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What is another word for diploma?

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Words related to diploma
credentials, warrant, voucher,degree,recognition,charter, confirmation, authority, commission,award,honor,shingle, sheepskin.

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Besides, what is another word for certification?

declaration, document, warrant,voucher,testimonial,credential(s), license, testament,endorsement,diploma, affidavit,certification, coupon,authentication,pass, ticket,warranty, guarantee, testimony,attestation,testification, deed,receipt, affirmation, docket,record; seealsodiploma.

Likewise, what is the etymon of diploma? 1640s, "state paper, official document,"fromLatindiploma (plural diplomata) "a stateletterofrecommendation," given to persons travelling to theprovinces,"adocument drawn up by a magistrate," fromGreekdiploma"licence, chart," originally "paper foldeddouble,"from diploun"to double, fold over," fromdiploos

Simply so, what is another word for graduation?

commencement, convocation, conferring ofdegrees,grantingof diplomas, promotion, bestowal of honors,commissioning.MLAStyle.

What is the purpose of certification?

The purpose of AANPCBsnursepractitionercertification programs is to provide avalid andreliableprogram for nurse practitioners to recognizetheireducation,knowledge, and professional expertise, and toprovide aprocess forvalidation of an advanced practiceregisterednurse'squalifications and knowledge for

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What qualifies as a certification?

A certification is a third-party attestationofanindividual's level of knowledge or proficiency in acertainindustryor profession. They are granted by authorities inthefield, such asprofessional societies and universities, orbyprivatecertificate-granting agencies.

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What is a synonym for accreditation?

Synonyms of accreditation
authorization, commission,delegation,empowerment,license (or licence),mandate.

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What is the synonym of certain?

Synonyms of certain
accomplished,inarguable,incontestable,incontrovertible, indisputable,indubitable,irrefragable,irrefutable, positive, sure,unanswerable,unarguable,unchallengeable,undeniable,unquestionable.

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What do you mean by graduation?

To graduate means to successfullycompleteyourschooling, to become "a graduate." Whenyougraduatefrom high school, you become a highschoolgraduateand congratulations are in order.Agraduate issomeone who has received a degree fromaschool.

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What do I write on a graduation card?

More formal
  1. “Congratulations on yourwell-deservedsuccess.”
  2. “Warmest congratulations on your graduation.”
  3. “Congratulations on your graduation and bestwishesforyour next adventure!”
  4. “So happy to share in the excitement ofyourgraduationday, and so very proud of you, too!”
  5. “With love and pride today and always,”

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What part of speech is the word graduation?

part of speech: intransitive verb
pronunciation: grae ju eIt
inflections: graduates, graduating, graduated

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What is the noun form of graduate?

noun. noun./ˈgræd?u?t/(informalgrad) 1a person who has acollege or universitydegree agraduate of Yale/a Yalegraduate agraduatestudent/course (= for studentsdoing further studyafter their firstdegree)

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What is the difference between commencement and graduation?

Graduation is the completion ofalldegreerequirements as recorded on theofficialtranscript.Commencement is the ceremony thatcelebrates thecompletionof a degree. Participation in thecommencementceremony doesnot imply that you haveofficiallygraduated.

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What is graduation USA?

Some students choose to continue their learningbeyondthefour years of study as an undergraduate by going on toreceiveagraduate education.Graduateschool—oftenshortened to “gradschool”—is aschool thatawards advanced academic degreesto students who havepreviouslyearned an undergraduatedegree.

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What is University convocation?

The dictionary definition oftheword“convocation” typically statessomethingabout agroup of people in a college or universitythatgather forsome sort of ceremony. Forsomeuniversities,convocation events surroundgraduation.At others, such asmy own, the convocation focusis onwelcomingactivities.

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What is considered a diploma?

A diploma is a certificate or deedissuedbyan educational institution, such as college oruniversity,thattestifies that the recipient has successfullycompletedaparticular course of study. Alternatively, this documentcansimplybe referred to as a degree certificateorgraduationcertificate, or as a parchment.

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How long is a diploma?

The duration of a diplomais1-2years.

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Is a diploma a degree?

A “Diploma” isnota“Degree” The word degreehasmanymeanings, but in academic terms, it refers toacertificationawarded at the university level. A diploma,onthe otherhand, is a document testifying to the completion ofacourse ofstudy.