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What does River Island do?

Last Updated: 21st February, 2020

River Island is a London-headquartered highstreetfashion brand, which operates in a number of worldwidemarkets. Setup in 1948, by Bernard Lewis and his brothers inLondon, RiverIsland is a private company owned by theLewisfamily.

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Then, what age group is River Island aimed at?

More videos on YouTube River Island is among the UK's leadinghighstreet fashion chains, selling a very broad range ofstylishbut low-priced clothing, mainly targeting middle-market menandwomen in the 18-30 age range.

Likewise, is River Island a designer brand? SIX DECADES OF PUTTING THE JOY INTO FASHION River Island has fast becomethedesigner brand of the high street, with stores in morethan18 countries. River Island has and always will beanexciting, innovative, and fun company.

Besides, what is River Islands mission statement?

River Island aim to produce 'fashionableclothingfor men and woman on a councious budget. Ourmissionstatement at River Island is that 'we aredriven toprovide the hottest new looks for ourcostomers.

How long does River Island take to deliver?

Standard deliverytakes 3-5days and you can also get next daydelivery.

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How many employees do River Island have?

The London head office is home to 900 staff.Customerscome to River Island because they love the twistthey put ontrends, the range of products and the service theyget frompeople who love their fashion.

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Who are River Island competitors?

The top 10 competitors in RiverIsland'scompetitive set are ASOS, New Look Group, House ofFraser, ZARA,TOPMAN, G-STAR RAW, Superdry, TOMS, Anya HindmarchandAllSaints.

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How much is River Island worth?

Bernard Lewis (entrepreneur)
Bernard Lewis
Occupation Founder and owner, River Island
Net worth £2 billion
Spouse(s) Vanessa Bracey (two prior wives)
Children Leonard, Clive, Caroline, Sam and Jacob

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Where is River Island from?

East End of London

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Where is River Island head office?

London, United Kingdom

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What year did River Island Open?

1948, East End of London

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What is Primark's mission statement?

The mission statement of Primarkis“To provide customers with high quality, fashion basicsatvalue for money prices”. It's quite apparentfromPrimark's mission statement that the company ispursuingcost leadership and is committed to provide high qualitystuff tocustomers at low prices.

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Is there a river island in Paris?

The Île de la Cité (Frenchpronunciation:?[il d? la site]) is one of two remaining naturalislands inthe Seine within the city of Paris (theother being theÎle Saint-Louis).

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Is River Island a franchise?

Franchise. River Island has agrowingnumber of international franchise stores throughouttheMiddle East, Europe and the Far East with experiencedfashionretail companies.

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How many countries does River Island operate in?

With over 350 stores across the UK, Irelandandinternationally throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe,aswell as six dedicated online sites operating infourcurrencies, it's time to get shopping!

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Who started River Island?

Bernard Lewis

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How many River Island stores are in Ireland?

River Island is a high street fashionstorewith nearly 300 stores across the UK,Ireland andinternationally throughout Asia, the Middle EastandEurope.

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What should I wear to a river island interview?

11 answers
  • Formal trendy clothes (eg River Island clothes etc)
  • A bay trading outfit is best way forward.
  • Sports jacket and slacks with matching shirt and tie.
  • Wear trendy clothing that looks smart.

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What type of business is new look?

New Look was owned by private equity groupsApaxPartners and Permira, and founder Tom Singh, until May 2015when itwas acquired by Brait SE for £780 million. Brait alsoownsthe health club chain Virgin Active and has a minority stakeinIceland Foods.

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When did Chelsea Girl become River Island?

In 1955, Lewis Separates and its now70-store-empirewas rebranded Chelsea Girl andbecame one ofthe UK's first chain female fashionboutiques. Fast-forwardto 1982 and Concept Man is added to theportfolio, extending theretailer's reach intomenswear.