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What happens when you archive a picture on Instagram?

Last Updated: 4th February, 2020

Instagram released its Archive featureinJune, but you might not know what it's for or how to useit.Archive lets you hide photos and videos fromyourprofile without completely deleting them. That way, youcanbring them back later if you want to do so.Justclick on the post you want toarchive.

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Also, what happens when you archive an Instagram photo?

Instagram is releasing its Archivefeatureto all users today, after testing it with a smaller group ofpeoplelast month. The feature lets anyone on Instagram hidetheirold posts without deleting them. Hitting that button will sendthephoto to a private gallery — yourarchive— where only you can seeit.

Secondly, how do I retrieve an archived Instagram post? You can find them by going to your profile pageonInstagram. To access them, press theArchiveicon on your profile (that clock button that the topright side ofthe screen). There you'll be able to toggle betweenarchivedimages as well as archived stories. You cantap on any storyin your archive to watch it.

Secondly, where do archived Instagram posts go?

In order to access your archived content,simplygo to your main Instagram profile. Once you'rethere,look for a tiny "clock" icon in the upper righthand corner ofyourscreen. That's the Archive button, and it'll take youtoyour archived posts and Stories.

Where do photos go when you archive them on Instagram?

You can archive any photo or video onyourprofile by tapping the “…” three-dots buttoninthe top right of the post, thenselecting“archive”. After being archived,theseposts move into a special section of the app located at thetopright corner of your profile.

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How can I get my old Instagram pictures back?

From the Home screen, launch the Photos app, taponAlbums < Recently Deleted and search the lost photos. Torestorelost Instagram photo, simply tap it and selectRecover.Note: In the Recently Deleted folder, you'll only findphotos thathave been deleted within the last 30 days.

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How do you look at someone else's Instagram archive?

Access your archive by tappingthearchive button in the upper right corner of your profileandbrowse at will. To remove a post from the archiveandtransfer it back to your public profile, go to yourarchive,find the post you want to make public, tap“” and thentap “Show onProfile.”

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How can u save a picture from Instagram?

Here's how you do it:
  1. On your mobile, access the Instagram app.
  2. Find the photo you want to save.
  3. Tap the “…” on the top corner ofthepost.
  4. Tap “Copy Link”.
  5. Open your browser, hold and press “PasteandGo”
  6. Press and hold the photo then select “Copy”
  7. Open the Notes app.
  8. Tap the share icon and select “Save Image”

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How do I erase my Instagram account?

From iOS or Android: Go to your profile andtap.

To permanently delete your account:
  1. Go to the Delete Your Account page.
  2. Select an option from the drop-down menu next to Why areyoudeleting your account?

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How do you get the Instagram memories?

Steps To Share Memories InInstagramApp
First, tap on the Notification you get inyourInstagram app. You will get the Memoriesas aseparate post. Click on Send To option. Next, select YourStory, orClose Friends, or to any individualfriend.

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How do you unhide a post on Instagram?

If you want the post to reappear on yourprofile,tap the icon on the top right corner of your profile pageto viewall of your archived posts and hit "show on profile."Thefeature could be useful for hiding old photos that you're notreadyto delete completely or for posts you want tokeepprivate.

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What does archiving posts on Instagram do?

The "Archive," first spotted by TechCrunch,letsyou keep a photo off of your feed and safely stored for youreyesonly. The tool appears in the upper right-hand corner ofyourInstagram profile, and looks like a clock withacounterclockwise arrow circling it. Tapping that takes you toapage with your archived posts.