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What is a sentence for fascinate?

Last Updated: 11th June, 2020

Source_VOA 311111 She was fascinated by that Chinese dress. CK 1177105 They are fascinated by blood and violence. CK 277946 The audience were fascinated by his speech. CK 1346313 Some people are fascinated by shiny new things. Spamster 681989 Young children are often fascinated by science.

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In respect to this, how do you use fascinate in a sentence?

fascinate Sentence Examples

  1. The sky was sparkly enough to fascinate her.
  2. From the Samsung Fascinate to the BlackBerry Bold 9650, your options are more plentiful than ever.
  3. The two could dance the same routine - and often did - but fascinate the audience just with the ways differing bodies looked performing the same movement.

Secondly, how do you use gesture in a sentence? Examples of gesture in a Sentence Verb She gestured towards the fireplace. He gestured at his audience. The room was filled with angry people shouting and gesturing. He gestured to his partner to leave.

Furthermore, what does the word fascinate?

to attract and hold attentively by a unique power, personal charm, unusual nature, or some other special quality; enthrall: a vivacity that fascinated the audience. to arouse the interest or curiosity of; allure.

What is the synonym of fascinating?

SYNONYMS. engrossing, captivating, absorbing, interesting, enchanting, beguiling, bewitching, enthralling, enrapturing, entrancing, spellbinding, transfixing, riveting, mesmerizing, hypnotizing, engaging, compelling, compulsive, gripping, thrilling. alluring, tempting, enticing, irresistible, tantalizing, seductive.

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What does it mean to be delighted?

delighted. You can use the adjective delighted to describe being really pleased or happy with something. Maybe you would be "stoked" about getting backstage passes to a concert, while someone getting backstage passes to the symphony would be delighted.

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Is fascinated an adjective?

adjective. of great interest or attraction; enchanting; charming; captivating: a fascinating story; fascinating jewelry.

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What is the noun form of fascinate?

noun. BrE /ˌfæs?ˈne??n/ ; NAmE /ˌfæs?ˈne??n/ Showing interest. ?[countable, usually singular] a very strong attraction, that makes something very interesting Water holds a fascination for most children.

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What part of speech is fascinating?

part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: fascinates, fascinating, fascinated

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How do you fascinate a man?

Here are four ways you can increase your ability to fascinate:
  1. Exude Confidence. Healthy men find a confident woman almost irresistible.
  2. Look great and feel even better.
  3. Set and respect your own healthy boundaries.
  4. Decide to be happy.
  5. P.S. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement coming soon!

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Is it fascinated with or fascinated by?

1 Answer. With: If the object of the fascination is something that can be held, handled, or manipulated (Rubik's cube for example), then someone can be fascinated "with" it. By: If - for example - someone is reading an interesting article, they may be fascinated "by" it.

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How do you use feeble in a sentence?

Examples of feeble in a Sentence
He made a feeble attempt to explain his behavior. He offered a feeble excuse for his behavior. “Dislike” is too feeble a word for how she feels about him. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'feeble.

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What is the adjective for fascinate?

fas•ci•nated, adj. fascinate is a verb, fascination is a noun, fascinating and fascinated are adjectives:The magician fascinated the children with his tricks. Their faces showed their fascination.

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What is a yearn?

yearn, long, and pine mean to desire something very much. yearn is used of a very eager desiring along with restless or painful feelings. They're yearning for freedom. long is used when someone truly wants something and often tries very hard to get it.

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What does the word mesmerized?

Those kinds of people have the power to mesmerize, holding your attention like you're under hypnosis. The word mesmerize comes from the last name of 18th century German physician Franz Mesmer, who believed that all people and objects are pulled together by a strong magnetic force, later called mesmerism.

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What it means to be rejected?

When you reject something, you rule it out or dismiss it. If you're trying to pick a fancy restaurant to go to for your birthday, you'll probably reject the diner you went to just yesterday. The verb reject has several shades of meaning. Reject can mean to refuse to accept or agree with something.

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What does intrigue you mean?

to arouse the curiosity or interest of by unusual, new, or otherwise fascinating or compelling qualities; appeal strongly to; captivate: The plan intrigues me, but I wonder if it will work. to achieve or earn by appealing to another's curiosity, fancy, or interest: to intrigue one's way into another's notice.

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What does it mean when someone is intriguing?

to arouse the curiosity or interest of by unusual, new, or otherwise fascinating or compelling qualities; appeal strongly to; captivate: The plan intrigues me, but I wonder if it will work. to achieve or earn by appealing to another's curiosity, fancy, or interest: to intrigue one's way into another's notice.

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Is fascinated a feeling?

Fascination is a neurological state of intense focus, one that creates an irresistible feeling of engagement. It's almost the same as falling in love. When you are fascinated, you're in the moment. Emotionally, you experience fascination as a feeling of confidence and clarity.

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What does it mean when someone is fascinated with you?

When you fascinate someone, you have their complete attention. The word fascinate comes from the Latin fascinare, meaning to bewitch or hold captive so that others are powerless to resist. That's right, "powerless to resist." It's a little like falling in love, really.

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What is the synonym of gesture?

Synonyms and Antonyms of gesture
  • gesticulate, mime, pantomime, sign.
  • acquaint, advise, inform, relate, tell.
  • flourish, shrug.

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What is a good gesture?

noun [uncountable] /g?dˈw?l/ a feeling of wanting to be friendly and helpful to someone. a gesture of goodwill: As a gesture of goodwill, we agreed to do the work free of charge.

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Is a smile a gesture?

Smiling is a universally recognised gesture which fires up positive vibes not only in the person who is smiling but also in the people who see the smile. A smile can induce so many positive emotions that it is the equivalent feeling of receiving £16 000 in cash.

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What is a nice gesture?

[countable] something that you do to communicate your intentions towards someone, especially good intentions. Offering to drive us there was a very nice gesture. a symbolic gesture. gesture of: a gesture of support/solidarity/goodwill.