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What is a dumb galoot?

Last Updated: 11th February, 2020

1. galoot - a disreputable or clumsy man. adult male, man - an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman); "there were two women and six men on the bus"

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Just so, what is a galoot person?

Galoot is an informal word for a fool or a goofy guy. This word is used in both the US and Scotland, and its origin is uncertain, although it most likely began as nautical slang for "green" or new sailors, especially if they were marines or soldiers.

Subsequently, question is, what does Galute mean? Definition of galoot. slang. : fellow especially : one who is strange or foolish.

Just so, what's a big galoot?

It's often used in affectionate deprecation; you might call a friend “a big galoot.” But most people would be surprised to find that the word has an origin in Royal Navy slang and that it is associated with a man who is perhaps the most colorful lexicographer in history.

What does you big lug mean?

big-lug. Noun. (plural big lugs) (colloquial, affectionate) A man with a large, strong physique but a gentle personality.

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What does a lexicographer do?

A lexicographer is the author or editor of a dictionary. But they do more than just define words. They help plan the content of dictionaries designed for particular users. Based on these special needs, lexicographers have to decide what words to include in a dictionary and what words to leave out.

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What is a long eared galoot?

long eared galoot: A long eared awkward or uncouth fellow. lop-eared pole cat: A skunk with drooping or pendulous ears. mouth piece: Slang > A lawyer, especially a criminal lawyer. muley headed maverick: Hornless maverick. namby pamby: A person who engages in acts of cowardace, shyness, or stupidity … wimpy.