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What is a tray application?

Last Updated: 24th February, 2020

The system tray (or "systray") is a section ofthetaskbars in the Microsoft Windows desktop user interface thatisused to display the clock and the icons of certain programs sothata user is continually reminded that they are there and caneasilyclick one of them.

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Also know, where is the tray icon?

Introduced with Windows 95, the system trayislocated in the Windows Taskbar (usually at the bottom next totheclock) and contains miniature icons for easy accesstosystem functions such as fax, printer, modem, volume,andmore.

Additionally, what is a tray icon Windows 10? Windows 10 - System Tray. TheSystemTray is another name given to the NotificationArea,which we can find in the right-side of the WindowsTaskbar.The System Tray features different types ofnotificationsand alerts from your computer like your Internetconnection, or thevolume level.

Simply so, how do I access system tray?

Low and behold, there is an easy shortcuttoaccess your system tray from the keyboard. Hereitis: Simply press Win + B on your keyboard (the Windows key and Batthe same time) to select your system tray.

What is System Tray in Android?

The system tray is a notification area ontheoperating system taskbar. It contains icons thatprovideusers with easy access to system functions such asemail,printer, network connections and volume control. Thesystemtray is also known as the notification area or statusarea inWindows and the menu bar in Mac OS X.

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Where is the system tray icon?

The system tray (or "systray") is a section ofthetaskbars in the Microsoft Windows desktop user interface thatisused to display the clock and the icons of certainprogramsso that a user is continually reminded that they are thereand caneasily click one of them.

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How do I unhide system tray icons?

From the new system tray customization menu,click"Turn system icons on or off" to disable some oftheicons that Windows itself has added to yoursystemtray. From here, simply use the toggle switches nextto anyentry you no longer wish to see in your system tray toturnthese icons off.

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How do I manage taskbar?

Right-click any open area on the taskbar andthenclick “Taskbar Settings.” On thetaskbarsettings page, scroll down a bit to the“NotificationArea” section and click the “Turnsystem icons on oroff” link. You'll see a list of systemicons. Runthrough them and toggle each one on or off to suityourneeds.

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How do I hide a program from the taskbar?

Using Taskbar Hide you can hide anyrunningapplication window. All you need to do is to selecttheapplication in the Taskbar Hide list andclickHide icon or click mouse right button to popup the menuandselect hide item for the change to takeeffect.

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How do I close system tray programs?

Right-click the program's icon in thesystemtray (next to the clock), and choose Close,Exit, orDisable. Solution 2: Temporarily disable backgroundprogramson Windows from Task Manager. The Windows TaskManager can closeprograms that the system traycannot.

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What is minimize to tray?

RBTray is a small Windows program that runs inthebackground and allows almost any window to be minimizedtothe system tray by right clicking itsminimizebutton. It is free, open source, and is distributedunder the termsof the GNU General Public Licence.

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How do I collapse icons on taskbar?

Press the Windows key, type Taskbar settings,andthen press Enter. In the window that appears, scroll down totheNotification area section. From here, you can choose Selectwhichicons appear on the taskbar or Turnsystemicons on or off.

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How do I see all system tray icons?

To always show all tray icons in Windows 10, dothefollowing.
  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Personalization - Taskbar.
  3. On the right, click on the link "Select which icons appearonthe taskbar" under Notification area.
  4. On the next page, enable the option "Always show all iconsinthe notification area".

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What is tray menu?

In our help center, we refer to the the bars alongthetop or bottom of your computer screen as the systemtray(Windows/Linux) or menu bar (Mac). Your systemtrayor menu bar contains the Dropbox icon, which iswhere youaccess Dropbox settings.

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How do I manage system tray in Windows 10?

These options have moved in Windows10.Previously, you could click the “Customize”button atthe bottom of the system tray popup. In Windows10,you have to right-click on the Taskbar, chooseProperties,and then click the Customize button. From here, click“Selectwhich icons appear on thetaskbar”.

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Where is System Tray Windows 7?

Click a system tray icon, hold down the leftmousebutton, and drag it to the arrow next to the systemtray.Drop it into the little window that appears and itwill behidden from your taskbar. System tray iconsyou puthere continue to run in the background, but they don't takeup anyspace on your taskbar.

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Where is the system tray in Outlook?

By default, all minimized MicrosoftOutlookwindows and items are displayed on thetaskbar. WhenOutlook is running, the Outlookicon also isdisplayed in the notification area (also known as thesystemtray) at the far right of thetaskbar.

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Where is the system tray in Windows 10?

In the Taskbar section of the Settings app,scrolldown the list of settings found on the right side ofthewindow until you find Notification area. Click ortapon the "Select which icons appear on the taskbar" link.Turnon the switch of each icon you want in theNotificationarea.

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What are system icons?

System icons are designed to be simple,modern,friendly, and sometimes quirky. System icons aredesigned tobe simple, modern, friendly, and sometimesquirky.

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What is the notification area on a computer?

In computing, a notification area (alsosystemtray or status area) is the portion of the userinterfacethat displays icons for system and program features thathave nopresence on the desktop as well as the time and thevolumeicon.

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How do I open Task Manager?

How to Open Windows Task Manager
  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and click the TaskManageroption.
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  3. Click the Start menu, select Run, and type in taskmgr.
  4. Right click the taskbar and select the Task Manageroption.

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How do I get the system tray on both monitors?

Most notable is the ability to extend yourtaskbaracross both monitors. Just right-click on thetaskbar,head to Properties, and check the "ShowTaskbar on AllDisplays" box. From there, you can tweak itto yourliking—showing taskbar buttons on alltaskbars, or onlythe monitor where the window isopen.

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How do I find hidden apps on Windows 10?

How to Show Hidden Files in Windows 10andPrevious
  1. Navigate to the control panel.
  2. Select Large or Small icons from the View by menu if one ofthemis not already selected.
  3. Select File Explorer Options (sometimes calledFolderoptions)
  4. Open the View tab.
  5. Select Show hidden files, folders and drives.
  6. Uncheck Hide protected operating system files.

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How do I show the taskbar?

  1. Right-Click on the taskbar and select Properties.
  2. Toggle the 'Auto-Hide the taskbar' checkbox andclickApply.
  3. If it is now checked, move the cursor to the bottom,right,left, or top of the screen and the taskbar shouldre-appear.
  4. Repeat step three to return to your original setting.