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What is a discontinued item?

Last Updated: 1st May, 2020

Discontinued products are itemsoritem lines that you no longer stock. You may stillhavelimited inventory available, but you will not replenish it inthefuture.

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Also asked, what does it mean if an item is discontinued?

When you hear a product hasbeendiscontinued it can mean two things: Themanufacturerstopped making it.

Likewise, what does it mean if something is discontinued on Amazon? Under more details when listing products thereisthe field Discontinued by manufacturer. But what istherelevance of that. Ok so the answer might seem obvious in thatitmeans the product is no longer made by the manufacturerbutwhat effect does it have on your listing orwithinAmazon.

Also to know is, what does a discontinued product mean?

A product or service that isdiscontinuedis no longer being produced or offered: adiscontinued line.Unavailable and inaccessible.

What does discontinued Xbox mean?

Microsoft discontinued the originalXboxOne after it released the Xbox One S, ithasconfirmed. It means the original Xbox Onewasdiscontinued two years and nine months after it came outinNovember 2013.

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Has been discontinued meaning?

A product or service that is discontinued isnolonger being produced or offered: adiscontinuedline.

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What does discontinued mean on Amazon?

It simply means that they don't produce thatmodelanymore. Happens to most everything produced in this worldsooneror later. Like that model of jeans that fit just right thatLevi'sdiscontinued. Big time bummer, huh :) JB.

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What do you mean by epilogue?

Epilogue. An epilogue orepilog(from Greek?πίλογοςepílogos,"conclusion" from ?πί epi, "in addition"andλόγος logos, "word") is apiece ofwriting at the end of a work of literature, usually usedto bringclosure to the work. It is presented from the perspectiveof withinthe story.

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What is renew in Amazon?

Amazon Renewed is your trusted destinationforshopping quality pre-owned, refurbished and open-box productswithpeace of mind. Products on Amazon Renewed are testedandcertified by qualified suppliers to work and look like new, andarebacked by a minimum 90-day supplier warranty andAmazon'sreturn policy.