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What is a saturated hydrocarbon quizlet?

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saturated hydrocarbon; hydrocarbonsthathave only carbon and hydrogen atoms that are bonded togetherbycarbon-carbon and carbon-hydrogen single bonds. CnH2n+2molecularformula; nonpolar, water-insoluble compounds with lowmelting andboiling points.

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Regarding this, what is a saturated hydrocarbon saturated with?

Saturated hydrocarbons arehydrocarbonsthat contain only single bonds between carbonatoms. They are thesimplest class of hydrocarbons. They arecalledsaturated because each carbon atom is bonded to asmanyhydrogen atoms as possible. In other words, the carbon atomsaresaturated with hydrogen.

Likewise, which compound is saturated hydrocarbon? Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons. Thismeansthat contain only carbon and hydrogen atoms bonded by singlebondsonly. The general formula for an alkaneisCnH2n+2. Inthisformula, n, is the number of carbon atoms inthemolecule.

Secondly, which of the following is an example of a saturated hydrocarbon?

Saturated hydrocarbons are molecules withonlysingle bonds. They consist of a carbon atom bonded to amaximumnumber of hydrogen atoms. Alkanes are saturatedhydrocarbonsand classified as a type of aliphatichydrocarbon.Examples of saturated hydrocarbonsinclude methaneand hexane.

What are alkanes saturated with?

Alkanes are saturated compoundsbecausethey have single bond in between C and H. Every C is boundedby 4 Hatoms, thus valency of carbon is zero now. Hence they can'treactwith any other compound until and unless they are changed toalkeneor alkyne.

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How can you distinguish between saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbon?

The difference between saturated andunsaturatedhydrocarbons depends on the types ofbonds theycontain. Saturated hydrocarbons contain onlysingle covalentbonds whereas unsaturated hydrocarbonscontain at least oneor more double or triple carbon-carbonbond.

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What is a saturated molecule?

This chemistry definition refers to asaturatedcompound. A saturated substance is one inwhich the atomsare linked by single bonds. A fully saturatedcompoundcontains no double or triple bonds. Alternatively, ifamolecule contains double or triple bonds, it isconsideredto be unsaturated.

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What is a saturated solution?

The term saturated solution is used inchemistryto define a solution in which no more solute canbedissolved in the solvent. It is understood thatsaturationof the solution has been achieved when anyadditionalsubstance that is added results in a solid precipitate oris letoff as a gas.

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Is acetone saturated or unsaturated?

While acetone is not a saturatedcompoundaccording to the aforementioned criteria found from thissource,the degree of unsaturation comes from thecarbon-oxygenbond, meaning that within some contexts, it isconsidered asaturated compound.

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What is a saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbon?

Unlike saturated hydrocarbons in whichallhydrogen atoms and carbon atoms are bonded together withsinglebonds, unsaturated hydrocarbons have double or eventriplebonds between the carbon atoms. Alkynes - This categoryofhydrocarbons are unsaturated, and contain atleastone carbon-to-carbon triple bond.

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What is another name for a saturated hydrocarbon?

Saturated hydrocarbons arehydrocarbonsthat contain only single bonds between carbonatoms. As a result,each carbon atom is bonded to as many hydrogenatoms as possible.Saturated hydrocarbons are given thegeneral name ofalkanes.

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What are the three types of saturated hydrocarbons?

Saturated hydrocarbons are classified into threetypes.Write these names giving one example each, Writeanswers asdirected
  • Open chain Hydrocarbons :- Saturated &Unsaturatedhydrocarbons.
  • Saturated Hydrocarbons :- Alkane are known assaturatedhydrocarbons.

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What makes a hydrocarbon unsaturated?

Unsaturated hydrocarbons arehydrocarbonsthat have double or triple covalent bondsbetween adjacent carbonatoms. The term "unsaturated" meansmore hydrogen atoms maybe added to the hydrocarbon tomake itsaturated (i.e. consisting all singlebonds).

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Is benzene saturated or unsaturated?

When there is even one double or triple bond insidearing, it is an unsaturated compound. Forexample,cyclehexane is a saturated compound but cyclohexeneisunsaturated. Hence Benzene isalsounsaturated.

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Which is a characteristic of alkanes?

Alkanes are non-polar solvents. Since only C andHatoms are present, alkanes are nonpolar. Alkanesareimmiscible in water but freely miscible in othernon-polarsolvents.

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Why are alkanes called saturated hydrocarbons?

Chain compounds in which all carbon-to-carbon bondsareonly simple single bonds are called ALKANES. Thesecompoundsare also called saturated hydrocarbons, becauseeachcarbon-to-carbon bond is a single bond, and the valence ofthecarbon atom is, therefore, saturated.

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Is c2h2 saturated or unsaturated?

Alkanes are saturatedhydrocarbons.Saturated means that the hydrocarbon has onlysingle bondsand that the hydrocarbon contains the maximum number ofhydrogenatoms for each carbon atom. Ethyne, C2H2, is analkyne andis also an example of unsaturatedhydrocarbon.

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What are the products of combustion in saturated hydrocarbons?

However, all saturated hydrocarbons areattackedby oxygen at elevated temperatures and, if oxygen is inexcess,complete combustion to carbon dioxide andwateroccurs.

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What are the chemical properties of saturated hydrocarbons?

They are distinguished by the types of bondingbetweencarbon atoms and the properties that result fromthatbonding. Hydrocarbons with only carbon-to-carbonsinglebonds (C–C) and existing as a continuous chain ofcarbonatoms also bonded to hydrogen atoms are called alkanes(orsaturated hydrocarbons).

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Where do alkanes originate?

The alkanes have two main commercialsources:petroleum (crude oil) and natural gas. An alkyl group,generallyabbreviated with the symbol R, is a functional group that,like analkane, consists solely of single-bonded carbon andhydrogenatoms connected acyclically—for example, a methyl orethylgroup.

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Which compound is saturated?

A saturated organic compound hasonlysingle bonds between carbon atoms. An important classofsaturated compounds are the alkanes.

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Which compounds are isomers?

Isomers. Isomers are compoundsthatcontain exactly the same number of atoms, i.e., they haveexactlythe same empirical formula, but differ from each other bythe wayin which the atoms are arranged. Examples of isomerswiththe formula C8H10 are ethylbenzene,m-xylene, p-xylene, and o-xylene.

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Is c5h12 saturated?

C5H12 is saturated and it isambiguous.Rotation is possible about any of the carbon-carbonsingle bonds,generating different conformations.

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What are some examples of hydrocarbons?

Hydrocarbons Examples. A hydrocarbon isamolecule whose structure includes only hydrogen andcarbonatoms. Natural gas and fuels - Many of thenaturalfuel sources we use are hydrocarbons. Compoundslikemethane, butane, propane, and hexane areallhydrocarbons.