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What era was Lord of the Rings set in?

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So, Lord of the Rings is set on earth,about 6000 years ago.

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Also, what time period was Lord of the Rings set in?

Middle-earth is the north continent of Earth (Arda) inan imaginary period of the Earth's past (Tolkien placed theend of the Third Age at about 6,000 years before his owntime), in the sense of a "secondary or sub-creationalreality". Tolkien's Middle-earth stories mostly focus on thenorth-west of the continent.

Furthermore, what are the ages of Middle Earth? Summary

First Age 450 Years of the Trees + 590 Years of the Sun
Second Age 3,441 Years of the Sun
Third Age 3,021 Years of the Sun
Fourth Age of unspecified length, suggested as overlapping with Earth'sprotohistory

Likewise, people ask, where does Lord of the Rings take place?

New Zealand

What was the Lord of the Rings based on?

Tolkien—The Mind of a Genius. During a year-longconvalescence in Yorkshire from trench fever contracted in thehellish mud-filled landscape of World War I France, J. R. R.Tolkien found the spark of inspiration for the tale that became thecornerstone for The Hobbit and The Lord ofRings.

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How old is Legolas?

2931 years old

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How old is Galadriel?

7,000 years

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How old is Gandalf?

Gandalf walked in Middle-earth for approximately2,019 years, un-aging and appearing as a grey bearded human ofabout 60 years old or so. He was around long beforeMiddle-earth was created and before the Years of the Lamps. He,Saruman and Sauron are approximately the same age - give ortake.

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Why is it called Middle Earth?

The word Middle-earth is just amodernization of the Old-English word Middangeard, which meant "theinhabited lands of Men between the seas". (The same word whichMidgard is derived from) It had nothing to due with the planetearth. (Though Tolkien was known to include many languagepuns in his writings.)

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How old is Aragorn?

A good example is Aragorn who, in the movies,tells Éowyn he is 87 years old, although he appearsto be relatively young. It is said that Dúnedain live threetimes longer than normal men. That would translate that theDúnedain's average lifespan is up 140 to 250 years, givennormal human lifespan.

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Where is Middle Earth in real life?

The most recognizable location is Hobbiton — themovie set in Matamata in New Zealand's Waikato district that wasused during filming of both the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movietrilogies.

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Are Hobbits human?

Hobbits are a fictional human-like race inthe novels of J. R. R. Tolkien. About half the height ofhumans, they are also referred to as Halflings. They livebarefooted, and live in underground houses which have windows, asthey are typically built into the sides of hills.

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How old is Frodo?

Frodo Baggins is: 33 years old at Bilbo's (andFrodo's) Birthday Party at the beginning of Lord of the Rings. 50years old when he, Sam, and Pippin set out from Hobbiton for(eventually) Rivendell on the day after Frodo's birthday. Frodo is50 years old through most of the events in Lord of theRings.

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Is Rivendell a real place?

Rivendell is a valley in the fictional world ofMiddle-earth created by J. R. R. Tolkien. Notable Elves who livedin Rivendell included Glorfindel, Gildor, and Erestor. Insome writings, featured in Unfinished Tales, Galadriel and Celebornalso lived in Rivendell for a time before they became rulersof Lothlórien.

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How were the Orcs made?

Made from the earth
Tolkien (found in The Fall of Gondolin, from The Bookof Lost Tales, circa 1917—the first tale of Middle-earth tobe written in full), Orcs were made of slime through thesorcery of Morgoth: "bred from the heats and slimes of theearth".

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Was Sauron a human?

In Tolkien's letters, the author noted thatSauron "was of course a 'divine' person (in the terms ofthis mythology, a lesser member of the race of Valar)". Tolkiennoted that he was of a "far higher order" than the Maiar who latercame to Middle-earth as the Wizards Gandalf, Radagast, andSaruman.

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Where is the shire based?

It is located in the northwest of the continent,in the large region of Eriador and the Kingdom of Arnor. In thelanguages invented by Tolkien, its name in Westron was Sûza"Shire" or Sûzat "The Shire", while its name inSindarin was i Drann.

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What is east of Middle Earth?

In the fictional world of Middle-earthcreated by J. R. R. Tolkien, Rhûn (IPA: [r?uːːn])was the vast region of eastern Middle-earth.Rhûn (which is also the Elvish word for "east") wasthe name used for all lands lying east of Wilderland, aroundand beyond the inland Sea of Rhûn.

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Where do the elves live in LOTR?

Tolkien's legendarium, Elves are one ofthe races that inhabit a fictional Earth, often calledMiddle-earth, and set in the remote past. Unlike Men and Dwarves,Elves are immortal. They appear in The Hobbit and in TheLord of the Rings, but their complex history is describedmore fully in The Silmarillion.

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Does the Hobbit take place before Lord of the Rings?

In the new film there are many nods or foreshadowing toadventures or characters seen in LOTR, and connections to bemade. The Hobbit takes place 60 years beforethe Lord of the Rings adventure, save for the new film'sprologue, which unfolds about twenty minutes before TheFellowship of the Ring begins.

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Is ARDA a earth?

Arda was considered Earth itself. Becausethe Sun, Moon, stars, and other objects orbited the planet in thecosmology of Middle-earth they were considered part ofArda, leading to Arda sometimes being called the'Solar System' of Middle-earth.

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What is across the sea in Middle Earth?

Geography. Aman was a continent far to the west ofMiddle-earth across the great ocean Belegaer.The island of Tol Eressëa lies just off its eastern shore. Atthe end of the Second Age, Aman was removed from the surface of theEarth to another realm, and is no longer reachable byordinary means of travel.

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What is the Second Age of Middle Earth?

Tolkien's Second. A period of 3,441 years fromthe defeat of Morgoth, to the first defeat of Sauron.Middle-earth is in a dark age after the War ofthe Jewels.