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What happens at the end of the book The Pearl?

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The man with the gun fires a shot in the direction of the crying and Kino takes that opportunity to attack the men. He kills them all. In the end, Kino and Juana return to the village with a dead Coyotito, who suffered a gunshot to the head, and toss the pearl back into the ocean.

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In this way, what happens at the end of the Pearl?

Heartbroken, Juana and Kino return to La Paz. The two approach the gulf, and Kino looks at the pearl for the last time and sees in it an image of Coyotito with his head shot away. In anguish, Kino hurls the pearl into the ocean. It sinks to the bottom and is soon buried in the sand.

Likewise, who kills Coyotito in the Pearl? The watchman decides to silence the wailer by shooting in the direction of the cry. Unbeknownst to Kino, the bullet hits and kills Coyotito. As the watchman shoots, Kino springs upon the trackers, stabbing the watchman and seizing the rifle.

Subsequently, question is, what happened to Coyotito at the end of the Pearl?

All of this is added to the movie and never happened in the novella. Finally, in the novella, Coyotito is killed by a rifle shot from the hunter just as Kino attacks the hunter and trackers. Kino and Juana, defeated, return to the village with the lifeless body of Coyotito, and throw the pearl into the sea.

What happened in Chapter 3 of the Pearl?

Chapter 3 of The Pearl by John Steinbeck sees the people of the town all wanting to get their hands on Kino's pearl. The priest tries to get a piece, the doctor tries very hard (even poisoning Kino's baby, Coyotito), and a mysterious intruder in the night almost gets it.

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What is a hanging box in the Pearl?

He watches the day dawning through the crack of the door to his house, which is made of brush—bundles of straw fastened together to form walls and a roof. He then looks to a makeshift cradle, a kind of box hanging from the roof of the hut, where his infant son, Coyotito, sleeps.

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What does Kino see in the Pearl in Chapter 6?

Kino stares at the pearl to read his future. He lies to Juana, telling her that he sees a rifle, a marriage in a church, and an education for Coyotito. In truth Kino sees a body bleeding on the ground, Juana making her way home through the night after being beaten, and Coyotito's face swollen as though he were sick.

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What is the symbolism of pearls?

Pearls: Symbolism, Myths, Meaning
They are believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offer protection. Known for their calming effect, pearls can balance one's karma, strengthen relationships, and keep children safe. The pearl is also said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer.

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How did Kino and Juana feel about the pearl?

Juana gazes at the immense pearl; she then goes to check on Coyotito and discovers that Coyotito's shoulder is no longer swollen. Kino is immensely happy about both the pearl and Coyotito and yells loudly enough that he attracts the attention of the other oyster divers, who race toward his canoe.

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How did the doctor trick Kino and Juana?

How did the Doctor trick Kino and Juana? The Doctor gave Coyotito poison to make him sick. Then, the Doctor returned to "save" Coyotito.

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How is Kino like an animal in Chapter 6?

ANIMAL/HORSES: In Chapter VI as the hunters crawl over the ground like animals, Kino listens, "an animal light in his eyes." Then, as Kino and Juana flee, the "trotted" like the horses following them. And Kino ran for the high place, as nearly all animals do when they are pursued.

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How does Kino try to outwit the trackers?

Kino and Juana take a zigzag path in order to thwart the trackers, and eventually find a small stream and the entrance to a cave. Kino tells Juana to hide in the cave, and he fears that Coyotito will cry, alerting the trackers. While hiding in the cave, Kino finds that the trackers are by the stream.

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What is Kino's plan to destroy the trackers?

2 What is Kino's plan to destroy the trackers? Kino want his wife and son wait in the hole at night. When two of trackers was sleeping, he climb down from the hole quietly, and assassinate the big tracker. But if Kino was die, he want his wife wait untie they leave.

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What happens just as Kino is about to attack the trackers?

Kino sneaks down in the night to kill the trackers, but before he can attack them, Coyotito cries out. The trackers, thinking it's a coyote, shoot at the dark cave where Juana and Coyotito are hiding. As the shot is fired, Kino springs on the trackers and kills them all.

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What happened to the baby's scorpion sting as soon as the pearl was found?

When Coyotito is stung by a scorpion, his mother tries to suck out the poison, but wants to take him to a doctor. By the time Kino finds the pearl, Coyotito has been healed by the brown seaweed Juana used on the injury. Kino wants to send Coyotito to school so that Coyotito can teach the rest of the community things.

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Why does the priest visit Kino and Juana?

Why does the priest visit Kino and Juana? He has heard about the pearl, and he goes to remind Kino that his good luck came from God. He wants to know what Kino plans to do with the money.

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Why did the doctor refuse to treat Coyotito in the Pearl?

Why did the doctor refuse to treat Coyotito? The doctor refuses to treat Coyotito because Kino and Juana are poor and they didn't have enough money to pay him, but instead offer him eight pearls. He has no interest in Kino's people, but rather to make money and disregard human lives.

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How does Juana treat Coyotito's scorpion sting?

Juana and Kino are too poor to afford a doctor so they use an old-fashioned natural remedy to treat Coyotito's wound. Juana makes a poultice out of seaweed, which she then applies to her son's swollen shoulder. The treatment seems to work and the swelling goes down immediately after Kino discovers the valuable pearl.

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What is chapter 4 about in the Pearl?

The Pearl Summary and Analysis of Chapter 4. Everyone worries that the pearl will destroy Kino and Juana. Before leaving to sell the pearl, Juan Tomas warns Kino and Juana to get the best price for the pearl, and tells him how their ancestors got an agent to sell their pearls, but this agent ran off with the pearls.

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Why did Kino throw the pearl away?

Juana tells Kino that the pearl is evil and will destroy them. She tells him to throw it away or break it, for it will destroy them. Kino says that the pearl is their one chance, and that the next morning they will sell the pearl.

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What does the doctor do to Coyotito?

It is implied that the doctor purposely poisons Coyotito by giving him the mysterious capsule, and the baby becomes extremely sick within the hour. The doctor then returns to Kino's hut and "cures" Coyotito by giving him a glass of water with three drops of ammonia in it.

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How does greed affect Kino in the Pearl?

Kino Loses Everything Due to Greed
The greed brought by the pearl continues to bring harm to Kino and his family as his canoe is destroyed, their house is burned down, and Kino is forced to kill in self-defense. Still, Kino refuses to give up his fortune. 'This pearl has become my soul,' he says.

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How does Kino look in the Pearl?

Kino is a dignified, hardworking, impoverished native who works as a pearl diver. He is a simple man who lives in a brush house with his wife, Juana, and their infant son, Coyotito, both of whom he loves very much. Coyotito - Kino and Juana's only son, who is stung by a scorpion while resting in a hammock one morning.

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What year is the pearl set in?

The Pearl is set in a small fishing village in La Paz Mexico. A year is never mentioned, but it is probably during the early 1900's.