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What is a formidable talent?

Last Updated: 2nd April, 2020

adjective. Inspiring fear or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense, or capable. 'a formidable opponent' 'Whoever it was, they have assembled a formidable array of talent and spent a lot of money.'

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In this manner, what is a formidable person?

English (US) Formidable means capable or "is able to do something and do it well". So by calling someone "formidable" you are calling them capable or a person who has everything in order depending on the context.

One may also ask, what does formidable woman mean? formidable – extremely impressive in strength or excellence; “A STRONG WOMAN VERSUS A WOMAN OF STRENGTH A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape… but a woman of strength builds relationships to keep her soul in shape.

Likewise, does formidable mean impressive?

If you describe something or someone as formidable, you mean that you feel slightly frightened by them because they are very great or impressive.

Is formidable positive or negative?

"Formidable" has an essentially negative aspect, a hint that there is some competition or conflict.

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What is the synonym of formidable?

Synonyms of formidable
alarming, dire, direful, dread, dreadful, fearful, fearsome, forbidding, frightening, frightful, ghastly, hair-raising, horrendous, horrible, horrifying, intimidating, redoubtable, scary, shocking, spine-chilling, terrible, terrifying.

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What does benignly mean?

adjective. having a kindly disposition; gracious: a benign king. showing or expressive of gentleness or kindness: a benign smile. favorable; propitious: a series of benign omens and configurations in the heavens. (of weather) salubrious; healthful; pleasant or beneficial.

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Is formidable an adjective?

adjective. causing fear, apprehension, or dread: a formidable opponent. of discouraging or awesome strength, size, difficulty, etc.; intimidating: a formidable problem.

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What is meticulousness?

adjective. taking or showing extreme care about minute details; precise; thorough: a meticulous craftsman; meticulous personal appearance. finicky; fussy: meticulous adherence to technicalities.

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What does genially mean?

warmly and pleasantly cheerful; cordial: a genial disposition; a genial host. favorable for life, growth, or comfort; pleasantly warm; comfortably mild: the genial climate of Hawaii.

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Is formidably a word?

adjective. causing fear, apprehension, or dread: a formidable opponent. of discouraging or awesome strength, size, difficulty, etc.; intimidating: a formidable problem. arousing feelings of awe or admiration because of grandeur, strength, etc.

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What does it mean to dash someone?

dash someone's hopes. Destroy someone's plans, disappoint or disillusion. For example, That fall dashed her hopes of a gold medal. This term uses dash in the sense of “destroy,” a usage surviving only in this idiom. [

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What do we call dash in English?

A dash is a little horizontal line that floats in the middle of a line of text (not at the bottom: that's an underscore). It's longer than a hyphen and is commonly used to indicate a range or a pause. The most common types of dashes are the en dash (–) and the em dash (—).

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Where is the accent in formidable?

A: Let's establish at the outset that in modern American usage “formidable” can be pronounced correctly with the accent on either the first or the second syllable (FOR-mid-able or for-MID-able). Both Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (11th ed.)

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What does Informidable mean?

informidable. Adjective. (comparative more informidable, superlative most informidable) (obsolete) Not formidable; not to be feared or dreaded.

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What is a subsided?

verb (used without object), sub·sid·ed, sub·sid·ing. to sink to a low or lower level. to become quiet, less active, or less violent; abate: The laughter subsided. to sink or fall to the bottom; settle; precipitate: to cause coffee grounds to subside.

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Is earnest a noun?

noun. full seriousness, as of intention or purpose: to speak in earnest.

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What does formidable mean for kids?

Definition of formidable. 1 : causing fear, dread, or apprehension a formidable prospect. 2 : having qualities that discourage approach or attack a formidable opponent. 3 : tending to inspire awe or wonder : impressive a formidable accomplishment.

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How do you use the word formidable?

formidable Sentence Examples
  1. He does have a formidable temper, you know.
  2. Two formidable men stood on either side.
  3. Josh was no stranger to a fistfight, and he was considered by many to be a formidable opponent.
  4. The girls had a large amount of respect for their formidable grandfather.

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What is a formidable opponent?

A formidable opponent is almost by definition a worthy one; a formidable challenge is almost by definition one worth rising to. Not surprisingly, this word is derived from the Latin formidare, "to fear."

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What does the word annihilate?

noun. an act or instance of annihilating, or of completely destroying or defeating someone or something: the brutal annihilation of millions of people. the state of being annihilated; total destruction; extinction: fear of nuclear annihilation. Physics.

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What are the formidable years?

formative. Formative is a word that describes something that made you who you are. You might call your adolescence your formative years because that time period had such a strong influence on the rest of your life.

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What does Unformidable mean?

adjective. causing fear, apprehension, or dread: a formidable opponent. of discouraging or awesome strength, size, difficulty, etc.; intimidating: a formidable problem.

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What does formable mean?

formable. Adjective. (comparative more formable, superlative most formable) Able to be formed.