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What happened to Jerry Lee Lewis?

Last Updated: 18th February, 2020

In 1962, his son Steve Allen Lewis drowned in a swimming pool accident at age three, and in 1973, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jr. died at the age of 19 when he overturned the Jeep he was driving. When he was 16 he married Dorothy Barton, daughter of a preacher.

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Likewise, people ask, is Jerry Lee Lewis still married to his cousin?

His daughter, Phoebe Lewis, has worked as his manager and served as a producer on some of his albums. Phoebe is from his third marriage to Myra Gale Brown. He is currently married to his seventh wife, Judith Brown, who was once married to Lewis's cousin Rusty. The couple wed in 2012.

Also Know, how many of Jerry Lee Lewis wives died? Two of his wives have died untimely deaths: Jaren Lewis, his fourth wife, drowned in a swimming pool on June 8, 1982; Shawn Michelle Lewis, his fifth wife, died from an overdose of methadone on Aug. 24, 1983. The Internal Revenue Service has long been after Lewis.

Simply so, did Jerry Lee Lewis stay married to his 13 year old cousin?

In 1957, 23-year-old Jerry Lee Lewis married Myra Gale Brown. Though he had, again, gotten married before his divorce was final, it also came out that his third wife was also his third cousinhis 13-year-old third cousin. Myra Gale Brown was the daughter of J.W.

Does Jerry Lee Lewis still perform?

At this time, no dates have been released for late 2019 or 2020; however, this could change at any time. Be sure to check StubHub regularly for updates on Jerry Lee Lewis tours.

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What singer married a 13 year old?

Jerry Lee Lewis, veteran rock-and-roll singer/songwriter who married his 13-year-old cousin in 1957, has said "I do" to another member of his extended family.

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What did Jerry Lewis die of?

Cardiovascular disease

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Why do cousins fall in love?

Being attracted to a cousin
This is because you get to see each other often and might even share the same interests and disinterests. It is normal to be attracted to a cousin. Most analysts have said this attraction is basically infatuation which is normal especially during teenage.

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How old is Jerry Lee Lewis and is he still alive?

In 1962, his son Steve Allen Lewis drowned in a swimming pool accident at age three, and in 1973, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jr. died at the age of 19 when he overturned the Jeep he was driving.

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Is Mickey Gilley still alive?

Mickey Gilley
Years active 1957–present
Labels Dot Paula Playboy Epic Branson Varèse Sarabande
Associated acts Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl McVoy, Charly McClain

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Why is Jerry Lee Lewis called killer?

How did Jerry Lee Lewis get the nickname, “The Killer”? Many people think it's because of his rowdy reputation or because of how he knocked out audiences. The truth is that “killer” was a common slang term during Jerry Lee's youth, and he would say goodbye to his friends by saying, “See ya later, killer.”

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Is Gary Lewis related to Jerry Lewis?

Gary Lewis is the son of Jerry Lewis and singer Patti Palmer. His mother, who was a singer at the time with the Ted Fio Rito Orchestra, intended to name him after her favorite actor, Cary Grant, but a clerical error led to his naming as "Gary".

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Is Jimmy Swaggart related to Jerry Lee Lewis?

Q Is it true Mickey Gilley, the Rev. Jimmy Swaggart and Jerry Lee Lewis are cousins? Have they ever recorded together? Yes, they are cousins. The country crooner, the televangelist and the rock 'n' roll wild man grew up together in Ferriday, La.

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Is Jerry Lee Lewis still around?

Many news outlets reported on Sunday that rockabilly singer Jerry Lee Lewis died. At 81, it's not that surprising. What is surprising, however, is that Lewis is actually still alive. On Sunday, Aug. 20, the world lost comedic legend Jerry Lewis.

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How much is Jerry Lee Lewis worth?

Jerry Lee Lewis net worth: Jerry Lee Lewis is an American singer-songwriter, musician and pianist who has a net worth of $15 million dollars.

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How long did Jerry Lee Lewis stay married to his cousin?

Jerry Lee Lewis had already gone through two marriages by 1957; he'd married Jane Mitcham, his second wife, 23 days before his divorce from his first wife, Dorothy Barton, was final. On December 12, 1957, Jerry married his third cousin, Myra Gale Brown.

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Why did Lewis and Martin break up?

was killed in a plane crash in 1987, Lewis attended the funeral and officially made up with his old stage partner. They would continue to speak on and off until Martin died in 1995. After Martin's death, Lewis began talking more fondly of the crooner in public, even taking blame for their acrimonious breakup.

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Did Jerry Lee Lewis take piano lessons?

Lewis warmed when he spoke about growing up in Ferriday, La., and hearing the music that he would meld into rock 'n' roll. He took a few piano lessons. But he got his education by sneaking into Haney's Big House, a club owned by his uncle, Lee Calhoun.

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Is Penny Gilley related to Mickey Gilley?

No, they are not related. She is his second cousin by marriage. She has divorced her husband but kept the name because she had 3 daughters with Mickey's second cousin.

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Where did Jerry Lee Lewis marry his cousin?

And now, via Cuepoint, comes fascinating insight into the relationship that pretty much destroyed Lewis' career -- his 1958 marriage to his 13-year-old third cousin, Myra Gale Brown. Today, she's known as Myra Williams, and she's a real-estate broker in Atlanta.

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What happened to Mickey Gilley?

Gilley was traveling through southeast Texas on his way to Branson, Missouri, when a vehicle ran a stop sign in front of Michael's 2013 Toyota SUV, causing them to swerve, strike the other vehicle and roll over several times before landing upside down in the highway's median.

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Who was Jerry Lewis married to?

SanDee Pitnick
m. 1983–2017
Patti Palmer
m. 1944–1980

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How long ago did Jerry Lewis die?

He was 91. Lewis reportedly died of heart disease and was surrounded by his family at the time of his passing. The comedy icon was best known for his slapstick routines and for his industry-defining partnership with Dean Martin.