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What does Tularosa mean?

Last Updated: 20th May, 2020

Tularosa gets its name from theSpanishdescription for the red or rose colored reeds growing alongthebanks of the Rio Tularosa.

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Keeping this in view, what is the elevation of Tularosa New Mexico?


Similarly, what does Alamogordo mean in Spanish? city in S N.Mex.: site of testing range wherefirstatomic bomb was exploded (July, 1945) Origin ofAlamogordo.Spanish from álamo (see alamo) +gordo,big.

Also Know, how far is Tularosa from El Paso?

Distance from Tularosa, NM toElPaso, TX There are 94.64 miles from Tularosa toElPaso in southwest direction and 102 miles (164.15kilometers)by car, following the US-54 route.

What is the population of Tularosa New Mexico?

2,930 (2017)

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What does Albuquerque mean?

Both men took their names from Alburquerque, a towninSpain near the Portuguese border, the name of which means"whiteoak;" it is said to be ultimately from Latin albus "white"(seealb) and quercus "oak" (see Quercus).

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How did Alamogordo get its name?

Alamogordo derived its name from themanycottonwood trees in the area. An atomic bomb was detonated attheAlamogordo Test Range on July 16, 1945. The city isthecounty seat of Otero County, which was established on January30,1899.

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What is Alamogordo known for?

Alamogordo/ˌæl?m?ˈg?ːrdo?/is the seat of Otero County,New Mexico, United States.Alamogordo is known for itsconnection with theTrinity test, the first explosion of an atomicbomb.