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What does respectively mean in a sentence?

Last Updated: 5th June, 2020

Yes you can use "respectively" inasentence. All this word means is "in the order given".Inother words if you list, or mention two or more things, youareable to end the sentence with"respectively".Example: My two children are 7 and 9yearsrespectively.

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Then, what does it mean when someone says respectively?

Licensed from GettyImages. adverb. Respectivelyisdefined as in the order given. An example of respectivelyiswhat one might say instead of "in that order" in "Aliceis 5and James is 7, in that order." YourDictionarydefinition andusage example.

Similarly, what is another word for respectively? respectively, severally(adverb) in theordergiven. "the brothers were called Felix andMax,respectively" Synonyms: independently, one byone,individually, separately, singly, severally, on anindividualbasis.

Also to know, do we use comma before respectively?

Do you use a comma before theword"respectively" in a sentence? You wouldexpect,therefore, a series of things or names. If youmention twoor more things, you are able to end the sentencewith"respectively.” Example: Her two sisters, JuneandJanet, got married this year respectively.

Is it respectively or respectfully?

The adverb respectfully means (to act orspeak)with respect, courtesy, or high regard. The adjective formisrespectful, full of respect. The adverbrespectivelymeans one by one, in the orderstated.

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What is the meaning of respective locations?

Alleged misuse of the word 'respective'Myunderstanding is that the word points to the priormentionedsubjects. Here's a definition: respective adjective[attrib. ] belonging or relating separately to each of two ormorepeople or things : they chatted about theirrespectivechildhoods.

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How do you use people in a sentence?

People is the usual plural of person,meaningindividual human, although one also sees persons.Whenspeaking about a number of individuals, peoples isnevercorrect. Use "peoples" when you're talking aboutmorethan one group of people.

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What does respectably mean?

1 : worthy of respect : estimable. 2 : decent orcorrectin character or behavior : proper. 3a : fair in size orquantity arespectable amount. b : moderately good : tolerable. 4 :fit to beseen : presentable respectable clothes.

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What does it mean to say something is in order?

3 if something is in order, it is a suitablethingto do or say on a particular occasion: I thinka drinkwould be in order.

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Can respectively be used for more than two?

Yes, it is a proper use ofrespectively,although it's a monster paragraph.Respectively cancertainly refer to more than twothings, and each list isjust married up.

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How do you use namely in writing?

The comma can be used in every possible combinationwiththe word namely, but it's worth looking closely at eachofthem. The comma is most often used just before namely:Theybrought lunch, namely sandwiches and soda. The sceneshowedoff his best qualities, namely his quick wit andperfecttiming.

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Do you use a comma after otherwise?

Use a comma to set off most conjunctiveadverbs(however, otherwise, therefore, similarly, hence, ontheother hand, and consequently). But do not use acommaafter the conjunctive adverbs then, thus, soon, now, andalso.In the following examples, a semicolon isusedto separate two independent clauses.

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How does the Oxford comma work?

The 'Oxford comma' is an optionalcommabefore the word 'and' at the end of a list: We sellbooks, videos,and magazines. It's known as the Oxford commabecause it wastraditionally used by printers, readers, and editorsatOxford University Press.

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What is the synonym of highest?

topmost, superlative, supreme, maximal, most,top-notch,top, overmost, apical, maximum, head, preeminent,capital, chief,paramount, tiptop, zenithal, crown; see also best1,principal.

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What is the opposite of respectively?

The word “respectively” conveysarelation between things. Something is such and such with respecttosuch and such. It's important to understand we're notsimplylooking for an antonym here if we want theoppositeof “respective(ly)”. It's notexactly the“antonym” or the“opposite”.It's more like aninverse.

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What is the synonym of corresponding?

Synonyms of corresponding
akin, alike, analogous, cognate, comparable,connate,correspondent, ditto, like, matching, parallel,resemblant,resembling, similar, such, suchlike.

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What is the synonym of significant?

big, consequential, earth-shattering,earthshaking,eventful, historic, important, major, material,meaningful,momentous, monumental, much, substantial, tectonic,weighty. WordsRelated to significant. decisive, fatal,fateful,strategic.

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What is another word for percent?

percentage. n. per cent, rate, rate percent,portion, section, allotment, duty, discount, commission,winnings,washout rate, cut, rake-off, holdout, corner, pay-off,slice,split, shake, squeeze; see also division 2,interest3.

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What is another word for on the other hand?

Contrast. On the contrary, contrarily,notwithstanding,but, however, nevertheless, in spite of, incontrast, yet, onone hand, on the other hand, rather,or, nor,conversely, at the same time, while this may betrue.Addition.