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What is a projected aid?

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Projected Aids - Projectedvisualaids are pictures shown upon a screen by the use ofacertain type of machines.

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Accordingly, what is projected material?

Projected visuals are used to clarify,em-phasize, or add interest to your presentation. Regardless ofthetemptation, refrain from using visuals that are out of date orjustfill time. Like the preparation of printedmaterials,careful con- sideration should be given to thedesign ofprojected materials.

Subsequently, question is, what is projected media in teaching and learning? Projected and electronic materials are formsofmedia which could be visual, audio and audio-visualinnature that requires projection and electricity intheirusing process for teaching andlearningsituation.

Hereof, what is a projected media?

Projected media include slides, filmstrips,opaqueand overhead projections, and motion pictures. Theuse ofprojected media helps teachers simplify, clarify,analyze,and synthesize relationships between man andhisenvironments.

Why do we need to prepare instructional materials?

Learning materials are important because theycansignificantly increase student achievement by supportingstudentlearning. This process aids in the learning process byallowing thestudent to explore the knowledge independently as wellas providingrepetition.

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What is an Epidiascope projector?

The opaque projector,epidioscope,epidiascope or episcope is a device whichdisplays opaquematerials by shining a bright lamp onto the objectfrom above. Asystem of mirrors, prisms and/or imaging lenses isused to focus animage of the material onto a viewingscreen.

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What is an overhead projector used for?

The definition of an overhead projector isamachine that causes an image from a transparent sheet tobeprojected onto a viewing screen. An example of anoverheadprojector is what a teacher uses to showtheir class anenlarged version of a class assignment.

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What are non projected media?

Non-projected media: Rwambiwa,(2001)defines non-projected media as those teachingaidswhich are used without any projection. Olawale,(2013)viewed them as those media that translate abstractideasinto a more realistic format and allows instruction to movefromverbal representation to a more concrete level.

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What are visual media?

Visual Media” is acolloquialexpression used to designate things like TV, movies,photography,painting and so on . But it is highly inexact andmisleading. Allthe so called visual media turn out, oncloser inspection,to involve the other senses (especially touchandhearing.)

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What are instructional media?

Instructional media encompasses allthematerials and physical means an instructor might usetoimplement instruction and facilitate students'achievementof instructional objectives.

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What is an audio media?

Audio Media. Media communication thatusesaudio or recordings to deliver and transferinformationthrough the means of sound. May refer to audioformats. mayrefer to analog tape cassettes and digital cd's,computer filescontaining audio, in any number ofdigitalformats.

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How do opaque projectors work?

An opaque projector works by shining abrightlight onto a nontransparent object. The light is reflectedfrom theobject and through a series of mirrors or prisms and alens. Thisallows the user to enlarge and transfer an image from asmall,opaque source to a larger surface such as a screenorcanvas.