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What does the CC logo stand for?

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A Masterwork in Simplicity: The Story of the CCLogo. Displayed on the white walls next to the internationallyembraced symbols for the on/off button, recycling, and the @symbol, one will find a mark of equally great significance: the“double-C in a circle,” or simply, the“CC,” Creative Commons mark.

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Also question is, what does the CC on the Beanie stand for?

no Colorado Chick is a company that sells CCBeanies .. CC stands for Cheveux Corp which has licensedthe C.C. tag.

Likewise, what is a slouch beanie? For us, fall means beanie season—theslouchy knit cap beanie is the perfect fall accessoryto keep you warm from head to toe.

In this regard, can you wash CC hats?

Please CUT the tag off your C.C products. Dueto the knit product, pulling any tags can and willcreate a hole in your product. We recommend handwashing in a mild detergent and cold water ONLY. Lay flatto dry.

How do you wear a beanie?


  1. Cover your whole forehead and ears for a classic look.
  2. Roll the cuff of the beanie once for a warmer wrap around theears.
  3. Wear the beanie higher on your head.
  4. Give your bangs a little sweep.
  5. Leave your hair down.
  6. Wear a low ponytail.
  7. Try wearing a baggier beanie if you have especially curlyhair.

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Should a beanie cover your ears?

The Standard
Simply wear the beanie without cuffing it, sothat it covers your ears. The front shouldrest just above your eyebrows.

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What does CC stand for in retail?

Acronym Definition
CC Carbon Copy (secondary email addressee)
CC Cubic Centimeter
CC Closed Captioning
CC Courtesy Copy (email; for those who never used carbonpaper)

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Why is it called a beanie hat?

In New Zealand and Australia, the term "beanie"is normally applied to a knit cap known as a tuque in Canadaand parts of the US, but also may apply to the kind of skullcap historically worn by surf lifesavers and still wornduring surf sports. The non-knitted variety is normallycalled a "cap" in other countries.

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How do you wash a beanie?

Method 1 Washing By Hand
  1. Fill a sink with clean, cold water to wash a synthetic or knithat.
  2. Fill a sink with lukewarm water to wash a cashmere or woolhat.
  3. Mix a few drops of mild detergent into the water.
  4. Drop the hat into the water and swirl it around for 2-5minutes.
  5. Rinse your beanie with clean, cool water.

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Can you wash 100% acrylic?

But, most acrylic clothes can be machinewashed in cold or warm water using your regular laundrydetergent. Delicately-made items should be handwashed. Acrylic knit items like sweatersshould be hand washed and dried flat to preventstretching. Acrylic clothes can be tumbled dry on lowtemperatures.

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How often should I wash my hat?

The wear on the hat when washing is greater thanwhen wearing it. In order to prevent the hatfrom deforming, the washing machine should not beused when washing. It is washed once a month and ahalf in summer and two and a half months in winter.

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Can you wash a Beanie Baby?

If your Beanie Baby has seen somerough-and-tumble play, has lost its tags, and is very dirty, thenyou may need to wash your little guy in thewashing machine. Clean in your washing machineon the gentle cycle. Dry on the lowest setting in yourdryer.

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How do you wash acrylics?

Steps to Wash Acrylic Materials:
  1. Place the item in a lingerie bag for extra protection duringthe wash cycle.
  2. Fill the washing machine with warm to cool water and place theitem in along with other like-colored items.
  3. Wash on the gentle cycle for a quick and gentle wash.

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How do you wash yarn?

Step-by-Step Instructions for WashingYarn
Begin filling your sink with cool to lukewarm water.Some people recommend warm to hot water, and you may need that ifyour yarn is actually dirty, but it's best to use coolerwater, especially with animal fibers that may felt under too muchheat or agitation.

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How do you shrink a hat?

Method 1 Shrinking a Cotton Fitted Cap by Submergingit
  1. Heat a deep pot of water. Take a deep cooking pot and fill itwith water.
  2. Bring the water to the right heat.
  3. Submerge the cap completely.
  4. Allow the hat to soak for several minutes.
  5. Put on the hat and wear it until it dries.

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Is acrylic fabric washable?

Acrylic is machine washable in warm water,but since it's often paired with other fibers, it's essential tocheck the tag before you toss it in the wash. And yes, youcan iron acrylic clothing if needed, with a medium heatsetting. Handle acrylic garments with care—they have atendency to pill.

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How do you wash and dry acrylic yarn?

Cotton, linen, and ramie yarn can be washed inthe washing machine on a gentle cycle using either cold orwarm water. Acrylic and other synthetic yarns can bewashed and dried with your regular laundry as they do notshrink. Unknown fiber content items should be hand-washed in coldwater and dried flat.

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How do you wash a 100 percent acrylic sweater?

Sweaters that are 100 percent acrylicshould be machine washed on a different setting than youwash your jeans on. Wash the sweater on thedelicate or permanent press setting in warm water, if not otherwiseindicated.

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Is it rude to wear a beanie indoors?

When It's Okay to Wear a Hat
It is possible for some of these public areas to beinside, though. For example, it's okay to wear yourhat indoors at places like hotel lobbies, airports, trainstations, long indoor corridors, elevators, publictransportation, etc.

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Can you wear a beanie in the summer?

It might sound a little strange but you candefinitely wear a beanie in summer. So, for allyou lesser mortals, though 40 degrees should definitely amean NO, here's how to wear the beanie with the sunin full bloom.

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Is a cap a hat?

A hat is any kind of head covering, other than ahelmet. A cap is a type of hat. Typically,caps are more compact than other hats, like cowboyhats and fedoras. A baseball cap fits snugly and hasa visor.

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Why do Beanies have a ball on top?

“Sailors used to wear these hats and theyput these pom-poms on there, so when the sailors were out at seaand the waters were rough, they wouldn't bash their heads. It gavethem extra protection, just by putting that little pom-pom on theirhat,” she said.

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What are those slouchy beanie hats called?

These knitted caps are also known as Tuque.Slouchy Beanie Hats are actually a little over-sizedbeanies which are almost always made out ofwool.

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What are the different types of beanies?

These include different types of beanies –fitted, slouchy, woolen, cotton…you name it. If you'rethinking fashion beanies for men, you're thinking graphicbeanies. These are some of the most common beaniesyou'd see on a runway! Usually, these types of beanies lookthe best when paired with solids.