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What does this is for the birds mean?

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For the birds. For the birds is an idiom describing something as useless, meaningless, or only believed by the gullible. The original phrase included a swear word, talking about birds pecking at horse manure for seeds. That's for the birds hit its peak in popularity around the 1960s.

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Besides, where did for the birds come from?

Originally Answered: Where does the expression "for the birds" come from? Trivial; worthless; only of interest to gullible people. This phrase is of American origin and, while still in use there, has never been commonly used elsewhere. It is US Army slang and originated towards the end of World war 2.

Also Know, had a bird meaning? have a bird. To become distressed by something, often something surprising. Mom will have a bird when she finds out you're failing your math class. See also: bird, have.

Keeping this in view, what does the phrase birds and bees mean?

"The birds and the bees" is an English-language idiomatic expression and euphemism that refers to courtship and sexual intercourse. The "Birds and the Bees talk" (sometimes known simply as "The Talk") is generally the event in most children's lives in which the parents explain what sexual relationships are.

What does it mean to be full of hot air?

full of hot air (comparative more full of hot air, superlative most full of hot air) (idiomatic) Talking a lot, especially without saying anything of value or meaning.

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Why do birds throw seed on the ground?

These seeds and grains appeal to very few species, and other birds will toss the seed to the ground instead of eating it, causing a mess of sprouting weeds. Birders can save money on birdseed by choosing the types of seeds their birds prefer and only offering those good foods so none goes to waste.

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Why do they say sick as a dog?

The phrase “sick as a dog” is credited as first being used back in 1705, probably in Europe. In this time period, dogs were not seen as the human companions they are now. Back in these days, disease and misfortune was as easily blamed on stray dogs as it was anything else.

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What is the theme of for the birds?

As a fable of humility, “The Birds” condemns humanity's hubristic belief that we can control the world around us. Building on the theme of man vs. nature, Du Maurier's tale rejects the notion of humankind as the master of nature, instead suggesting that any belief in human superiority to nature is foolish and doomed.

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Why are fists called Dukes?

"Dooks, or dukes, the hands, originally modification of the rhyming slang 'Duke of Yorks,' forks = fingers, hands The word is in very common use among low folk. 'Put up your dooks' is a kind of invitation to fight." This belief comes from the Romany word 'dookin', meaning fortune telling or palmistry.

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Where did the saying the proof is in the pudding?

'The proof of the pudding is in the eating' is a very old proverb. The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations dates it back to the early 14th century, albeit without offering any supporting evidence for that assertion. The phrase is widely attributed to Cervantes in The History of Don Quixote.

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Where does the saying kill 2 birds with one stone come from?

Many online “experts” believe the usage originated in the story of Daedalus and Icarus, who escaped from the Labyrinth on Crete by making wings and flying out, according to Greek mythology. Daedalus supposedly got the feathers to make the wings by killing two birds with one stone.

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What does save that for the birds mean?

for the birds. Worthless, not to be taken seriously, no good. For example, This conference is for the birds-let's leave now. This term has been said to allude to horse droppings from which birds would extract seeds.

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Do birds pee?

Birds convert nitrogen to uric acid instead: this is metabolically more costly but saves water and weight, as it is less toxic and doesn't need to be diluted so much. Birds therefore don't have a urethra, and don't pee – all waste leaves via the anus.

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What is the talk?

TL;DR “The Talk” is where your parents tell you about sex and ask you not to have sex. A standard “Talk” in an American family goes something like this: Mom/Dad: Erm, well (Son/Daughter), you're growing up.

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How do birds mate?

Unlike mammals, most male birds don't have penises. Instead, both male and female birds have what's known as a cloaca. During mating seasons, the cloacal openings of both male and female birds swell, protruding slightly outside their bodies. When birds are feeling frisky, they rub their swollen cloacas together.

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Do bees lay eggs?

Honey Bee Eggs. The life cycle of all insects, including honey bees, begins with eggs. During the winter season, a queen forms a new colony by laying eggs within each cell inside a honeycomb. Fertilized eggs will hatch into female worker bees, while unfertilized eggs will become drones or honey bee males.

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When should you have the birds and bees talk?

Puberty usually begins between ages 8 and 13 in girls and ages 9 and 15 in boys. Early puberty is becoming more common, so it's wise to let your older elementary school–age child know about the physical and hormonal/emotional changes on the horizon before he (or some of his friends) begin to experience it.

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Why do birds need bees?

Bees are clearly the most important pollinators,” says Dr. The birds help fertilize plants in the same way as any other pollinator—by transferring pollen (via their bills) from one flower to another as they flit between plants feeding on nectar.

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What is a whisp?

In folklore, a will-o'-the-wisp, will-o'-wisp or ignis fatuus (pronounced [ˈi?is ˈfatu. us]; Medieval Latin for "fool's fire") is an atmospheric ghost light seen by travelers at night, especially over bogs, swamps or marshes.

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Had a cow meaning?

The phrase "to have a cow" is defined as "to be very worried, upset, or angry about something" in Free Dictionary Online. Other sources also define it to mean to react very strongly and emotionally.

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Will O the Wisp idiom meaning?

will o' the wisp. An unattainable goal. Trying to catch a will o' the wisp is impossible, much like trying to catch lightning in a bottle, and so the phrase came to mean anything that can't be done.