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What height do you hang upper cabinets?

The ideal upper cabinet height is 54inchesabovethe floor.
That is, the bottom edge of theuppercabinetsshould sit 54 inches offtheground.

Herein, how low should kitchen cabinets hang?

Go lower than 18 inches and you mayfindthatcertain small appliances don't fit below thecabinets,orthat the upper cabinets start to blockyour view ofthecountertop. Although 18 inches is a typicalminimumheight,kitchen cabinets can start muchhigherthanthis.

Also Know, should flooring go under cabinets? If you are installing a hardwood floatingfloor(orany floating floor such as cork orlaminate),youshould install the floor AFTERthekitchencabinets are installed. So, floors thatarenailed(or glued) should be installed BEFOREthecabinetsand floors that are floated shouldbedone AFTER thecabinets.

Also Know, should you install upper or lower cabinets first?

Cabinet installers will probably never agreeonwhetherupper or lower cabinets should beinstalledfirst.Installing upper cabinets first allowsbetteraccess forlifting the cabinets in place, whetheryouuse extramanpower or special tools such as cabinetlifts.Butinstalling lowers first canalsohaveadvantages.

How far above counter should cabinets be?

The standard distance between the top ofakitchencounter and the bottom of the wallcabinetsabove itis 18 inches. For the average person,thisdistance is theideal balance between plenty of spacetowork on thecountertop and the ability to reach all oftheshelves in thecabinet.

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Should kitchen cabinets go to 9 foot ceiling?

This is just the tip of the ice bergforgoodkitchen design. 1 ) Never leave crown moldingscloserthan9 inches from a ceiling. Once yougetwithin afoot of the ceiling youshould havethecabinetry and molding meetceiling.Cabinetdoors on either side of the windowaredifferentsizes.

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How high should kitchen cabinets be from the floor?

Standards for UpperCabinetsinKitchens
The upper wall cabinets inkitchensalmostalways are installed so the bottom edge of thecabinet is 54inchesabove the floor.

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Should kitchen cabinets go all the way to the ceiling?

The height of the ceiling in yourkitchenisprobably the most straightforward indicator of howtallyourkitchen cabinets should be. Thecabinetryincludingtrim does not go to theceiling. Typicallythe wallcabinets and trim will bejust belowtheceiling.

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How high should cabinets be above washer and dryer?

The bottom edge of an ideally-positionedcabinetwouldbegin 24 inches from the top of a 33-inchtall,side-by-sidewasher/dryerpair.

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How do you install base cabinets on concrete?

How to Install Base Cabinets into Concrete
  1. Step 1 - Mark the Area. Place the cabinet on the floorinthearea you want to install it.
  2. Step 2 - Create a Base. You need to create a base toinstallthecabinets on.
  3. Step 3 - Create the Pilot Holes. Drill 3 pilot holesineachprepared 2x4.
  4. Step 4 - Attach the Base.
  5. Step 5- Finishing.

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How tall are cabinets that go to the ceiling?

Designing a Kitchen with an 8' Ceiling.Therearetwo choices when designing cabinets for a kitchenthathas alower ceiling. You can either use 36"talluppercabinets, which allows for crown molding tobe usedalongthe top or you can use 42" tall uppercabinetsthatgo all the way to the ceilingwithoutanymolding.