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What is a synonym for peacefully?

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calm, tranquil, serene, placid, peaceful meanquiet and free from disturbance. calm often implies a contrast witha foregoing or nearby state of agitation or violence.

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Just so, what is a antonym for peacefully?

Antonyms: militant, war-ridden, warring,belligerent, unpeaceful, stormy, hawkish, tempestuous, warlike,unpeaceable, violent. Synonyms: pacific, peace-loving,peaceable, passive. passive, peaceful(adj)

Also Know, what is a adjective for peacefully? adjective. characterized by peace; free from war,strife, commotion, violence, or disorder: a peaceful reign;a peaceful demonstration.

One may also ask, what is another word for calm and peaceful?

cool, composed, collected, serene, tranquil, sedate,levelheaded, coolheaded, impassive, detached, unmoved, aloof,unconcerned, disinterested, incurious, unaroused, unimpressed,nonchalant, neutral, listless, gentle, amicable, peaceable,peaceful, placid, unanxious, unexcited, unperturbed,unruffled, unshaken, amiable,

What is the synonym of serene?

Synonyms of serene calm, collected, composed, cool, coolheaded, equal,level, limpid, peaceful, placid, possessed, recollected, sedate,self-composed, self-possessed, smooth, together, tranquil,undisturbed, unperturbed, unruffled, unshaken, untroubled,unworried.

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How do you use tranquil in a sentence?

Sentence Examples
  1. I am so tranquil and happy now.
  2. The meadow was a tranquil site, far removed from main roads ofpresent day habitation.
  3. I am going to bed with a happy and tranquil mind.
  4. From that time onward his reign was tranquil andprosperous.
  5. His private life was tranquil and happy.

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Why is peace important?

Because all of life is interconnected, our fear, hatredand anger decreases the peace in the world, whereas ourlove, joy and gratitude increases the peace. Why is peaceimportant? Without it, the destructive tendencies of ourspecies will continue to inch us closer tocatastrophe.

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What does it mean to be Zen?

2 or zen : a state of calm attentiveness in whichone's actions are guided by intuition rather than by consciouseffort Perhaps that is the zen of gardening—you becomeone with the plants, lost in the rhythm of the tasks athand.—

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Is tranquilly a word?

adjective. free from commotion or tumult; peaceful;quiet; calm: a tranquil country place. free from or unaffected bydisturbing emotions; unagitated; serene; placid: a tranquillife.

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What does calm in slang mean?

It means when something is content or whensomething is in the state of being "chill" and in slangterms it can mean a guy trying to sound cool around a girlhe likes but it's not used very often.

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How do you calm down?

Here are some helpful, actionable tips you can try the nexttime you need to calm down.
  1. Breathe.
  2. Admit that you're anxious or angry.
  3. Challenge your thoughts.
  4. Release the anxiety or anger.
  5. Visualize yourself calm.
  6. Think it through.
  7. Listen to music.
  8. Change your focus.

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What is a word for peace of mind?

Synonyms: ataraxis, heartsease, peace,peacefulness, repose, serenity Type of: quietness, quietude,tranquility, tranquillity.

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What is a word for peace?

Another word for peace. noun. Lack of emotionalagitation: calm, calmness, peacefulness, placidity, placidness,quietude, serenity, tranquillity.

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Is quiet an adjective?

quiet. To be quiet means you don't makeany noise. The versatile quiet, which can be a noun,adjective, or verb (to quiet others), is one of thosewords that is best understood through its antonyms — loud orhectic.

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Is very an adverb?

This word is categorized as an adverb if it isused to modify a verb, an adjective, or another adverb in aparticular sentence. For instance, in the sample sentence below:She worked very quickly. The word “very”is considered as an adverb because it modifies anotheradverb “quickly.”

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What is the noun of assemble?

noun plural -blies
a number of people gathered together, esp for a formalmeeting held at regular intervals. the act of assembling orthe state of being assembled. the process of puttingtogether a number of parts to make a machine or otherproduct.

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Is Prosperity an adjective?

The adjective prosperous often describes a personor a person's future, but it can apply to anything that'sexperiencing growth and success. Prosperous derives from theLatin word prosperus, meaning “doing well.” Greatpronouns of this happy word include golden, well-heeled,flourishing, and thriving.

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What is the adjective of fortune?

The adjective fortunate comes from the Latin wordfortunatus, meaning “prospered,”“prosperous,” “lucky,” or“happy.”

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What is a sentence for serene?

Serenity Sentence Examples. The relaxed, elegantatmosphere adds to the feeling of serenity inside the cabin.Dreamy and precise, the music and sound of Serenity providethe film with exquisite accents, drawing the audience into theexperience as the sirens of mythology lured sailors into the depthswith their songs.