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What is a noisome pestilence?

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Definition of noisome. 1 : noxious, harmful a noisome pestilence. 2a : offensive to the senses and especially to the sense of smell noisome garbage. b : highly obnoxious or objectionable noisome habits.

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Similarly one may ask, what is the meaning of pestilence in the Bible?

Pestilence means a deadly and overwhelming disease that affects an entire community. The Black Plague, a disease that killed over thirty percent of Europe's population, was certainly a pestilence. Pestilence is also one of the four Horseman of the Apocalypse in the book of Revelation (which is part of The Bible).

Also Know, what does Psalm 91 mean in the Bible? In Jewish thought, Psalm 91 conveys the themes of God's protection and rescue from danger. The psalm was written in amulets by both Jews and Christians from the Late Antique period. Modern-day Christians see the psalm as a source of comfort and protection, even in times of suffering.

Secondly, what is the meaning of the word Fowler?

: a person who hunts wildfowl. Fowler. biographical name (1)

How do you use the word noisome in a sentence?


  1. The dog's noisome odor is making me physically ill.
  2. As soon as the police arrived on the scene, they became aware of the noisome odor of a gas leak.
  3. Janice refuses to ride in her boyfriend's car until he cleans it with something that will eliminate the noisome smell.

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What is the difference between pestilence and famine?

whats the difference between famine and pestilence? As far as I know, famine is major scarcity in food, while pestilence is, well, a lethal epidemic disease.

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What is the difference between plague and pestilence?

As nouns the difference between pestilence and plague
is that pestilence is any epidemic disease that is highly contagious, infectious, virulent and devastating while plague is the bubonic plague, the pestilent disease caused by the virulent bacterium ''yersinia pestis .

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What causes pestilence?

The organism that causes plague, Yersinia pestis, lives in small rodents found most commonly in rural and semirural areas of Africa, Asia and the United States. The organism is transmitted to humans who are bitten by fleas that have fed on infected rodents or by humans handling infected animals.

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What are examples of pestilence?

A pestilence of flies surrounding an Egyptian woman and child. The definition of a pestilence is any infectious, fatal disease that is widespread or an evil influence or deliverer. An example of a pestilence is the bubonic plague. An example of a pestilence is a swarm of mosquitoes carrying disease.

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What is a buckler in the Bible?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a small round shield held by a handle at arm's length. b : a shield worn on the left arm. 2 : one that shields and protects. buckler.

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What is a contempt?

noun. the feeling with which a person regards anything considered mean, vile, or worthless; disdain; scorn. the state of being despised; dishonor; disgrace. Law. willful disobedience to or open disrespect for the rules or orders of a court (contempt of court) or legislative body.

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How long did the black death last?

This was a widespread epidemic of the Bubonic Plague that passed from Asia and through Europe in the mid fourteenth century. The first signs of the Black Plague in Europe were present around the fall of 1347. In the span of three years, the Black Death killed one third of all the people in Europe.

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What are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse called?

Four Horsemen. Four figures in the Book of Revelation who symbolize the evils to come at the end of the world. The figure representing conquest rides a white horse; war, a red horse; famine, a black horse; and plague, a pale horse. They are often called the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

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What does Fowler's mean in medical terms?

In medicine, Fowler's position is a standard patient position in which the patient is seated in a semi-sitting position (45-60 degrees) and may have knees either bent or straight. Fowler's position facilitates the relaxing of tension of the abdominal muscles, allowing for improved breathing.

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What do we call dash in English?

A dash is a little horizontal line that floats in the middle of a line of text (not at the bottom: that's an underscore). It's longer than a hyphen and is commonly used to indicate a range or a pause. The most common types of dashes are the en dash (–) and the em dash (—).

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How does a Fowler catch birds?

When a bird landed, the fowler pulled the loop, similar to the mutu. The cord had a peg at one end, which was stuck in the ground, tethering the bird. Once most of the snares were full, the fowler would emerge, take the birds, and reset the snares.

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What is the pronunciation of Fowler?

Here are 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of 'fowler': Break 'fowler' down into sounds: [FOW] + [LUH] - say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them. Record yourself saying 'fowler' in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.

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What does Psalm 27 say?

Psalm 27 1
The LORD is the stronghold of my life-- of whom shall I be afraid? When evil men advance against me to devour my flesh, when my enemies and my foes attack me, they will stumble and fall.

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What does Psalm 37 say?

Psalm 37 is a response to the problem of evil, which the Old Testament often expresses as a question: why do the wicked prosper and the good suffer? The Psalm answers that the situation is only temporary. Catholicism sees, God will reverse things, rewarding the good and punishing the wicked here on earth.

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What is the meaning of Psalm 51?

Psalm 51 is the 51st psalm of the Book of Psalms, generally known in English by its first verse, in the King James Version, "Have mercy upon me, O God". Psalm 51 is one of the Penitential Psalms. It is traditionally claimed to have been composed by David as a confession to God after he sinned with Bathsheba.

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What does Psalm 25 say?

Psalm 25 1
in you I trust, O my God. Do not let me be put to shame, nor let my enemies triumph over me. No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame, but they will be put to shame who are treacherous without excuse.

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Who wrote Psalm 92?

According to the Midrash, Psalm 92 was said by Adam. Adam was created on Friday, and he said this psalm on the onset of the Shabbat. It is not a psalm that speaks about the Shabbat, but one that was said on the Shabbat. this was Adam's first day of existence and he marveled at the work of the Creator.

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