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What does the percentage mean on solar shades?

Last Updated: 28th April, 2020

The amount of shade is measured in percentages. A tighter weave provides a high percentage of shade. They range anywhere from 3 – 10 percent. If you ask for a solar shade with an openness factor of 10%, you'll get shades that let in a lot of light. A solar shade with an openness factor of 3% lets in much less light.

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In this regard, what is the percentage of solar shades?

Each solar shade fabric has its own unique openness percentage. These percentages range from 1% to 14%. They tell you the percentage of UV rays that are allowed through the fabric. Fabrics with lower percentages feature a tighter weave, while fabrics with higher percentages have a more “open” weave.

Secondly, how do I choose a solar shade? Look closely at the fabric; the fewer pin holes you see, the smaller the openness factor. A mid-range openness factor for a solar shade is 7 percent. The smaller the openness factor, the less heat transfer the shade allows.

One may also ask, what does openness mean for solar shades?

Roller Solar/Screen Shade Openness Guide. Roller Solar Shades, also referred to as “Screen Shades” are designed to block UV sun rays which can be harmful to your indoor furniture and decor. The term “openness” refers to the amount you are able to see through the shade and is available in different percentages.

What are solar shades?

Solar Shades are roller shades that are manufactured using fabric that is designed to reduce glare, reduce infrared heat gain, provide a degree of daytime privacy and maintain a view outside.

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Do 1 solar shades provide privacy?

Solar shades do provide some privacy, but not complete privacy. “The more open they are, the more light they let in, and the more you can see through (both in and out).” Next Day Blinds solar shades, for example, are available in 1% (open), 4%, and 5%.

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Do solar shades give privacy at night?

Solar shades have an open weave fabric that allows light and air to pass through. During the day you can see out but, passers-by can't see in. However, at night the effect is reversed. If privacy is not a concern for you because you live in a remote area, solar shades might be a good fit for you.

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Are solar screens worth it?

3. Value for money – It is estimated that the average solar screen project will pay for itself within 2-5 years. Solar screens are also estimated to reduce your energy bill by 25% each and every month. Professionally installed solar screens are also typically less expensive than professionally installed window tint.

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Do light filtering blinds provide privacy at night?

Light Filtering Privacy Shades at Night
Light filtering shades are designed to filter sunlight and control the privacy level. The shades provide privacy during the daylight but would not provide privacy at night. So people will be able to see through these shades from outside but you won't be able to see out.

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What color solar shade works best?

Light-colored solar shades
Light colored fabrics are more effective at reflecting heat, and allow more visible light into the room. Fabrics that block 80-90% of the visible light are an excellent choice for providing more light where windows are small, and in common areas where a lighter, brighter ambience is desired.

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Do roller shades provide privacy?

Solar shades use a screen fabric that filters light while still allowing some light in the room. During the daytime the shades will provide some privacy. These roller shades do not let as much light in as screen roller shades but they provide complete privacy.

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What is the difference between roller shades and solar shades?

The main difference between the two is that Roller shades block out light, whereas Solar shades are specifically designed to block UV rays. Solar shades and roller shades come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures designed to match any interior décor.

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How much privacy do solar shades provide?

Solar shades have what you call an “openness factor.” It's indicated in a percentage, and the lower the number, the more heat the solar shades reflect. You also get greater daytime privacy as the openness factor goes down. The common percentage range is from 1-10%.

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Do solar shades keep out heat?

Solar shades help reduce glare, heat, and protect your furnishings from UV rays while maintaining your view of the beautiful outdoors. In the winter, window treatments help you save money by retaining heat. This is because insulating window treatments, like honeycomb shades, help create an extra barrier of protection.

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What is solar shading?

Solar shading. Solar radiation can be useful in providing natural light and heat for buildings, reducing the need for artificial lighting or heating. Solar shading, is a form of solar control that can be used to optimise the amount of solar heat gain and visible light that is admitted into a building.

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Can you see through blinds at night?

As much as you can see outside through window covering in the daytime will reverse at night when lights are on and it is dark outside. With many light emitting products, it will not be possible to see directly in to the room. However, if someone is against the window, a rough shadow may show.

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Are solar shades expensive?

These screens can be more expensive than traditional curtains or blinds. But, the pros do outweigh the cons. Installation is more expensive than many other window treatments. The average cost to install a window treatment is $168, with most homeowners spending between $102 and $159.

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Which side of shade cloth faces the sun?

Which side should the coating side face up or down in the Weather Proof shade cloth? The coated (shiny) side should always be installed facing the sky.

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Do interior solar shades work?

Interior shades (and drapes, blinds, and the like) can reflect light energy back out that would otherwise be converted to heat energy inside the home. So, interior shades do work to reduce direct solar heat gain, they just do it rather poorly in the grand scheme of things.

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What are double roller shades?

The double roller shade is also known as a dual roller shade, and it boasts a clean, simple, and modern design aesthetic. Double roller shades have alternating bands of sheer and opaque material that can be adjusted to let light in or overlaid for privacy and light control.

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What are dual shades?

Dual shade systems have two roller shades within a single housing, providing both room darkening and ambient light control. The most common configuration is one Solar Screen Shade and one Audio-visual Blackout Shade, which creates the perfect environment for any business or entertainment event.

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What is openness factor to blinds?

The openness factor on a window shade refers to how tightly the fabric is woven. The tighter the weave, the more sunlight it blocks. Conversely, a looser weave will allow more sunlight to come in through the window. Desired Amount of Sunlight and Visibility.

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Do Solar shades protect furniture?

Solar shades will prevent UV rays from fading your furniture, floors, and other household items. They'll also keep glare off your TV. They're just like sunglasses for your windows!

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Do solar shades block UV rays?

Solar roller shades and solar soft roman shades are stylish window covering solutions that help to absorb heat, reduce glare from sunlight, and block up to 90-99% of harmful UV rays, while maintaining a view of the outdoors.