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What does the reader learn about Eddie maintenance in chapter one?

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What does the reader learn about "Eddie Maintenance" in Chapter One? Eddie works at Ruby Pier as a maintenance man. He never meant for maintenance to be his profession; however, he is resigned to doing this job and takes pride in the safety of the park. Eddie works hard.

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Hereof, what does Eddie learn about his voice in heaven?

It will come; silence helps people listen.

what happens to Eddie at the end of chapter one? Chapter 1: The End Eddie walks around Ruby Pier, where he works, and goes about his normal day-today business: he rode the Ghoster Coaster to assure that its brakes and steering were solid, talked with Dominguez in the shop, chased teenagers off the railing, and made an animal for a little girl out of pipe cleaners.

Beside this, what was the lesson the captain explained to Eddie about sacrifice?

The Captain tells Eddie not to feel guilty because death is not the end, it is merely the beginning. He goes on to say that sacrifice is an essential part of life and "nobody ever dies for nothing." The Captain also points out that even though he died, he was able to keep his promise: nobody was left behind.

What does Eddie do for a living?

Eddie - Eddie is an 83-year-old maintenance man, who has dedicated his life to working at Ruby Pier. At the start of the story, we do not know much about Eddie, except for his age and occupation; we learn the most about Eddie when he takes his journey through heaven.

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Where does the Blue Man tell Eddie he is?

The Blue Man tells Eddie that he knows him from when he was a child. Eddie is trying to find out why is at Ruby Pier but he cannot speak. Eddie finds it quite ridiculous that heaven might be Ruby Pier, since he had spent most of his life wishing he was away from Ruby Pier.

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What is the second lesson Eddie learns in heaven?

Eddie learns his second lesson here, which is sacrifice. The Captain teaches Eddie that sacrifice is part of life, that it is supposed to happen and it is not something we should regret.

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What does Eddie learn from Ruby?

Ruby, after whom Ruby Pier was named, happens to be Eddie's third person - not only because of their shared connection to the amusement park but because Ruby happened to be in the hospital room where Eddie's father died. She teaches Eddie the lesson of forgiveness by revealing the truth behind Eddie's father's death.

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What literary device does the author repetitively use to reveal clues about Eddie's life?

What literary device does the author repetitively use to reveal clues about Eddie's life? Flashback.

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What causes the blue man to become blue?

The Blue Man went to the chemist because he needed something to calm his nerves. The chemist gave him a bottle of silver nitrate that eventually caused his skin to turn blue.

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What does Eddie think the little girl's name is?

The little girl's hands in his own. 17. What does Eddie think the little girl's name is? Amy or Annie.

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How are Eddie and the Blue Man connected?

After years of traveling, he settled permanently at Ruby Pier, where he found community and a sense of home. He died from a heart attack, caused by the shock from a young Eddie running into the street after a lost ball on his birthday. The Blue Man teaches Eddie that all lives are connected, even strangers.

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What are the five lessons Eddie learns in heaven?

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  • first lesson - THE BLUE MAN. all people are connected; we all influence each other; our actions affect others.
  • second lesson - THE CAPTAIN.
  • third lesson - RUBY.
  • fourth lesson - MARGUERITE.
  • fifth lesson - TALA.

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What is Eddie's fourth lesson?

Marguerite teaches Eddie his fourth lesson which is the power of love. She tells Eddie that although people may eventually pass away, their love will endure even after their death. Although her life ended before Eddies, her love for him endured and will continue to forever.

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What was the fifth lesson Eddie learned?

In his fifth lesson, Eddie is finally able to reconcile with the one child he was not able to protect. When Tala asks him to wash her, he says, "I never had children" (190).

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How did Eddie's father died?

Eddie's father dies from pneumonia, which he caught while saving his friend Mickey Shea during an ocean storm. He represents extreme male aggression and toughness.

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Who is the 2nd person Eddie meets in heaven?

The Captain
The second person Eddie meets in heaven; his former war captain. He explained that, although he shot Eddie, he kept his promise by not leaving him behind and even sacrificed his life so Eddie and two other soldiers were able to live.

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What does the reader learn about Eddie's character in Chapter Eight?

What does the reader learn about Eddie's character in Chapter Eight? He is dependable, trustworthy and kind. Who says, "You have peace when you make it with yourself."?

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Did Eddie save the little girl at Ruby Pier?

Tala rejects his assessment and tells him that he was meant to be at Ruby Pier to keep all the children safe on the rides. She also reveals that Eddie did save the little girl from the falling ride on the day of his death - he pushed her out of the way; the hands he felt were Tala's as she brought him to Heaven.

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What happens to the Blue Man After He teaches Eddie The lesson?

The Blue Man teaches Eddie his first lesson, which is that events are not random and lives intersect for a certain reason. After this lesson, Eddie finds himself back on a war ground, which resembled that on which he fought during WWII. There, he meets his second person in heaven, his former war Captain.

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What advice does Mickey give Eddie?

Five People You Meet In Heaven Answer Key Play This Game
The Second Lesson
#1 What piece of advice does Mickey Shea give Eddie before he went off to war?
#2 How is the way the Captain died ironic?
#3 After Eddie sets fire to the barn, what caused him to run into it?
#4 Who shot Eddie in the leg and why?

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How was Eddie's life ended?

Over time, he has reluctantly acclimatized to void she left when she died. A series of seemingly disconnected events leads up to the accident that will ultimately end Eddie's life. A young man has lost his car key somewhere in the park. He calls for two attendants to evacuate the tilting car.

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What part did Nicky have in the accident that killed Eddie?

Nicky is a teen who drops his keys into the ride that malfunctions, killing Eddie because of the dropped keys. He eventually gets new keys and sells his car four months later.