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What does the melting pot serve?

Last Updated: 24th January, 2020

Founded in 1975, the Melting Pot offers entire meals revolving around fondue, like cheese and chocolate fondues, meats in dipping sauces, salads, and wines. Tables have flat-top burners for the fondue pots, and customers get a communal, interactive dining experience as they cook (and eat) their food right at the table.

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Similarly, you may ask, how much does it cost to eat at the Melting Pot?

At The Melting Pot, expect to spend up to two hours or more on a four-course meal. The cost can range from $30 to $60 per person, including tax and tip.

Similarly, can I go to the melting pot for just dessert? Absolutely. You can also come have cheese and then dessert and skip the entree.

Then, can you split entrees at Melting Pot?

The four-course menus at The Melting Pot are priced per person, however sharing is allowed. One option would be to order one four-course meal and have the other person add on their own cheese, salad and chocolate. You would essentially be splitting the entrée. That is a popular choice.

How does the melting pot menu work?

The Melting Pot uses a portion based menu system; every item that you see listed is based on an individual share. Thus, the price that you see listed next to each option is the price per person. You may want to consider sharing an entrée with someone in your party since the meals are big enough.

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What do you dip in a cheese fondue?

Light beer pairs well with cheddar cheese while white wine pairs well with fondue staples Gruyere and Emmenthaler Swiss. Serve cheese fondue with bread like a French baguette, Granny Smith apples, vegetables like broccoli, carrots and cauliflower, pretzels, pears and cornichons for dipping.

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How do you eat at a fondue restaurant?

Here's what you should know before you head to a nice fondue restaurant:
  1. They'll bring you all kinds of foods to dip in the big pot of melted cheese, but start the meal off with the bread.
  2. Never scoop the cheese out of the pot, don't dip food with your hands, and never double dip items.
  3. Don't eat with the fondue fork.

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Can you just get chocolate fondue at Melting Pot?

10 Facts You Might Not Know About The Melting Pot. Founded in 1975, the Melting Pot offers entire meals revolving around fondue, like cheese and chocolate fondues, meats in dipping sauces, salads, and wines.

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Does melting pot have a dress code?

Is there a dress attire requirement at The Melting Pot? Dress code is Business Casual. Jacket or tie are not required.

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What is the best cheese fondue at Melting Pot?

The most popular fondue at The Melting Pot, here, aged Gruyère, raclette and fontina cheeses are blended with white wine and fresh garlic and finished with a dash of nutmeg. 1. In a small bowl, add the Gruyére, raclette and fontina cheeses.

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How much is chocolate fondue at the Melting Pot?

The chain of fondue restaurants boasts of more than 140 locations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico while its headquarters are in Tampa, Florida. Below are the latest Melting Pot menu prices.

Melting Pot Prices.
Item Price
Pure Chocolate $8.95
Chocolate S'mores $9.45
Yin & Yang $9.45
Create Your Own $9.45

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What is the four course experience melting pot?

Indulge in the 4-Course Experience by selecting your favorite cheese fondue, salad, entrée, and chocolate and then choose one of our tempting cooking styles and sauces to enhance the flavor in every bite. Or just stop by to satisfy your chocolate cravings after an evening movie.

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What kind of chocolate does melting pot use?

This fondue is made from milk chocolate, a bit of heavy cream, and there is a little bit of crunchy peanut butter in this fondue as well.

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Do you cook your own food at Melting Pot?

The Melting Pot, located at 840 Montlimar Drive off of Airport Boulevard, is a restaurant unlike just about anything else you will encounter. In this very plush, very chic eatery you will find that the dining "experience" can take upwards of two hours and you and your guests will have cooked your own meal.

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How much is the melting pot 4 course meal?

The 4 course meal will cost you $39 to $49. The price is well worth the experience.

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How much do you tip at Melting Pot?

$220 plus Tip for family of 5 - Melting Pot.

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What is a fondue dinner?

Fondue (au fromage) (UK: /ˈf?nd(j)uː/, US: /f?nˈd(j)uː/, French: [f?~dy]) is a Swiss melted cheese dish served in a communal pot (caquelon or fondue pot) over a portable stove (réchaud) heated with a candle or spirit lamp, and eaten by dipping bread into the cheese using long-stemmed forks.

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Is the melting pot kid friendly?

Before you decide to visit The Melting Pot, be sure you plan to spend 2 to 2 1/2 hours at the fondue restaurant. And while I definitely find the restaurant to be kid-friendly, I have a few tips that will make the meal both enjoyable and memorable: 1. Talk to your child/ren about the dining experience ahead of time.

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What is another word for melting pot?

crucible, melting pot(noun) a vessel made of material that does not melt easily; used for high temperature chemical reactions. Synonyms: crucible.

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Does melting pot do anything for birthdays?

The Melting Pot offers a choice of fondue cooking styles and a variety of unique entrées. They also feature cheese fondues, salads, fine wines and chocolate fondue desserts. Sign up for their email Club Fondue. As a member you get an AWESOME Birthday FREEbie!

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What is the melting pot metaphor?

A melting pot is a metaphor for a society where many different types of people blend together as one. America is often called a melting pot. Some countries are made of people who are almost all the same in terms of race, religion, and culture. In a melting pot, differences become less important than unity.

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Who owns melting pot?

Philmin LLC