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What does the Praxis 2 consist of?

Last Updated: 12th June, 2020

Praxis II® Principals of Learning and Teaching (PLT) tests measure your pedagogical knowledge for either early childhood, kindergarten through 6th grade, 5th through 9th grade, or 7th through 12th grade.

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Considering this, what is on the Praxis 2?

Praxis II Exams Each measures your knowledge of a specific subject or grade level and of related teaching skills. Praxis II® tests are often required to complete state teacher certification requirements. Subject Assessments measure your knowledge and teaching skills for a specific subject.

how long is the Praxis 2 test? Test Structure Praxis Subject Assessments are 1, 2, 2.5, 3.5 or 4 hours long and include selected-response questions, essay or constructed-response questions, or a combination of both question types.

One may also ask, what does the Praxis consist of?

The Praxis I, or Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST), consisted of three exams: reading, writing, and mathematics. On September 1, 2014, ETS transitioned to the Praxis "CASE" or "Core Academic Skills for Educators" which also consists of reading, writing, and mathematics exams.

Do you have to pass the Praxis to teach?

If you don't pass a Praxis II Exam for your license, you will need to retake it before you can teach. In states that require multiple Praxis tests, every test must be passed before you're issued a teaching certificate. If you pass the Praxis Core but fail the Praxis II, this will keep you from getting a license.

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How many times can you take the Praxis exam?

You can take the Praxis once every 21 days, not including your initial test date. Even if you canceled your test scores on the first test, you still have to wait the 21 days.

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When should I take Praxis 2?

Allow Preparation Time
You probably want to have 4 to 8 weeks of study time before you take the Praxis. You can do this in the evenings while you are nearing the end of your coursework, if that works for your schedule. You can also figure out your own study plan!

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What does the MCAT test you on?

The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is required for admission to most medical schools. The MCAT is computer-based and tests physical and biological sciences, verbal reasoning, and writing skills. In 2015, the AAMC added a new section called Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior.

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What is the Praxis 2 for elementary education?

The Praxis II Elementary Education: Content Knowledge Exam is designed to evaluate the readiness of potential elementary education teachers to teach various subjects. This computer-delivered exam is 2.5 hours in length, and includes 140 selected-response and numeric-entry questions.

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Should you guess on the Praxis?

The Praxis I Test does not penalize you for guessing. You should make sure that you answer every question, even if you are unsure of the answer or have to guess. If you have to guess, you can probably eliminate 1 or 2 answer choices immediately.

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What is a good Praxis score?

What are the Praxis Score Ranges?
Test Possible Score Range Average Performance Range
Core Academic Skills: Mathematics 100 - 200 138 - 168
Core Academic Skills: Reading 100 - 200 160 - 184
Core Academic Skills: Writing 100 - 200 158 - 172

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How do I pass the Praxis Core math?

10 Praxis Core Math Tips
  1. Know the terms on the exam. One of the most frustrating ways to “blow” a Praxis Core Math question is to simply not know the vocabulary.
  2. Know the formulas on the exam.
  3. Really know the terms and formulas.
  4. Don't overthink math problems.
  5. Eliminate obviously incorrect answer choices.
  6. Get good at mental math.

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Is the Praxis difficult?

Is the Praxis test very hard for the Core subjects? The basic content of the Praxis Core is — in theory — not so hard. The Core Reading, Core Writing, and Core Math tests are designed to test the academic skills you were taught in middle school and high school.

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What kind of math is on the Praxis?

Algebra and functions (approximately 1/3 of the exam) covers real-life math problems, properties of operations, linear equations, functions, graphing, and modeling. Geometry (approximately 1/5 of the exam) covers geometrical figures, theorem circles, angles, area, surface area, volume, and geometric concepts.

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How long should I study for the Praxis Core?

How Long SHOULD I Study for the Praxis Core? Again, the answer to this question depends on lots of factors, but I can provide a range: you should study from one to three months. And I can give you another (better, but less specific) answer: you should study for as long as it takes to achieve the score you want!

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How much does a Praxis test cost?

Praxis Test Costs for the Praxis Core
The test cost for Praxis Core is pretty straightforward. It's $90 for each individual exam, and $150 if you take the Math, Reading, and Writing exams all together in one sitting.

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Is the Praxis multiple choice?

Praxis tests feature multiple-choice and essay questions that measure the content and pedagogical knowledge necessary for a beginning teacher.

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What is the test for teacher certification?

Praxis exams are administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), and used by over 40 states as indicators of knowledge and skill. The Praxis series is used to determine if an aspiring teacher is eligible for licensing or certification.

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What does the acronym Praxis stand for?

Exam Required for Teacher Certification. *** PRAXIS.

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Can you use a calculator on Praxis Core?

One of the most common questions that come up on any math test, the Praxis Core math exam included, is whether or not you can use a calculator. Rest assured: Yes, you will be provided with an on-screen, four-function calculator on the Praxis Core.

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How do I prepare for the Praxis Core?

Prepare for a Praxis ® Test: Strategy and Tips
  1. Learn what the test covers.
  2. Assess how well you know the content.
  3. Collect study materials.
  4. Plan and organize your time.
  5. Develop a study plan.
  6. Practice explaining the key concepts.
  7. Understand how questions will be scored.

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How much does the Praxis II cost?

2020 Praxis Testing Costs* (Additional fees may apply. See below.)
Praxis Test Registration Fees
Praxis Core $90 per individual subtest or $150 for combined test
Parapro $55 + location premium (if applicable)
Praxis Educational Leadership: Administration & Supervision (ELAS) $120

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What type of questions are on the Praxis?

Praxis Core tests include objective response questions, such as single-selection selected-response questions, multiple-selection selected-response questions, and numeric-entry questions. The Praxis Core Writing test also includes two essay sections.

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What do I need to bring to take the Praxis?

Praxis Test: What to Bring
  • Address and directions to your testing location.
  • Admission Ticket.
  • ID. For most U.S. citizens, all you need to bring for identification is a valid driver's license.
  • A calculator, if allowed for your test.
  • Plenty of time.
  • Cell phones, cameras, or any other type of recording device.
  • Watches.
  • Personal items.