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What is an age class diagram?

Last Updated: 18th April, 2020

Question 10 Age class diagram is a population pyramid that is also known as an age pyramid or an age picture which is a graphical illustration that displays the dispersal of various age groups in a population structure naturally that of a country or either a region of the world, which formulates a pyramid shape when

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Likewise, what is the meaning of age structure?

The age structure of a population is the distribution of people of various ages. It is a useful tool for social scientists, public health and health care experts, policy analysts, and policy-makers because it illustrates population trends like rates of births and deaths.

Beside above, what is age pyramid Class 12? A population at any given time is composed of individuals of different ages. If the age distribution is plotted for the population, the resulting structure is called an age pyramid. The shape of the pyramids reflects the growth status of the population whether it is growing or stable or declining.

Beside this, what is an example of age structure?

Common summary measures of age structure include the mean age of population, median age of population, proportion of population at young ages (e.g., under age 20), and proportion of population at old ages (e.g., age 65 and above).

What are the different age groups called?


  • Greatest Generation: pre-1928.
  • Traditionalists/ Silent Generation: 1928 - 1946.
  • Baby Boomers: 1946 - 1964.
  • Gen X: 1965 - 1976.
  • Gen Y / Millennials: 1977 - 1995.
  • Gen Z / iGen / Centennials 1995 - 2010.

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What are age groups?

The age groups are defined by the following ages/grades: Children: <18, <11 or K - 7th grade. Infants: <1. Teens: 12-17 or 7th-12th grade. Adults: 18+

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What is the purpose of age structures?

Explanation: Age structures is the proportion of population that belongs to different age group. The purpose of age structure is that it provide a way to study the overall age demographics of a population.

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What factors affect growth rate?

Population growth is based on four fundamental factors: birth rate, death rate, immigration, and emigration.

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How do you describe age distribution?

Age distribution, also called Age Composition, in population studies, the proportionate numbers of persons in successive age categories in a given population. Age distributions differ among countries mainly because of differences in the levels and trends of fertility.

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How many people in the world are under 25?

The world's population is young: 42 percent of people are under the age of 25. In South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, the number of people aged 12-24 has steadily risen to 525 million in 2015 - almost half the global youth population.

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What age group is the most populated?

This statistic shows the proportion of selected age groups of the world population in 2019, by region. As of mid-2019, about 26 percent of the world's population were under 15 years old. Globally, about 26 percent of the world is under 15 years of age and some nine percent is over 65 years of age.

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How do you control a population?

Below are the most effective measures which can be employed to control population growth:
  1. Delayed Marriages.
  2. Medical Facilities.
  3. Legislative Actions.
  4. Providing Incentives.
  5. Spread Awareness.
  6. Women Empowerment.
  7. Eradicate Poverty.
  8. Education.

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What are the biggest age groups in the US?

U.S. population by generation 2017. Generation Z, or those born after 1997, made up the largest generation in the United States as of 2017, with about 90.55 million individuals. The Baby Boomer generation, or those born between 1946 and 1964, made up the second largest generation, with 72.56 million individuals.

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What age group has the largest population for females?

Population by Broad Age Groups (2020)
Age Group Males Female %
0-14 31,078,969 48.89%
15-24 22,157,053 49.07%
25-54 65,113,056 49.69%
55-64 20,751,951 50.84%

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What is age survivorship?

A survivorship curve is a graph showing the number or proportion of individuals surviving to each age for a given species or group (e.g. males or females).

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What is median age of a country?

Median age is the age that divides a population into two numerically equal groups - that is, half the people are younger than this age and half are older. It is a single index that summarizes the age distribution of a population.

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What is population structure?

Population structure (numbers, density, sex, and age), fertility, mortality, and migration are fundamental demographic variables. They are also the fundamental variables of microevolution at the population level.

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What are the three age structure categories?

There are three types of population pyramids: expansive, constrictive, and stationary. Expansive population pyramids depict populations that have a larger percentage of people in younger age groups. Populations with this shape usually have high fertility rates with lower life expectancies.

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What does an age structure of a population show?

The numbers of males and females in young, middle, and older age groups determine how fast a population grows or declines. of a country increases or decreases is its age struc- ture: the numbers or percentages of males and females in young, middle, and older age groups in that population (Concept 6-3).

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How is zero population growth achieved?

In the long term, zero population growth can be achieved when the birth rate of a population equals the death rate, i.e. fertility is at replacement level and birth and death rates are stable, a condition also called demographic equilibrium.

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What is a pyramid graph?

A pyramid graph is a chart in the shape of a triangle or pyramid. These charts are best used when your data is organized in some kind of hierarchical way. The levels indicate some kind of progressive order, like: More “important” to least important.

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Which country has the youngest population?

Countries in Africa are home to some of the world's youngest populations, those ages 15 or below, including Niger (50 percent); Angola, Chad, and Mali (48 percent); and Uganda and Somalia (47 percent).

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What is the difference between logistic and exponential growth curves?

Exponential growth is a growth in population wherein the number of individuals increases. Logistic growth entails exponential growth in population along with a growth rate which is in a constant state. As the population comes to its carrying capacity, the growth rate then decreases significantly.

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What age group is considered reproductive?

Technically, women can get pregnant and bear children from puberty when they start getting their menstrual period to menopause when they stop getting it. The average woman's reproductive years are between ages 12 and 51.