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What is an hypocrite person?

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hyp·o·crite. Use hypocrite inasentence. noun. The definition of a hypocrite isaperson who pretends to have certain beliefs, attitudesorfeelings when they really do not. An example of ahypocriteis a person who says they care about theenvironment, butare constantly littering.

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Also asked, what is a sanctimonious person?

Sanctimonious is a twist on the words sanctityandsacred, which mean holy or religious. A sanctimoniouspersonmight think he's holy, but their attitude comes acrossmore like"holier-than-thou."

One may also ask, what do you call a person who brags? braggart. If you know someone who is arealshow off and is always bragging about how great theyare,then you might call this boaster a braggart.Braggartis a pejorative word, which means it is used as an insult,soyou shouldn't call your boss or your teacherabraggart — unless you're lookingfortrouble.

Also know, how do you deal with a hypocritical person?

  1. Ignore everyone and act only based on your ownmoralcompass.
  2. Avoid condemning others.
  3. Identify context and how it changes the way you think.
  4. Listen to your cognitive dissonance.
  5. Reserve judgment until you've actuallyexperiencedsomething.
  6. Practice integrity.
  7. Never make promises.
  8. Don't trust your friends.

What do you call someone who shows off?

A person who shows off iscalledostentatious. However it might look as an adjectivebut it can alsobe used as a noun. Cheers.

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What do you call someone who is self righteous?

Self-righteousness (alsocalledsanctimoniousness, sententiousness, andholier-than-thou attitudes)is a feeling or display of (usuallysmug) moral superiority derivedfrom a sense that one's beliefs,actions, or affiliations are ofgreater virtue than those of theaverageperson.

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What is it called when someone tells you not to do something but they do it?

You know, I remember learning back inelementaryschool that when someone says one thing, butdoes notbelieve or follow it himself or herself, that personiscalled a hypocrite. Yeah, that's the definition:"hyp.crite: a person who acts in contradiction to his or herstatedbeliefs or feelings".

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What's another word for hypothetically?

presupposed, suppositious, suppositional,conditional,conjectural, imagined, indeterminate, speculative,indefinite,questionable, unconfirmed, equivocal, doubtful,conjecturable,concocted, suspect, stochastic, stochastical, assumedbyhypothesis, possible, uncertain, debatable, imaginary, ofthenature of hypothesis

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What does it mean to be condescending?

adjective. If you say that someoneiscondescending, you are showing your disapproval of thefactthat they talk or behave in a way which shows that they thinktheyare superior to other people. [disapproval] I'm fed up withyourmoney and your whole condescendingattitude.

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What is the term for being morally superior?

Moral superiority is the belief or attitudethatone's position and actions are justified by havinghighermoral values than others. It can refer to:Morality,when two systems of morality arecompared.Self-righteousness, when proclamations of moralsuperioritybecome a negative personal trait.

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What is an example of hypocrisy?

The definition of a hypocrite is a personwhopretends to have certain beliefs, attitudes or feelings whentheyreally do not. An example of a hypocrite is apersonwho says they care about the environment, but areconstantlylittering.

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Where does the word hypocrite come from?

A theatrical mask from the 1st centuryB.C.E.'Hypocrite' comes from the Greek word'hypokrites',which means "an actor." The word hypocriteultimately cameinto English from the Greek word hypokrites,which means“an actor” or “astageplayer.”

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How do you use the word hypocrisy in a sentence?

hypocrisy Sentence Examples
  1. There was no hypocrisy in the tears of the empress.
  2. The so-called higher virtues are mere hypocrisy, and arisefromthe selfish desire to be superior to the brutes.

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What does a hypocrite do?

hypocrite. A hypocrite preaches onething,and does another. You're a hypocrite if youcriticizeother people for wearing fur, but pull out your big minkjacket assoon as it gets cold. The word hypocrite is rootedin theGreek word hypokrites, which means “stage actor,pretender,dissembler.”

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What is a hypocritical statement?

Hypocritical involves acting in a way thatgoesagainst your stated beliefs. Hypocritical comes fromtheGreek hypokritikos which means acting a part. The word comesupmost often when discussing political and religious figures whoaresometimes caught engaging in behavior that goes againsttheirprofessed beliefs.

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What does hypocrite mean for kids?

1 : a person who pretends to have virtues orqualitiesthat he or she does not have. 2 : a person whoseactionscontradict their stated beliefs or feelings.-hyp·o·crit·i·cal / hip- - krit-i-kl/adjective.