouse,keyboard,printer, monitor, external Zip drive or scanner.
  • Examples of internal peripherals include CD-ROM drive,CD-Rdrive or internal modem.

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What does core periphery mean?

In world systems theory, the peripherycountries(sometimes referred to as just the periphery) arethose thatare less developed than the semi-periphery andcorecountries. It is, however, possible for peripherycountriesto rise out of their status and move intosemi-periphery orcore status.

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What is self centered neurotic?

A self-centered personisexcessively concerned with himself and his own needs.People likethat are self-centered: as the wordsuggests, theyare overly centered onthemselves.Self-centered people tend to ignore theneeds ofothers and only do what's best forthem.

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What does semi periphery mean?

In world-systems theory, thesemi-peripherycountries (sometimes referred to asjust thesemi-periphery) are theindustrializing, mostlycapitalist countries which arepositioned between theperiphery and corecountries.

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What is the periphery of the body?

Generally, a periphery is a boundary or outerpartof any space or body. It is derived from the Greekwordπεριφέρεια,meaninga circumference or outer surface. In biology, theperiphery ofthe body is the part that is away from thecentral or coreregions.

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What does core stand for?

Acronym Definition
CORE Congress Of Racial Equality
CORE Central Operation of Resources for Educators (NASA)
CORE Center for Operations Research and Econometrics
CORE Conflict Resolution (US Department of the Interior)

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Is Japan a core country?

The United States, Canada, Europe, Japan,SouthKorea, Australia and New Zealand are examples of presentcorecountries that have the most power in the worldeconomicsystem. Core countries tend to have both strongstatemachinery and a developed national culture.

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How can you prevent PVD?

How to prevent PVD
  1. avoiding smoking.
  2. controlling your blood sugar, if you have diabetes.
  3. setting an exercise goal of 30 minutes a day, five timesaweek.
  4. working to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
  5. eating a healthy diet that's low in saturated fat.
  6. keeping your weight at a healthy level.

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Which of the following peripheral devices can be used for both input and output?

Typical output devices in a computer systemarethe monitor, speakers and the printer. Some devicesthatperform both input AND output operations are referred toasI/O (input/output) devices andtheiroperations are called I/O operations. Examples of commoninputand output components are disk drives andmodems.

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What is your side vision called?

If you're like most people, losing yoursightprobably frightens you. The focus of this articleisperipheral vision, also known as side vision,whichgives us the ability to see to the sides, aboveandbelow our central point of focus.