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What is a Smith System?

Last Updated: 17th February, 2020

The Smith System of driving is aboutreducingcollisions, preventing injuries and saving lives. TheSmith5 Keys employs five basic principles. Each principle isdesigned toreduce the risks involved in driving by teaching driverstoanticipate dangerous situations.

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Beside this, what are the five rules of the Smith System?

  • 5 – Keys.
  • Aim High in Steering. Look 15 seconds into your future. (
  • Get the Big Picture. Look for Hazards. (
  • Keep Your Eyes Moving. Don't stare. (
  • Leave Yourself an Out. Monitor the space cushion around youandyour bike.
  • Make sure They See You.
  • The five characteristics of defensive driving are:
  • Knowledge.

Also Know, how much does Smith System Training Cost? The fee for attending the Arlington course is $1,185perperson and the regional course price is $1,590 per person.TheMulti-Company Instructor Refresher course is designedforinstructors who have completed the Smith SystemCertifiedInstructor Training Course two or moreyearsago.

Keeping this in consideration, what does the Smith System emphasizes?

The Smith System emphasizes five keys tosafedriving, Mansen said. The company teaches drivers (1) to aimhighin steering, meaning that drivers are taught to look fartherdownthe road for potentially unsafe situations. A good average istolook down the road to the point the vehicle will be 15secondslater.

What are the primary goals of the Smith System?

The main concept of the Smith System isspacecushion driving. Space cushion driving unlocks vision barriersandallow you to open a whole new vista of comfortable, at ease,andsmooth driving. Good vision buys time and space to help youavoidtrouble and adjust to traffic conditions.

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What does Sipde stand for?

scan,identify, predict, decide, execute

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What is the most common driving error?

Study Identifies Most Common Driving Error.TheSmith System study, culled from 50 years of training morethan100,000 drivers, shows that most motoristsmaintain afollowing distance of between one and two seconds behindthevehicle in front of them.

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What is the third rule of the Smith System?

The third standard of the Smith Systemasksdrivers to remain alert. Energy drinks can only do so muchbeforethey cause the body to crash, and any repetitive motionsends usinto a trance.

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What are the 5 steps in the Smith System?

Smith System Training – 5 Keys ofDefensiveDriving
  • Aim High In Steering. Look at least 15 seconds into yourfuture,not just at the vehicle in front of you.
  • Get the Big Picture. Look for hazards.
  • Keep Your Eyes Moving. Don't stare.
  • Leave Yourself an Out. Monitor the space cushionaroundyou.
  • Make Sure They See You. Use your signals.

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When jump starting a car connect all cables directly to the battery?

Connect the clamp on the red jumpercableto the positive terminal on your car battery,and the blackone to either an unpainted piece of metal in theengine ordirectly to your car's chassis (the frame ofthevehicle). Don't attach the negative (black) clamp tothenegative terminal of the dead battery.

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What does it mean when you leave yourself an out?

Key Phrase:
This fourth principle of the Smith System statestoleave yourself a way out. This meansensuringthat other drivers do not box you in whileselectingtheir lanes. Do not follow other vehicles tooclosely, andalways anticipate what choices otherdriversmake.

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When conducting outside the vehicle checks you should inspect your?

When conducting outside-the-vehicle checks,youshould inspect your: headlights. When ensuring thatyourtires are properly inflated during a pre-drivecheck,you should always check: Both Aand B arecorrect (The headlights, brake lights, turn signals,taillights; thedirection which your tires arepointed.)

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How far should you look ahead when driving on the highway?

When you drive in city traffic, youshouldlook at least one block ahead. Onthehighway, 10 to 15 seconds is about a quarter of a mile.TakeIn the Whole Scene: Looking 10 to 15 secondsaheaddoes not mean looking only at the middle of theroad. Itmeans looking at the side of the road aswell.

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What is the zone control system?

A zone control system is a series ofdampersinstalled in the ductwork of a central forced airsystem.These dampers can open or close, restricting air tosome roomswhile supplying it to others. A thermostat is installedin eachroom equipped with a damper, allowing that roomcontrol overits individual climate.

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Which lane should you be in to begin a left turn from a two way street?

If the one-way road has twolanes,turn into its left lane or rightlane,whichever is free of traffic. Begin the turnwithyour left wheels as close as possible to the yellowdividingline.