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What does SoftBank group do?

Last Updated: 12th January, 2020

SoftBank Group Corp. operates as a holding company which engages in the management of its group companies. It operates through the following segments: SoftBank, Sprint, Yahoo Japan, Distribution, Arm, SoftBank Vision Fund and Delta Fund, and Brightstar.

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Simply so, what does the company SoftBank do?

SoftBank is a Japanese telecoms and Internet company. Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Tokyo, SoftBank has international operations across broadband, fixed telecoms, e-commerce, finance, media and marketing.

Beside above, is SoftBank group a good investment? It's the best investment you'll ever make. SoftBank Group (OTC:SFTBF) (OTC:SFTBY) has a $100 billion investment fund which mainly invests in the tech sector. To date, Vision Fund I has invested in 83 different companies of varying sizes.

Beside above, what kind of company is SoftBank?

SoftBank Group

Tokyo Shiodome Building, SoftBank's global headquarters in Tokyo.
ISIN JP3436100006
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 3 September 1981
Founder Masayoshi Son

How does SoftBank have so much money?

While the $100 billion funds are primarily backed by Softbank, it also includes massive investments from Apple, Qualcomm, Sharp and the sovereign wealth funds of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The fund has invested billions of dollars into about 30 Companies including Uber, ARM, Nvidia, WeWork.

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Does SoftBank make money?

SoftBank began including financial results for the Vision Fund during the fiscal year that ended in March 2018. Total operating profit including a related Delta Fund was 303 billion yen, or less than $3 billion.

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Which is better Sftby or Sftbf?

SFTBY. SFTBF is the equivalent of the TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange) traded shares for 9984 (Japanese ticker) regular Softbank shares. Another thing to note is that the sftbf seems to have a much higher commission rate. Buy the american one, it is cheaper commission wise and is more liquid.

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Is SoftBank a bank?

SoftBank isn't a bank.

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How much of Alibaba does SoftBank own?

Softbank Group
Softbank owns 29.4% of Alibaba and is its largest shareholder. Softbank invested $20 million in Alibaba back in 2000 when it was a young startup. In fact, Softbank founder and CEO Masayoshi Son was the one that bought into Alibaba. Softbank's Alibaba stake is now worth nearly $125 billion.

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What went wrong with WeWork?

Here's a 30-second explanation of what's going on:
After the filing, WeWork faced intense scrutiny of its finances and leadership from investors and the media. There were concerns about WeWork's path to profitability and its leader, CEO and cofounder Adam Neumann. Ultimately, WeWork delayed its IPO on September 16.

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Who owns Yahoo Japan?

SoftBank Group

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What does SoftBank invest in?

Want to better understand SoftBank's Investments?
Company Funding Date Round Investors
Ping An Healthcare Management 01/18/18 SoftBank Group; SBI Group
Uber 01/18/18 SoftBank Group; Dragoneer Investment Group; TPG Capital; Sequoia Capital
Auto1 Group 01/15/18 SoftBank Group
Didi Chuxing 12/21/17 SoftBank Group; Mubadala Investment Co

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Why do holding companies exist?

A holding company exists for the sole purpose of controlling other companies, whether they be other corporations, limited partnerships or limited liability companies. Holding companies may also own property, such as real estate, patents, trademarks, stocks, and other assets.

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Who's the richest man in Japan?

Based on Forbes criteria, the 10 richest persons in Japan are:
  • Tadashi Yanai – US$24.9 billion.
  • Masayoshi Son – $24 billion.
  • Takemitsu Takizaki – $18.6 billion.
  • Nobutada Saji – $10.8 billion.
  • Hiroshi Mikitani – $6 billion.
  • Yasumitsu Shigeta – $5.4 billion.
  • Takahisa Takahara – $5.2 billion.
  • Akira Mori – $4.7 billion.

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Does SoftBank own Uber?

SoftBank has made $3.8 billion off its Uber investment
SoftBank (SFBTF) reported Thursday that the value of its investment in the ride hailing company has increased 418 billion yen ($3.8 billion). It invested more than $7 billion in Uber in 2017 through its Vision Fund.

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Can you invest in SoftBank?

SoftBank has essentially two primary moving parts. There are investments and operating businesses held by the parent company, and there are more than 80 investments held in the SoftBank Vision Fund.

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How big is the SoftBank Vision Fund?

* The fund has invested $71.4 billion in 83 firms, recording $20.2 billion in investment gains and distributing $6.4 billion to its investors as at the end of June. * SoftBank contributed $20.5 billion to the fund.

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Is SoftBank a venture capital?

SoftBank Capital is a venture capital group in the United States, focusing on technology and telecom early stage businesses. It was founded by SoftBank. Since 2015 it does not actively make investments, but it continues to oversee its prior portfolio.

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What kind of firms has SoftBank group's $100 billion Vision fund invested in?

Vision Fund investments into major ride-sharing companies have totaled over $20 billion to date and include heavy stakes in high-ranking Disruptor 50 companies Didi Chuxing, Southeast Asia's Grab, and former six-year Disruptor 50 giant, Uber.

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How much did SoftBank Invest in Uber?

It provided another $1.05 billion in fresh capital to Uber, buying 21.45 million shares at about $48.77 each. In total, SoftBank invested $7.65 billion.

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How do I buy SoftBank stock?

How You Can Buy SoftBank Stock Right Now
  1. Step 1: Figure Out an Investment Plan.
  2. Step 2: Determine How Much Capital to Invest in SoftBank.
  3. Step 3: Select a Low-Cost Broker with Available SoftBank Shares.
  4. Step 4: Determine an Entry Point.
  5. Step 5: Execute Your Trade.

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What drove SoftBank's Vision Fund up is dragging it down?

Abu Dhabi's Mubadala Investment Co. SoftBank's Vision Fund is unusual because its capital is a mix of equity and debt-like preferred equity. This makes the fund risky because it must make regular payments even though its investments are volatile. Most funds like it only raise equity.

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Why is SoftBank stock so low?

SoftBank Group stock (9984. Anderson says the weakness in SoftBank shares this year has been “almost entirely due to WeWork.” SoftBank recently wrote down the value of its WeWork stake by $4.7 billion, and SoftBank's Vision Fund—whose holdings include several dozen unicorns—booked a second-quarter loss of $3.5 billion.

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How much is SoftBank debt?

SoftBank has more than $160 billion in debt. It has also facilitated about $8 billion in loans to the Vision Fund employees to invest in the fund. SoftBank's $30 billion equity participation in the Vision Fund is also leveraged through borrowed money.