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What is better marble or travertine?

Last Updated: 21st June, 2020

Both stones may end up needing touch-ups over time, but surprisingly, travertine ends up being the more durable of the two. Both stones are porous, but travertine is more porous than marble and can be used without being sealed in outside areas where you don't want to slip around from standing water on the stone.

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People also ask, is travertine the same as marble?

Travertine is a natural stone, just like marble, granite, and limestone—in fact, travertine is a type of limestone, as is marble. (We know today that marble actually began as a limestone before it underwent metamorphosis from immense pressures and high temperatures over time.) However they are not the same.

Also Know, what is better travertine or limestone? Travertine is a much softer product than limestone and has its own remodeling uses. The difference between travertine and limestone occurs when the layers of sedimentary rock end up being subjected to more pressure and heat, making it limestone instead of travertine.

Simply so, which is more expensive granite or travertine?

Travertine has a more dull finish while granite and marble generally have a smooth, high-gloss finish. Marble and granite are generally a little more expensive than travertine as well. Travertine is more porous than marble, which makes marble less likely to stain.

Is travertine marble good for bathrooms?

It is famous for its unique appearance, timeless look and versatile pattern and color range. Many homeowners are opting for travertine as it is less expensive than marble but provide equally luxurious experience. Due to this, travertine is usually more popular for decorating and flooring of bathrooms and showers.

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Is travertine hard to maintain?

Travertine tiles are very durable (water and moisture resistant). All you need to do is to give them a good care and maintain properly. Travertine tiles will look good for long years as long as you give the proper care to them which doesn't even require a lot of effort.

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Are travertine floors outdated?

Travertine Floors for Today's Interiors
Travertine is a natural stone, and in my mind that can't be beat. While it certainly can look outdated when paired with certain materials (think red toned cabinets, old-world materials) it can also add aged character when paired with more current, or even classic looks.

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Does travertine stain easily?

Travertine can stain when honed or tumbled, but polished travertine is nearly stain-proof and usually doesn't need sealing.

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Is travertine around pool slippery?

Due to travertine being porous and without a sealant, it absorbs the water, which is what usually makes pavers slippery. When water sets on top of the paver, this causes it to be slippery. Travertine pavers are long lasting when it comes to their color, which means that they are resistant to discoloration.

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How can you tell travertine from marble?

The key difference between the two stones is how they are formed. Marble is formed when limestone comes under high pressures and temperatures. Travertine, on the other hand, is formed under additional high pressures and temperatures too, however travertine is formed in hot springs and limestone caves.

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Is travertine cheaper than marble?

Natural travertine generally costs more than cultured marble, but natural marble will have the higher price tag. That being said, costs vary widely according to the stone's quality. Either stone can cost anywhere between $2 to $50 or more per square foot.

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Is travertine stone expensive?

Like other natural stone flooring options, travertine can be quite expensive. On average, expect to pay around $15 per square foot for travertine tile. You may also find travertine for as low as $5 per square foot, while other options may be as expensive as $30 per square foot.

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Is travertine fragile?

It will need to be cleaned more frequently, and unpolished, unsealed travertine is very porous and prone to staining. Travertine will also need to be periodically resealed to keep it resilient. Travertine is very hard, but it can also be brittle and prone to chipping, as it is a type of limestone.

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What is Travertine filled with?

The travertine stone is naturally bumpy, with thick ridges and deep divots. Often, the surface of the travertine is filled to create a smooth surface while not reducing the allure of the tile's divots and pits. The natural little dents and trenches are filled with cement or clear sealant so that the surface is smooth.

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Is travertine good for countertops?

Travertine countertops are extremely durable and actually last longer than most other materials. They absorb water and moisture which makes them a good choice for installing them in bathrooms, or for other interior or exterior decorations. Compared to porcelain tiles, travertine is much easier to cut and shape.

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Why does travertine have holes?

Holes in travertine are very common due to its honeycomb structure. Travertine tiles are often sold filled and honed. This means that the holes have been filled with a resin in the factory and then ground down flat to a smooth honed finish.

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How expensive is travertine tile?

Travertine Tile Costs
The minimum reported cost for travertine tile installation is $3 per square foot. The maximum reported cost for travertine tile installation is $30 per square foot. The average reported cost for travertine tile installation is about $15 per square foot.

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How much do travertine floors cost?

Travertine Flooring Costs
A travertine floor averages about $15 per square foot for materials plus labor. Marble, by comparison, averages around $20 per square foot, and granite averages around $12 per square foot.

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What color cabinets go with travertine floors?

Their natural beauty is enhanced by light gray traditional style kitchen cabinets and gray granite countertops. Blue and gray make a lovely pair, especially with lovely travertine tile backsplash!

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What is travertine tiles pros and cons?

Its beauty and durability make travertine tiles perfect for floors and walls inside the home. Here are the Pros and Cons of Travertine Tiles. # 1: The first pro to travertine tiles is the cost. It is about twice the price of other comparable natural stones like marble and yet has very similar durability.

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What colors does travertine come in?

Color. Travertine is known for its trademark veining and is typically found in warm, neutral tones, however, tile is available in a range of colors like cream, beige, brown, tan, grey, black, blue, orange, yellow, gold and ivory.

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Is limestone slippery when wet?

The more expensive natural stones - granite, limestone and basalt - are often slippery when wet and should have a textured surface applied before laying.

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What is the best pool coping?

Concrete is the classic pool coping material. Poured concrete gives you a seamless transition between the pool deck and the coping, which is ideal if you want a cleaner line and no break in the finish around the pool. This makes the pool look bigger, which is ideal for small pool areas.

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Does travertine get hot in the sun?

Heat Resistant.
As mentioned, travertine is famous for not getting too hot when the sun is shining on it.